Sandalphon's Covenant II

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Sandalphon's Covenant II
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At the start of quests, inflicts the "Locked Sigil" debuff on the user for 300 seconds, but grants them the "Preservation Protocol" effect. If the user continues to charge their force strike, the effect granted to them will change every 1.5 seconds. The effect will cycle through the "Preservation Protocol," "Restoration Protocol," and "Purification Protocol" effects in that order.

Locked Sigil's remaining time will be reduced by 9 seconds each time the user uses Tactical Skewer and by 30 seconds each time the user removes an affliction from an ally.

When the Locked Sigil effect wears off, the user will be granted the "Sigil Released" effect instead. Sigil Released grants the user Preservation Protocol, Restoration Protocol, and Purification Protocol.
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