Tome of Creation

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Icon EnemyAbility 0036.png Tome of Creation is a special effect that summons several minions, and protects the boss with Icon Buff 2050077.png Invulnerability until a specific enemy is destroyed. It is currently only used by Jaldabaoth.


This ability is activated when Jaldabaoth summons Void Agni or Void Nidhogg. Whichever one he summoned will need to be destroyed to remove this ability's effect. After some time, if Jaldabaoth's Tome has not yet been destroyed, he will cast this ability again.

  • Note that it is not possible to damage the Tome until the first time Tome of Creation is cast.

If Jaldabaoth's Tome is destroyed, he can no longer use Tome of Creation to summon Void Agni. However, when Jaldabaoth restores his tome later in the fight, he will be able to use Tome of Creation to summon Void Nidhogg.

  • Once the Tome is destroyed a second time, Tome of Creation is disabled for good.