Tools, Together

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngTools, Together


100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusIt appears all are now present.

100033 01 base portrait.pngVolkThat's rich, comin' from the one who just decided to show up.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiella*sigh* What hopeless hypocrisy.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusI should be thanked for not rebuking those who recklessly ignore orders.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanOrders? Idiocy. We have not the type of relationship in which commands are either given or received.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaYeah, we're free! Isn't that right, Oto?

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaThat's right, Aya. Just because we agree with the things HE says doesn't mean we've become his minions.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusOf course. That's how we've always been. If each of us accomplishes what must be done, there will be no interference.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusBut what of...them?

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaWhat's there to say? They're puppets who know nothing of freedom.

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaThat's right! Puppets with no idea if they even have free will or not!

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiellaThe little puppets playing in their little delusions... It's almost adorable!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThey are weak. Nothing more. And weakness must be culled.

100033 01 base portrait.pngVolkYeah, they're a pathetic bunch, all right.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusIt would appear we are in agreement: they possess strength enough that we ought to be wary of them.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiellaWere you even listening?

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusNone here can ever find agreement, yet now you all steadfastly hold to the same belief. I find this most abnormal.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusI suspect something has occurred to give you pause—perhaps a battle with a foe who proved to be your equals?


100035 01 base portrait.pngCiellaYou have the right of it: They are strong. It is hopeless to pretend otherwise.

100033 01 base portrait.pngVolkAnd they're blessed with talent, fortune, and friendships...which I find irremissible!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanIt merely means that the six of us—having attained the height of power—now have foes actually worth the slaughter.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaYeah, it's all the same in the end. We'll just go and rip 'em up.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusGood. I see it was wise to trust you to act on your own. Your vigilance will not go to waste in the battle to come.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusBut from this point forward, I cannot have you simply doing as you please. Bear that in mind.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiellaDo you still not get it? Not one of us is above or below the other; we neither give nor obey the others' orders.

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaWe won't let anyone interfere with our freedom—not even HIM.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusWe have no common ideology. We have no single connection.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanPathless. Licentious. Free. Aberrant. We are a group that is not a group, which is why we are gathered.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusBut we all seek the same thing. I trust I am not mistaken in this?

100033 01 base portrait.pngVolkRebellion against the world.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaThe world rejected us...

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaSo WE will reject the world!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusAnd we are all in agreement as to what is needed for that goal.


Unknown.png???The Dawnshard.


100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrickThe treasure of treasures—one with the power to unwind fate itself.

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrickWe shall rebel, shatter destiny itself, and eliminate this world. And to accomplish this, we must have the Dawnshard.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusSo you have come as well, Nedrick.

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrickI'm not looking to serve as your leader, but we are all here to use each other as tools. I will have you live up to the power I bestowed upon you.


100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrickI shall permit no turning away. You need not obey me, nor bend the knee—but I'll not see you veer from our objective.

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrickMove ever towards it, without erring. This is what I gathered you for.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanYour concerns are unnecessary; our souls were loosed from this world long ago.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaWe'll turn away from nothing! Right, Oto?

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaThat's right, Aya. Our sights are set FIRMLY on our world.

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrickVery well. Then let us be off, so we might unmake this world with our own hands.

100033 01 base portrait.pngVolkWe're rebels against the world.

100035 01 base portrait.pngCiellaAnd we will awaken the world.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarusWe...

Everyone...are Agito!