Tome of Destruction

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Icon EnemyAbility 0037.png Tome of Destruction is a special effect that affects adventurers that aren't attuned to the appropriate element. It also displays a number counter - once this counter reaches 0, the boss will instantly kill the entire party. It is currently only used by Jaldabaoth.


Jaldabaoth will receive less damage from adventurers that aren't the appropriate element, and will deal more damage to them.

At the start of the quest, this ability has a counter of 10 on Expert difficulty, 8 on Master difficulty, and 5 on Legend difficulty.

Each enemy Jaldabaoth summons will have a timer above them. If an enemy's timer reaches 0 before they are defeated, they will automatically die and the counter of Tome of Destruction (ToD) will be reduced.

The timer and potential ToD decrement varies depending on the enemy:

  • Small enemies (such as goblins) have a timer of 25 seconds, and will decrement the ToD counter by 1 if their timer runs out.
  • Large enemies (Void Agni and Void Nidhogg) have a timer of 45 seconds, and will decrement the ToD counter by 6 if their timer runs out.

Jaldabaoth's attacks will become larger and more dangerous if the ToD counter falls to 4 or lower.