The Pinnacle of Evolution

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Pinnacle of Evolution
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100034 01 base portrait.png???Perish, weaklings.

120105 01 base portrait.pngRokkan monster! After all we did to eliminate the barriers between races! HOW COULD YOU?!

100034 01 base portrait.png???Cease your feeble attempts to resist. Seize hold your fate. Perish.

120105 01 base portrait.pngRokkan ManNnngh... I'm sorry...Luca...

100034 01 base portrait.png???"Luca"? An accursed name. The moniker of he who blighted this land fallow with weakness.

100006 01 base portrait.pngLuca*pant* *pant* When I heard the village was under attack, I ran here as quickly as I could!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaBut what...what HAPPENED here?

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceThe homes... The fields... They're gone. And after how hard you all worked to build this village!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLuca...Huh? Someone's coming.

100034 01 base portrait.png???Luca: The name of the very fool who dreamed this absurd hamlet into being.

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaWho the hell are YOU, man? Did you do this?! Where is everyone?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanI am Kai Yan. I am the apex. I am he who would show the correct path to all who pervade this land.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThis town was befouled with weakness. Thus did I take it upon myself to raze it to the ground and annihilate its populace.


100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceYOU did this?! Alone?!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaBut WHY?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanA culling. Nothing more.

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceWhat does THAT mean?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThe weak are culled by the strong. Thus is the foundation of this world. Given that, what are the people here? They are frail. Feeble. ...Weak.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThose who forsake factional competition to wallow in the fetid cesspool of harmony have forgotten what it means to be strong.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanOne differs so one may fight and kill and persecute until but a single species is left standing.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanOnly the last surviving species will prove itself worthy of inheriting this world. Thus does evolution wield the scythe.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThat, Luca, is why the village you built is a mockery. A burlesque. You were a jester who gamboled and pranced as you led these people down damnation's path.

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanAnd if I am to direct the other species of this world back to the path of right, you must meet the same fate as those fool enough to follow you!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanOnly then will the different peoples of this world resume their rightful strife! Only then will this travesty be properly expunged from both memory and mind!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaThat's a load of crap! And what about the fact that not a single person here wanted anything to DO with your sick plan?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanYou, Luca, may have eschewed my design. But the others? No. I doubt it.

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaWhat's that supposed to mean?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThis land teems with canaille—the Empire not least among them. In your absence, could they not have put this village to the sword at their leisure?

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanWhat gospel did you evangelize to these dotards as they teetered on the precipice? That they may remain weak? That all they needed was to live in mindless harmony?

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanSo long as you were there to protect them, perhaps. But were they ever truly safe? Look around you! Feast your eyes! Then tell me that it was ever so!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaThis is ridiculous!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaYou're just coming up with justifications for the fact that you hate seeing people of different backgrounds come together!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaAnd yeah, I get it—there's no end of fighting in Alberia. That's how all the people in this village lost their homes, their families, and their friends.

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaBut they had to keep on livin', and that's why we all came together in this place.

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaI don't know if that's a rightful path or a "damnable" one, and I don't care. It's a path we chose, and you ruined it— and I'll NEVER forgive you for it!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanAnd I shall grant no absolution for you fostering weakness as you lead others down a path filled with ruin and lies— so by my hand you will pay for it!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanThere must be culling! Culling! CULLING! Only from violence can true strength and prosperity be born!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanO power universal! Peerless might and honed force, imbue my body with dauntless strength!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanI have fused my flesh with the Vajra Orb, a relic of untold power! My body, already ultimate, has ascended to a new plane!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceHe fused a Qilin relic into his body?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanFeral Shroud! Expand!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceThat seal... Wait, are you...?!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanWe are the invincible arm that rules over all species. We are...AGITO!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaYou're another one of them!

100034 01 base portrait.pngKai YanBehold—my perfect form! My peerless might! I am DAUNTLESS!

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