Seeking Saint Starfall

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Seeking Saint Starfall


Saint Starfall is a merchant of
miracles, believed to make his
rounds on Dragonyule Eve. Good
little children wait eagerly for the
presents he might soon bring...

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoAll right. I am now fully prepared to make my wish to Saint Starfall.

Seeker of a Beloved Feline Mikoto

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoNow comes that dreaded time of waiting. Come the morrow, I shall meet the Saint himself and see Mineuchi returned to my side.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanHe's meeting with Saint Starfall?

Has Known the Truth Since Age 5 Irfan

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanOne of the kids must've told him about the whole deal—but why'd he believe it?

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanThe guy's an adult, for cryin' out loud... But I guess he DOES kinda live in his own little world.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoSoon, Mineuchi. Our reunion is nigh. Just one more night...

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanI better let the guy know what's up before he gets his heart broken.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanDragonyule's just an excuse for merchants and the like to make themselves a little extra—

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanOw! Hey, who did that?! Who wants it?!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderStill your tongue, fool!

Realist Who Prizes Purity Xander

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanXander? What's the deal? I was just about to go tell Mikoto that Saint Starfall's not real.

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderOh, I am well aware. But what right do you have to dash another man's dreams, hm? Answer me, knave!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanUm, I guess none? But you can't tell me he's better off believing in lies at his age!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderThat is for him alone to decide. He seems to find salvation in Saint Starfall.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoDid I hear mention of Saint Starfall?

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderAck! Where did you come from?!

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoJust over there. Now tell me: Do you know Saint Starfall?

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanI mean, who DOESN'T know him, am I right?

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoI see. Then please, tell me where he is.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanEr... Well, he's not really ANYWHERE...

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanOW!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXander*ahem* Legend claims that Saint Starfall lives high atop Mount Kolba.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoKolba... The frozen mountain of death. It is said those who visit never return.

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderIndeed. Which means that even knowing the saint's location, it is impossible to meet him. I think it best you simply wait patiently for your pres—

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoVery well. I shall leave now to summit the mountain. ...Wait for me, Mineuchi!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanWhat the—was he even listening?!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanNice going, fancypants. At this rate he's definitely gonna find out the truth!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderNot if we leave at once. We shall beat him to the summit and set a trap to block his path. Come, vassal!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanUgh. Fine, but I'm billing you for this!

Frozen Mountain of Death
Mount Kolba

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfan*pant* That oughta do it for the trap. Hey, don't think I didn't notice you left all the hard stuff to me!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderSilence! He has arrived.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoPrepare yourself, Saint Starfall. I have come to see my dearest wish granted!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanCripes, you see his eyes? The guy's not kidding around...

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderWhich is precisely why we mustn't allow him to reach the summit. Activate the trap!

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoHmph! I see this mountain has earned its reputation. But it is no match for my Ravenous Fire!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanNooooo! I spent AGES on that!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderFear not, for I prepared a trap of my own!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanWhat was the point in MY trap then?!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderIt pays to be prepared, vassal. Now, behold!

120007 01 base portrait.pngUnleashed FiendsGraaaaagh!

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoHm?!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanWait a sec—weren't Kleimann and Sinoa messing with a magic circle like that?

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanAnd it summons FIENDS?! Just what are you trying to do here?!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderYour king does not play when facing down a trial! Especially when a vassal's dreams are involved.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoRrragh! None will stop me from seeing my dream made manifest!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXander...Marvelous. The purity of his desire has become the blade by which he forges ahead!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanStop gawking and move! He's gonna reach the summit at this rate!

110022 01 base portrait.pngXanderYes, and we can't have that. Leave the rest to me!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanWh-what the heck? He changed his outfit in a flash, and now he's drawing his weapon—what's the plan here?!

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderMikoto! You have done well to make it this far.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoXander? What are you doing here?

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderI am Saint Starfall's chosen agent! And as such, I cannot allow you to venture past this point.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoI see... Then you are my final trial.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoI shall cut you down, and open a path to my dream! Ravenous Fire!

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoHrrraaagh!

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderHaaaaah!

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanJeez, talk about a slugfest! The fury of it's even melting the dang snow.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanHold on... What's that sound? ...Oh, hell.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanAVALAAAAANCHE! Xander, Mikoto, GET DOWN!

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoIrfan...?

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderJust shut up and hit the deck!


110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanWha?!

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoYou were having quite the nightmare.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanHuh? Wait, was it all a dream then...?

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderOh, it was no dream.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanSo we DID get swallowed by an avalanche!

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderIndeed we did, though I can't fathom how we survived—or even how we returned here.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoDo you not recall Saint Starfall?

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderWhat?

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoWe were ferried back to the Halidom on Saint Starfall's sleigh.

110037 01 base portrait.pngIrfanThat... That can't be true...

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoIt is no lie. He gave me this flower as proof.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoIt's the same kind Mineuchi adores. I may not have been blessed by reunion, but I was at least given the precious gift of memory.

110010 01 base portrait.pngMikotoI will keep it close to my heart as my search continues. Farewell.

...Is Saint Starfall in fact real?

No, certainly not. Unless...

How's this: we'll call it a Dragonyule
miracle, inspired by a wish made

Yes, that's precisely what occurred.
Ha HA!

FINBOOK new 1008.png

The End