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Disambig.png This article is about the enemy effect Toryanse. For the adventurer ability, see Tosenbo & Toryanse.

Icon EnemyAbility 0026.png Toryanse is a special effect that grants Ayaha and Otoha a 10% strength buff lasting 60 seconds, cast every 6.5 seconds (phase 1) or 4 seconds (phase 2).


  • This effect can be cancelled by inflicting Affliction stun large icon.png Stun, Affliction blindness large icon.png Blindness Affliction freeze large icon.png Freeze, or Affliction sleep large icon.png Sleep.
  • When Toryanse is cancelled, all of the strength buffs it created will automatically be removed.
  • Toryanse will be automatically removed when Ayaha & Otoha enter Break state.