Twinkling Twilight

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Curran and Cassandra stroll past festival stalls as tranquil notes drift through the summer air.

This night means a great deal to Cassandra, but the festivities are cut short by the thundering march of imperial soldiers!

Curran and Cassandra vow to protect the festival before it's ruined by the blundering imperials.

Event Runs[edit]

Event Overview[edit]

  • Event Type: Onslaught


Current Event Run Information[edit]

  • This event is not currently running.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Japanese 迎撃戦~暮れる夏夜の灯篭流し~
Simplified Chinese 迎击战~夏夜水灯暮时愿~
Traditional Chinese 迎擊戰~夜幕低垂時的夏夜水燈~