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Earn rewards by clearing quests quickly!

Time Attack Challenges are an event type in which players can compete to clear certain stages in the fastest time possible. Primary rewards from this event type include Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater, 104003002.png Champion's Testaments, and Epithets.

Quest Types[edit]

Time Attack Challenges include copies of quests from various areas, such as Void Battles, The Imperial Onslaught, Advanced Dragon Trials, and The Agito Uprising. Each quest is assigned a Time-Attack-specific difficulty: Beginner, Standard, Expert, or Master. These Time Attack difficulties might not match the difficulty of the original quest that was copied. For example, a quest called "Kai Yan's Wrath: Master" in Time Attack could actually be a copy of the normal quest "Kai Yan's Wrath: Standard".

Each Time Attack event will usually focus on a single element of quests. For example: only wind-attuned enemies. Further, only adventurers and dragons of the preferred element may enter the quests. For example, only flame-attuned units may participate in wind-attuned quests.


Rewards in Time Attack are split into two sets: Class Rewards and Ranking Rewards.

Class Rewards[edit]

Class Rewards for Volk's Time Attack

Class Rewards are based on the player's personal best times in solo play only. Clearing a stage will earn the player a "class" ranging from C to S+, as well as a one-time reward for each class tier. Class rewards are available for each of the four difficulties - Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Master - and clearing a higher difficulty will automatically reward all class rewards from lower difficulties. For example, clearing Standard with any class will automatically reward all of Beginner's class rewards from C to S+.

Class rewards include large amounts of Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater, 104003002.png Champion's Testaments, and Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies.

Ranking Rewards[edit]

Solo Ranking Rewards for Volk's Time Attack

Ranking Rewards are based on the player's best times in both co-op and solo play, and are rated against all other players. Only Ranked difficulty is eligible for Ranking Rewards.[1] Additionally, in co-op, all four players must be present for the entirety of the quest - if even one disconnects, the run is disqualified from the rankings.

Ranking Rewards will only grant Epithets, and will not grant any special items or materials. In other words, the rewards are purely bragging rights.

Event Changelog[edit]

The following is a list of the in-game changes that have been made to this Event format over time:

Update Changelog 
Date Changes
May 19, 2021
  • A new difficulty, Ranked, has been added to encourage further competition at the highest ranks by providing more of a challenge than Master difficulty. Rankings will be based on this new difficulty and the Master difficulty has been reduced to a single Solo quest providing Class Rewards only.
April 19, 2021
  • Team information will no longer be made public during the event.
  • Clear times will be displayed to the tenths of a second.
  • In solo and co-op play quests at Master difficulty, the stats of bosses (including their HP) have been adjusted for this event.
February 19, 2021
  • Players may only equip dragons that match the preferred element. Previously, only adventurers were restricted in this way.
December 23, 2020
  • Initial release of the first Time Attack Challenges Event.

Time Attack Challenges Event Archive[edit]

Name Type Start Date End Date
Banner Time Attack Challenges November 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/November 2021
Special 2021-11-19 6:00:00 AM 2021-11-29 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges October 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/October 2021
Special 2021-10-20 6:00:00 AM 2021-10-28 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges September 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/September 2021
Special 2021-09-21 6:00:00 AM 2021-09-30 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges August 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/August 2021
Special 2021-08-20 6:00:00 AM 2021-08-27 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges July 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/July 2021
Special 2021-07-19 6:00:00 AM 2021-07-29 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges June 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/June 2021
Special 2021-06-21 6:00:00 AM 2021-06-29 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges May 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/May 2021
Special 2021-05-19 6:00:00 AM 2021-05-28 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges April 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/April 2021
Special 2021-04-19 6:00:00 AM 2021-04-28 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges February 2021.png
Time Attack Challenges/February 2021
Special 2021-02-19 6:00:00 AM 2021-02-26 5:59:59 AM
Banner Time Attack Challenges December 2020.png
Time Attack Challenges/December 2020
Special 2020-12-23 6:00:00 AM 2020-12-31 5:59:59 AM

Image Archive[edit]

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  1. Prior to the May 2021 event, Master difficulty was the difficulty eligible for Ranking Rewards instead.