The Height of the Storms

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21004 01.png
Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Height of the Storms


210004 01.pngJupiter: You gave me a lecture when we first met, yes? Something about not being mean to others or the like?

210004 01.pngJupiter: Heh. To think I formed a pact with one so magnanimous.

210004 01.pngJupiter: Still, behaving myself and obeying orders are not really things I do well.

210004 01.pngJupiter: As such, my desire to perform naughty deeds has swelled inside me to the point where it has changed my body.

210004 01.pngJupiter: So then, what say you? Shall we battle one more time? I've a number of new tricks up my sleeve, and if you win, they're yours to do with as you see fit.

210041 01.pngHigh Jupiter: Graaaaaaagh!