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The smithy run by Ramona. Raise its level to expand the selection of weapons you can craft.
Facility Type
Obtained From
Release Date
September 27, 2018

Short Summary

The Smithy is the facility located in the Castle Grounds near the Halidom. It is automatically added to the Castle Grounds upon completing Chapter 2.
The Smithy can be used to craft and enhance Weapons of different rarities and groups.

Upgrade Table

Level Craftable Rarity Weapon Group Icon Resource Rupies.pngCost Materials Needed Halidom Lv. Needed Build Time
1 Icon Rarity Row 3.png Core
2 Icon Rarity Row 3.png Core 1,000 2 10m
3 Icon Rarity Row 3.png Core 5,000 202004001.png Light Metal x3 3 1h
4 Icon Rarity Row 4.png Core 20,000 202001001.png Iron Ore x10, 202002001.png Fiend's Claw x10, 202003001.png Bat's Wing x10 4 4h
5 Icon Rarity Row 5.png Core (Non-elemental) 40,000 202001001.png Iron Ore x15, 202002001.png Fiend's Claw x15, 202003001.png Bat's Wing x15, 202004001.png Light Metal x15 4 8h
6 Icon Rarity Row 5.png Core (Elemental) 60,000 202001002.png Granite x10, 202002002.png Fiend's Horn x10, 202003002.png Ancient Bird's Feather x10 5 12h
7 Icon Rarity Row 5.png Void, High Dragon 80,000 202001002.png Granite x15, 202002002.png Fiend's Horn x15, 202003002.png Ancient Bird's Feather x15, 202004002.png Abyss Stone x15 6 16h
8 Icon Rarity Row 6.png Chimeratech, Agito 100,000 202001003.png Meteorite x10, 202002003.png Fiend's Eye x10, 202003003.png Bewitching Wings x10 6 20h
9 Icon Rarity Row 6.png Chimeratech, Agito 120,000 202001003.png Meteorite x15, 202002003.png Fiend's Eye x15, 202003003.png Bewitching Wings x15, 202004003.png Crimson Core x15 7 1d