Waltz of the Spider & Vampire

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Waltz of the Spider & Vampire


110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: So, this is the Halidom's Halloween party...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Everyone looks like they're enjoying themselves. However...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: (I seem to have some lurking admirers. I've felt their eyes for quite some time.)

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: (In that case...)

Unknown.png???: ...!

Unknown.png???: *pant* *pant* Oh no, did I lose her...?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Not quite.

Unknown.png???: EEK!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Um, I-I...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Why are you following me, Althemia?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Whatever you were plotting, now is your chance to confess.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: O-oh, no, I...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Hmph. Silenced by your own guilt. Perhaps you're some sort of spy?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: It's nothing like that! I just, um... *mumble*

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I'll need you to speak clearly.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Oh, come on! Are you really going to make me spell it out?!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I was admiring your costume, okay? It's beautiful, and you look amazing. Happy now?!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ...Pardon?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Seriously?! I KNOW you heard me.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I just really like your outfit. The design is delicate, but the silhouette screams "look my way!"

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: And don't even get me started on the spider elements. You'd think it would be creepy, but it's actually really elegant!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ......

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: S-so anyway, that's why I wanted to get a good look at your outfit.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: You could have just asked, you know.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: But...wouldn't it have been weird? Someone standing right in front of you, just staring at your clothes?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I prefer that to being stared at in secret.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: I'm flattered you like my clothes, Althemia. Feel free to look to your heart's content.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: The same goes for you, by the way. Quit hiding, and come look with her.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Huh?

Unknown.png???: Uwaaaah!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Y-you knew I was there?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: All eyes have weight. Now, why were YOU watching me?

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Well, I saw you at the party, and I thought your costume was super pretty.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: So I guess I was just trying to see how I could look that awesome too! Especially since Althemia already nailed it.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: M-me?! No way!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I'm just like you. I WANT to look as awesome as Odetta. Don't get it twisted!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Uwaah! I-I'm sorry...

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Oh, er, hold on, I'm not angry. I just... Urgh. Sorry.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: You two were simply charmed by my attire, then?

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Yeah! But, um, that's not the only thing...

110302 01 r04.pngPia: I was also wondering if it's even possible for me to pull something like that off.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: I'm pretty short, and I'm still a kid, and, um, I'm not very confident, so...

110302 01 r04.pngPia: I just don't know if I'd look good in a costume, is all.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Don't be silly!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Huh?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Oh! Er...

110302 01 r04.pngPia: ...?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I just mean... I lack confidence too.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: You do?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Yes. It wasn't easy for me to put this costume on.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I still catch myself thinking about how much better everyone else looks in their costumes, like I did with Odetta.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: But once I mustered up the courage to wear this, people actually told me I look GOOD in it.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: So I think we're actually not the best judges of our own appearance.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: ......

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: You're right. There's no need to fret over the details before you put something on.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: And furthermore, it's okay if it doesn't look good at first. Costumes hold the power to bring you to entirely new worlds.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: New...worlds?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Yes. Clothes, shoes, accessories; anything different from what you usually wear can change your world.

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: And once your world has changed, it's only a matter of time before you change too.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I think I understand. I'm still not quite used to my vampire costume, but I HAVE been feeling a bit more alluring...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Exactly! For me, this spidery outfit makes me want to catch people in my web, so to speak. Ha ha!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: I... I think I get it!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Speaking of catching people, is that how you snuck up on me earlier?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Heh. I wonder?

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: In any case, just remember that you don't need to force yourself to match an outfit's energy. Over time, it will all come together naturally.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: It will? Hm... Maybe I CAN be awesome...

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: You totally can. Let's do it together!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: We just have to believe in the magic of our costumes, and the magic in ourselves, too.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: The first step to awesomeness is wanting it!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: I do! I want it!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: I want to look awesome like you guys!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: It sounds like you're ready for a costume.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: W-well, I'm not very good at sewing...

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Don't worry, Pia, I've got you covered.

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: I'll put together a truly magical ensemble—one that fills you with confidence!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Really?! Thank you so much!

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: Perfect. And when it's finished...

110301 01 r04.pngOdetta: ...The three of us can step into a new world together. One that's home to versions of ourselves we can scarcely imagine!