The Height of the Shadows

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Height of the Shadows


210005 01.pngZodiark: Do you remember the union of souls? I am your father, and he is I.

210005 01.pngZodiark: As time has passed with us so joined, I have come to understand the fatherly love Aurelius harbored for you.

210005 01.pngZodiark: Love for one's child...and the power of darkness. Prosperity...and destruction. Do these two opposing manas clash and annihilate each another? The answer is no!

210005 01.pngZodiark: The souls of Aurelius and I became one, combining into a whole of greater strength.

210005 01.pngZodiark: Thus, the trial of darkness is essentially the love of your honored father. If you best it, this new power will be yours to wield. But if you fall, you will know only ruin!

210042 01.pngHigh Zodiark: Graaaaargh!