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Current Items Icon Template Works With[edit]

Missing/Not Found[edit]



110252 01 r05.png


{{Icon|Adventurer|Lily|text=1}}, {{Icon|Adventurer|Pipple|text=1|rarity=5}}

110252 01 r05.png Lily, 110300 01 r05.png Pipple



110252 01 r05.png

Refined wyrmprint:[edit]

{{Icon|Wyrmprint|Flash of Genius}}, {{Icon|Wyrmprint|Flash of Genius|variant=2}}

400063 01.png, 400063 02.png

With and without custom Link:[edit]

When specifying a custom link param, the param must be encapsulated in quotation marks:

{{Icon|Ability|Sacred Shield I}}
{{Icon|Ability|Sacred Shield I|link="The Prince"}}
{{Icon|Ability|Sacred Shield I|link=The Prince}} <-- no quotes: errors out

Icon Ability 1030022.png Icon Ability 1030022.png

Error 1583: Incorrect parameters in the call to native function 'concat' (

Function: CargoSQLQuery::run Query: SELECT CONCAT('80px') AS `png|80px|link=',The Prince,']]')` FROM `cargo__Abilities` WHERE _pageName="Sacred Shield I" OR Name="Sacred Shield I" OR Id="Sacred Shield I" GROUP BY `_pageName` ORDER BY CONCAT('80px') LIMIT 1