The Abyss of Strife Beckons

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngThe Abyss of Strife Beckons


210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelNow, Ryszarda!

110381 01 base portrait.pngRyszardaUm, right!


100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceDid you get her?!

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiWait. I'm detecting a huge amplification in mana!

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelHeh. Heh heh heh...

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelHA HA HA HA! Glorious! No matter what anyone says, conflict is the essence of life! Conflict is the root of ALL!

100004 01 base portrait.pngCleoI suspect we're about to contend with one of the Five Archdemons! Beware!

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelYes... Not long now. I am on the cusp of evolving into a stronger, purer existence. So let us fight. Let us attempt to murder each other once more!

110381 02 base portrait.pngRyszardaWhy are you so fixated on violence?

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelWhy? I told you before—it is our nature. All living things must inevitably place themselves in conflict.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷Don't you push your twisted values on us! Not everyone seeks to fight the way you do!◁

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelYour pathetic pacifism is but a byway to indolence and decay.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelWait. Something about her's different now.

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelThe moment they are born, living creatures are thrust into a cycle of conflict. The only way to survive is to fight, and to win.

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelThat struggle for survival is the very basis of evolution. Conversely, to avoid strife is to degenerate.

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelTO FIGHT IS TO LIVE! You do not wish for war? You seek to live in peace? Cast aside your disgusting indolence, you lazy beasts!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceNow she's suddenly angry!

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelI shall steal away your fear, your guilt— everything that would snuff out the embers of conflict before they begin to blaze!

110381 02 base portrait.pngRyszardaSadness, anger... We can't anticipate her movements when her emotions are fluctuating this wildly!

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelCome all and revel in the spiral of strife! It will be the fulcrum of your evolution.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelHah. You practice that speech in a mirror or something, psycho?

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelIt's true that conflict IS necessary at times. Like when you have to protect something you're not willing to lose, or when you need to knock a villain down a few pegs.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelAnd yeah, in some ways, our struggles ARE what make us stronger. But your take on the subject is so short-sighted it's almost hilarious—y'know, if it wasn't so horrific.

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelSpeak plain your puerile rebuttal.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelPeople need to have emotions to process the significance of the battles they fight. THAT is what leads to evolution.

210154 01 base portrait.pngRaphaelYour hedonistic views on what constitutes growth are superficial at best, demon.

210154 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RaphaelAbsurd. All of you are as absurd as you are pathetic. Thrash as you will—I shall drag you all into the abyss of strife by FORCE!

110381 02 base portrait.pngRyszardaShe's coming! Watch yourselves!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceRight. Let's take her down!