The Demon of Ruin

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Demon of Ruin


120217 01 base portrait.pngBasileusSo this is where Surtr was freed from the mimicry. It's hard to imagine, given how the place appears now.

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelThe reconstruction of Grams proceeds similarly apace. Humans certainly do have that indomitable-spirit thing down.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelWell, lookee who's here! What are you two so deep in thought over, mmm?

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelMerely chatting about how good this area looks even though it was the sight of a grand battle with a demon.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelYeah, that was a heck of a time, all right. And on that note...

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelI seem to recall promising to give you a right thumping, so let's get it over with.

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelI think you got in plenty of thumps when we fought back in Grams.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelBut that was then, and this is not then! Just THINKING about the way you acted makes me furious! You're ALWAYS—

120217 01 base portrait.pngBasileusStow the chatter. We have a mission to complete.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelFine, fine. But I'm not gonna forget that thumping, Michael!

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelI am in no position to say this, but... I hope you rest in peace.

Shortly before the Satan incident...

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelAaaaaugh!

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelYes! This time we got the KO!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceNot quite yet.

110381 01 base portrait.pngRyszardaWait. There's something off about him...

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelWhat...what am I doing...? Ah, of course. This is the ebb before the great wave.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelEnough with the mumbling! If you still wanna fight, hurry up and do it already.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelNnngh... Let us talk about the demon inside me while I am still myself.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelThe demon within me is called Surtr. He is a calamity clad in furious flame who lacks the tongue to speak.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelHis thoughts and desires are utterly incomprehensible to me. All I know for certain is that he seeks his own demise.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelYou're not exactly winning orator of the year awards yourself here, buddy.

110381 01 base portrait.pngRyszardaEasy, Raphael. Let's hear him out.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelSurtr's longing for death manifests as a miasma that flows from him and robs all around him of belief—including myself.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelBelief is a guiding principle for the self, and to lose sight of it is to lose the will to live itself and—AAAAH!

110366 01 base portrait.pngPinonLook at that miasma! This must be the power of the demon he's talking about.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelI can't...I can't control it! Hunger! Thirst! They consume me! I must release this anguish! I MUST RELEASE IT!

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelThis demon...cannot be loosed upon the world... You must stop me... PLEASE!

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelIt's been so hard, so painful... But I feel nothing...I don't understand... I...I...AAAAAAAAAAH!

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelIf it hurts so badly, release the demon and end your suffering.

110381 01 base portrait.pngRyszardaMichael! What are you doing here?!

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelI'm not here to cause trouble, I promise. Although I'm not here to HELP either...

110366 01 base portrait.pngPinonWhat is your goal in all of this, then?!

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelMy goal? Simple. I seek to help Basileus, as any parent would support their child.

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelThat belief is the lodestar of my existence. I cannot surrender it, no matter what.

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelBut as I said earlier, I am not your enemy at the present time. Your enemy is right over there.

120229 01 base portrait.pngFallen Angel MichaelDeath approaches... I'll be eaten! Eaten away! End this boredom! AAAH HA HA HA HA HA!

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelSo what was all that bit about "don't take my words to have a hidden meaning"?! Ugh, I am going to give you a right thumping the next time I see you!

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelDo as you will. If you think of me as an enemy, you can pummel me to your heart's content—though I suggest waiting until after this particular storm.

120231 01 base portrait.pngMichaelI pray for your good health. Farewell.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelRrrgh! I can't stand how he's always all condescending and calm and junk! He's ALWAYS been like that!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceI hear you, but right now, we need to focus on the enemy in front of us.

110366 01 base portrait.pngPinonAgreed. Let us bring peace to our poor comrade's soul and end his suffering. Sigil, release!

110381 01 base portrait.pngRyszardaRaphael, we're up!

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelOh, I'm ready. We'll send him and that demon to the next world!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceLet's go, everyone!