Ranged Resistance

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Icon EnemyAbility 0008.png Ranged Resistance causes the boss to take 90% reduced damage from all attacks by Ranged Adventurers (Bow/Wand/Staff/Manacaster). This includes skills and dragon transformation.


  • Only the weapon type of the adventurer is considered, not how close to or how far from the enemy they actually are. For instance, a Close-Range Manacaster would still be impacted since they are a Manacaster.
  • Similarly, the attacking distance of the dragon is not considered. A melee unit that uses 210049 01.png Cupid (who shoots arrows) will still ignore Ranged Resistance, and a ranged unit that uses 210056 01.png Corsaint Phoenix (who attacks up close) will still be affected by Ranged Resistance.
  • This is primarily used by Ghost type enemies in Void Battles, as well as Void Nidhogg.