The Demon's False Love

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Demon's False Love


120217 01 base portrait.pngBasileusThe experiment to manifest a demon in a human host body was a success. It is now time for the next step.

120217 01 base portrait.pngBasileusIt is time to use the sealing stone to bring into this world the source of its miasma— a mimicry used to seal a demon.

A village in North Grastaea
Inside a private home

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceThis... This is utterly dreadful...

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneWe came running when we heard screams and apprehended the perpetrator, but it was already over...

100005 05 base portrait.pngAlexSay it again. Why did you attack a family you didn't know?

120019 01 base portrait.pngManAs I passed by the house, I smelled the most delicious cake.

120019 01 base portrait.pngManBut when I went inside to get it, the people were so NOISY! It pissed me off, so I killed them all.

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneThat's the reason you committed this crime?

120019 01 base portrait.pngManThe cake was only so-so. And it made my hands all sticky, and I HATED that! Also, their dying screams were so shrill.

100005 05 base portrait.pngAlexCut the crap! Do you have no conception at all of the crime you've committed?! No guilt or regret?!

120019 01 base portrait.pngManNah. Mama told me not to sweat it.

120019 01 base portrait.pngManAnd if I have a bad time, Mama will make the bad feelings and memories go away!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceI've no idea what this man is on about.

Unknown.png???So we've another worshipper of Mama, do we?

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrincePinon and Gabriel. Do you two know something?

110366 02 base portrait.pngPinonWe've had a spate of grim incidents happening in towns and villages in the vicinity of Grams.

210145 01 base portrait.pngGabrielMurders, robberies, arson... The types of crimes and the motives all vary, but there is one commonality between the culprits.

110366 02 base portrait.pngPinonNone of them feel a shred of guilt. In fact, they appear to be uniformly unconcerned they've committed crimes at all. And when we investigate further, invariably...

110366 02 base portrait.pngPinonThey bring up a person called Mama.

210145 01 base portrait.pngGabrielIt seems that this "Mama" is the one inciting the various wrongdoings. Then there's the matter of her appearance.

120019 01 base portrait.pngManOh, IT'S MAMA! Hey, Mama! Guess what? I had so much FUN!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceShe looks just like Gabriel?! Wait. Then does that mean this Mama could actually be...?

120021 01 base portrait.pngElderAn angel of salvation has come to us from the Church. Oh, thank you, thank you...

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielMy dear, sweet, beloved children. Will you tell me of the troubles you bear?

120018 01 base portrait.pngVillage GirlThere's someone I like, but their heart lies somewhere else. What should I do, O heavenly angel?

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielIt would be such a waste for you to give up on them. I will place a blessing of love upon you.

120042 01 base portrait.pngFarmerThe harvest was bad this year, and I worry that the people of the village may not survive the winter.

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielThis world is full of anxiety, isn't it? But rest easy. I will help you forget it all.

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielNow, how is that? Have your worries subsided?

120018 01 base portrait.pngVillage GirlYes, Mama. Goodness, how was I ever so distraught over such simple matters?

120018 01 base portrait.pngVillage GirlAll I have to do is crush the life out of the stupid woman! Just like I've always done!

120042 01 base portrait.pngFarmerThat's right! If there isn't enough for us, we'll just steal it from someplace else! Just like we've always done!


210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielThat's sooo right, my good little girls and boys! You never ever have to go without what you WANT!

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielYour Mama will be so terribly happy if you grow up carefree, doing absolutely ANYTHING YOU WANT!

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielAnd if you're ever seized with garbage feelings like GUILT, you just tell your Mama, okay? I'll make it aaall go away, my dear sweet little ones!


Unknown.png???I'm going to purify the miasma possessing the villagers! Haaah!

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielWhat?! That onerous stench— sanctified water!

210145 01 base portrait.pngGabrielSo "Mama" was you after all: the other me, in whom a demon is sealed.

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielThe angel this mimicry was based upon and her apostle... And to make matters worse, some OTHER people, as well.

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceYou were using miasma to make people commit crimes.

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneYou instill in them false memories of having sinned, to reduce their resistance to committing criminal acts.

100005 05 base portrait.pngAlexYou have driven people to depravity. I could not forgive myself were I to suffer you to continue this debauched behavior.

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielDepravity? Rude! I do it because I love them!

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielLaws, morality, common sense... There can be no freedom in a heart bound up by such constraining notions! Isn't that pathetic?

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielTheir violent impulses matter little so long as they grow up free. And so, I have released them from their fetters with false memories!

210145 01 base portrait.pngGabrielIt's not love to destroy their lives and the lives of those around them!

110366 02 base portrait.pngPinonWe cannot allow you to continue these despicable transgressions. I shall administer Her authority!

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielOh, come ON already! You would disobey Mama?!

210145 02 base portrait.pngFallen Angel GabrielI won't suffer naughty children. Naughty children must be PUNISHED!