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Upgrade Cost


Crown of Light (Serpent's Boon)
Tutelary's Destiny (Wolf's Boon)
Her Beloved (Sword's Boon)
Mask of Determination (Lance's Boon)
Her Beloved (Crown's Boon)
Mask of Determination (Bow's Boon)
"A Knight's Dream" (Axe's Boon)
Wind of Oaths (Eagle's Boon)
Beneath the Boughs (Wolf's Boon)
Savage Hawk (Bow's Boon)
Beneath the Boughs (Staff's Boon)
Savage Hawk (Lance's Boon)
A Mercenary's Pride (Eagle's Boon)
Recital Invitation (Bull's Boon)
Thunderswift Lord's Blade (Axe's Boon)
Promised Piety (Bow's Boon)
Thunderswift Lord's Blade (Lance's Boon)
Promised Piety (Staff's Boon)
Testament of Eternity (Fish's Boon)
Treasured Memory of the Sea (Butterfly's Boon)
An Unfreezing Flower (Deer's Boon)
A King's Pride (Staff's Boon)
An Unfreezing Flower (Axe's Boon)
A King's Pride (Sword's Boon)
Apple-licious Dreams (Butterfly's Boon)
Crystalline Blades (Bat's Boon)
Ravenous Fire (Deer's Boon)
The Genius Tactician (Bow's Boon)
Ravenous Fire (Crown's Boon)
The Genius Tactician (Spider's Boon)
Valiant Crown
Flash of Genius
Evening of Luxury
Worthy Rivals
Auspex's Prayer
Dragon Brethren
Luca's Prank
Give Me Your Wounded
Levin's Champion
Glorious Tempest
Tough Love
Crystalian Envoy
Witch's Kitchen
Of Tricks and Treats
Plunder Pals
Cleo's Ruse
Jewels of the Sun
Gentle Winds
Gale of Beauty
Louise's Hobbies
Resounding Rendition
Heavenly Holiday
Volcanic Queen
A Wish Upon the Yuletree
The Prince of Dragonyule
A Slice of Dragonyule
The Greatest Gift
Happy New Year!
Heralds of Hinomoto
Dragon and Tamer
Stellar Show
Astounding Trick
Warrior Maiden
Kung Fu Masters
The Chocolatiers
The Rose Prince
The Petal Queen
A Heartfelt Gift
Valentine's Venture
An Indelible Date
Elegant Escort
Take My Hand
Honest Repose
The Shining Overlord
A Solitary Light
The Fleeting Girl
Hitting the Books
Forest Bonds
A Mother's Love
Queen of the Blue Seas
The Heroes Arrive
Bonds Between Worlds
Partners in Truth
After an Eternity
Study Rabbits
The Bridal Dragon
Indelible Summer
Sisters' Day Out
The Dragon Smiths
King of the Skies
Summer Paladyns
Seaside Princess
Surfing Siblings
Twinfold Bonds
Castle Cheer Corps
Ruler of Darkness
United by One Vision
Endless Waltz
An Ancient Oath
Candy Couriers
Prayers Unto Him
In an Unending World
Dear Diary
Wily Warriors: Bubble & Wood
Wily Warriors: Air & Crash
Wily Warriors: Metal & Quick
Wily Warriors: Flash & Heat
Roll On
Mega Friends
Howling to the Heavens
Spirit of the Season
The Wyrmclan Duo
A Dog's Day
Blossoms in a New Year's Sky
Felyne Hospitality
A Suit of Midnight
Unexpected Requests
Primal Crisis
The Lurker in the Woods
The Fires of Hate
Berry Lovable Friends
Breakfast at Valerio's
The Ilian Faithful
Dazzling Duet!
Brothers in Arms
The Red Impulse
Memories of Youth
The Synthetic Dragon
Proper Maintenance
Welcome to the Halidom!
A New Look
Memory of a Friend
Here Come the Sealers!
Me and My Bestie!
Best Buds
Once in a Lifetime
Summertime, Feeling Feline
Blossoms on the Water's Edge
Memories of Summer's Dusk
Wings in the Night
A Day in Her Life
Moonlight Party
Guardian of the Bond
Second Anniversary
Secret Nightmare
Free-Spirited Opera
Welcome to the Opera!
A Man Unchanging
Pecorine's Grand Adventure
Meanwhile, in Landosol...
Dragonyule Dreaming
The Cutie Competition
Caged Desire
Sweet Surprise
Rivalry of Kings
Extreme Teamwork
Holywyrm's Advent
Springtime Breeze
Bloody Little Queen
Advent of the War God
Initio's Sentinel
A Rainy Day
Super Soaking Androids
Superior Summer
In the Limelight
One-Winged Journey
Third Anniversary!
Bonded by a Dream
Emissaries of the Heavens
A Halloween Spectacular!
Adventure in the Past
Going Undercover
A Dragonyule for Ilia
Wings of Rebellion at Rest
A Royal Tea Party
A Wonderful Valentine's
Hospitality & Harmony
What Dreams May Come
Getting Acquainted
The Wind's Guidance
An Undying Memory
Peaceful Waterfront
Soaring Hope
Unconditional Love
Flower in the Fray
Destiny's Hand
Sniper's Allure
Promises in the Rain
Fireside Gathering
Trove of Knowledge
Castaway's Journal
Lord of the Skies
King's Countenance
Braving the Unknown
What a Handful!
How to Flee Properly
One with the Shadows
Armorer's Aspirations
Revolutionary Magic
Sisters of the Anvil
Dueling Dancers
Together We Stand
Happier Times
Greatwyrm Midgardsormr
Greatwyrm Mercury
Greatwyrm Brunhilda
Greatwyrm Jupiter
Greatwyrm Zodiark
Paladyn Defender
The Warrioresses
Silke Lends a Hand
Samurai Siesta
Better Together
Fresh Perspective
Kicking Back
As the Snow Falls
Saintly Delivery
Hanetsuki Rally
Luck of the Draw
Slow and Steady
Lunar Festivities
Dragon Dance
Entwined Flames
New World Escort
Delightful Dancer
First-Rate Hospitality
Egg-Shaped Dreams
A Brief Repose
Pipe Down
Beauty's Secret
A Maddened Master
Halidom Grooms
Taiko Tandem
To the Extreme!
Beach Battle
Preacher's Vacation
The Bustling Hut
Hastened Squall
Beautiful Nothingness
The Bewitching Magician
Odd Sparrows
Masquerade Mission
From Whence He Comes
Chariot Drift
Fluff Aplenty
Glittering Dragonyule
A New Year's Battle
A Game of Cat and Boar
The Plaguebringer
Soaring Terror
The Maid Crusade
The Queen of the Knife
A Small Courage
A Widow's Lament
A Pledge of Protection
His Clever Brother
Fallen Wings
Happy Times
Flowers Under the Moon
A Bouquet
Catch Me in the Sunflowers
Such High Spirits!
Fun in the Sun
Seaside Memory
A Passion for Produce
Treasury of Knowledge
Dance of the Twin Blossoms
Rogues' Banquet
To My Dear Child
Blessed Days
A Perfect Faerie Tale
Enter the Blue Rose!
Beautiful Gunman
Amaterasu Oblation
Humanity's Companions
Two Myms
The Floofiest Bed
Kunoichi Charisma
Having a Summer Ball
Bloom of the Battlefield
Amane's Babysitting Chronicles
A Choice Blend
A Gift from an Angel
Saint Starfall's Circus
Passion Inherited
The Nobles' Day Off
A Butler's Smile
Hand in Hand
Scorn the Destrier
Alberian Banner
Cry of the Horn
Howling Predator
Syndicate Mask
Hallowed Mountains
Lakeside Euphony
Dragon's Nest
Ironside Shield
Winds of Saint Lotier
Eight-Leaf Clover
Forbidden Relic
Unfulfilled Visions
Liber Grimortis
Night Harbinger
Tracks of Hope
Nevermelt Ice
Crown of Yore
Pumpkin Pail
The Halidom's Picnic
Garuda's Feathers
Secret Friend
Roast Feast
Vio Rhyse Alberia!
Welcome, One and All
Blossoms Ablaze
To My Beloved
The Davian Wetlands
The Heretic's Laboratory
Tiny Dragoñatas
The Order's Messenger Owl
Ring of Exaltation
Seafood Soup
Dragon Arcanum
Mana Fount
Old Harp