Team Change

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Team Change when activated

Team Change, sometimes displayed as Party Switch, is a special mechanic that swaps the player's active team of adventurers in the middle of a quest. It is currently only used in Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests.



  • Team Change will be activated when the boss reaches approximately 50% of their HP or lower, and changes their elemental attunement. The boss's HP will be carried over between phases.
    • For example, if the boss's HP was reduced to 40% before the shift, it will still be at 40% after the shift.
    • The boss cannot be defeated until after Team Change takes place. If this is attempted, the boss will stay at 1 HP until the phase shift has completed.
  • Dragon Gauge progress from the first phase will also be carried over to the second phase. However, adventurers with Unique Transformations in the second team will not benefit from this carry-over.
  • When Team Change occurs, any adventurers in the second team with the Sigil mechanic will instantly be granted Icon Buff 2050049.png Sigil Released, regardless of how much time the first phase actually took.
    • Adventurers with Sigil in the first team are unaffected, and must go through the process of unlocking their Sigil normally.
  • With the exception of Sigils, any effects in the second team that rely on the passage of time will not start counting time until after the Team Change has occurred.
    • For example, if 210117 01.png AC-011 Garland is on the second team, then his shield-granting effect will not start counting seconds until the second team has entered combat.


  • Any Shapeshift Prep abilities on the second team will not activate until after Team Change has swapped them into combat.
  • Wyrmprint and weapon copy usage is shared across the two teams.
    • For example, if each team has a Icon Weapon Dagger.png Dagger unit and each one equips 400446 01.png A Passion for Produce, 2 copies of the wyrmprint will be necessary.


  • Quests that have the Team Change mechanic do not reward Adventurer EXP.
  • For purposes of Notte's Notes, all 8 units used in solo play can potentially count toward Battle Records (as long as they meet the other rules). In co-op play, both units controlled by the player may also be counted (again, subject to other Battle Records rules).