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In Dragalia Lost, questing is the primary way the game is played. Tackle these to progress and earn rewards and experience points. During a quest, a player can control the adventurers on the team taken to defeat the enemies on the quest map. Each quest also has several victory and defeat conditions. These victory/defeat conditions as well as quest information and acquired items can be viewed from the pause menu during the quest.


Suggested Might
Main article: Might

Might is a stat that is used primarily as a guide for progression throughout the game. Campaign quests have a suggested Might level to show their expected difficulty. Quests have a minimum Might requirement that players must surpass with at least one team of adventurers to unlock.

Every adventurer, dragon, wyrmprint, and weapon has a might stat. On the team screen, each adventurer will have a might score that is the sum of their might score and the might score of anything equipped to them. Team might is determined by the combined might of all adventurers on a team as well as their equipped items. Halidom facilities also grant might to Adventurers that they affect.


Main article: Helper

Helpers are special adventurers that can be used during solo questing, providing players with up to 3 uses of the adventurer's first skill under most cases, and any Icon Ability 1010008.png Shapeshift Prep abilities they carry. They are selected for a single quest by choosing them in the menu at the start of a quest. The adventurer's skill can then be used at any time during the quest by tapping on its icon at the bottom of the screen. This skill is available for use a single time if a player is not friends with the other player that provided the helper, and three times if they are friends.

In the Home Menu, selecting 'More' > 'Friends' > 'Helper Settings' will open up another interface that allows players to select one adventurer and a full loadout of equipment. Doing so will make that character available to other players to use during solo quests.

Helper skills are subject to a 10-second cooldown after they are used, and if a helper receives unavoidable damage, the original adventurer will receive damage if they are not shapeshifted. Dragons will receive loss of dragon time if the helper receives damage.

It is possible to not use a helper in a solo quest; in this case, access to a second shared skill will be available to the leader unit.

Using a helper skill will cause the combo counter to reset, regardless of Combo Time Up abilities.

Quest Objectives[edit]

Quest Details

All quests have an objective that must be completed in order to finish the mission and gain rewards. If the objective is not finished before time runs out, or all of the adventurers on the quest run out of HP and there are no revives available, the quest will fail if a continue is not used or is unavailable.

Common quest objectives include:

  • Eliminate a specific threat (defeat the boss/bosses)
  • Defeat all the enemies

Common quest failure objectives include:

  • All team members fall in battle
  • Time runs out


There are various obstacles that can be encountered in quests:

  • Logs- Wooden logs that block certain paths. These can be destroyed by attacking them while in dragon form.
  • Spouts- Made of hot lava or steam, inflicts burn.
  • Puff Flowers- Releases a cloud that inflicts paralysis.
  • Trick Chests- Releases a cloud that inflicts ailments.
  • Falling Trees- When players walk within a certain proximity of tree trunks, they will fall down causing damage to any players within the designated area.
  • Floor Spikes - Does damage.
  • Boulders- Large rocks will roll along straight paths, knocking up any adventurers they impact, and causing damage to them.
  • Lightning Bolt - Does damage.
  • Puddles - Inflicts poison or bog. Ailment immunity enables running through them with no repercussions.
  • Blue Gates- Blue gates will spawn around certain rooms that prevent any adventurers from leaving that room until all enemies have been defeated. Blue gates only block in one direction, so Adventurers can enter the room to fight the enemy, but cannot leave.
  • Locked Doors- Locked doors will be impassable to adventurers until they find the corresponding lock in the level. Locks look like giant colored diamonds and can be attacked or rolled into to trigger them and unlock the door.

Reviving, Survival Bonuses, and Survival Endeavors[edit]

Players are allowed to use a revive if all of their controlled adventurers fall in a quest and there are revives available to use, and the other conditions of the quest have not yet been failed. Revives will be used automatically after 5 seconds once all of their controlled adventurers fall and stop moving on the ground.

  • In solo play, reviving will take effect once all adventurers fall.
  • In co-op play, reviving will take effect once an adventurer that has revives available falls in battle, and does not affect or is affected by other adventurers and their revives.

If a player has more than one adventurer controlled in a co-op quest, the player's revives available will be reduced correspondingly. If there are not enough revives for all adventurers within the player's used party, priority will be given to the lead adventurer.


  • If a player brings two adventurers under their control in a co-op quest that permits 2 revives, they will have 1 revive for both adventurers (1 each).
  • If a player brings two adventurers under their control in a co-op quest that permits 1 revive, they will have 1 revive for the leader, and none for the other adventurer.

Upon reviving, an adventurer, or their team's skill gauges will be reset to 0, their HP restored to around 30%, and most non-persistent buffs are lost.

  • Combo is not broken by losing all HP and then reviving; it is possible to maintain combo and their related abilities post-revive if there are sufficient amounts of Icon Buff 1020032.png Combo Time Up abilities.
  • Persistent buffs will be automatically restored upon revive, usually buffs that can only be activated a limited amount of times, or tied to a dragon's primary ability. Examples of persistent buffs are:
    • Force Charge abilities (e.g. Icon Ability 1010007.png Force Charge IIIFills 25% of skill gauges when the user's force strikes connect (up to 3 times per quest).
      (Might: 60)
    • Dragon's abilities (e.g. Icon Ability 1020002.png Dragon's Claws IVEach shapeshift increases strength for the remainder of the quest (up to 3 times per quest). On first shapeshift strength is increased by 10% in total. On second shapeshift strength is increased by 25% in total. On third shapeshift strength is increased by 40% in total.
      (Might: 120)
      , Icon Ability 1010002.png Dragon's Skill IIIEach shapeshift increases attack skill damage by 8% (up to 3 times per quest).
      (Might: 80)
      , and Icon Ability 1020003.png Dragon's Scales IIIEach shapeshift increases defense for the remainder of the quest (up to 3 times per quest). On first shapeshift defense is increased by 10% in total. On second shapeshift defense is increased by 21% in total. On third shapeshift defense is increased by 33% in total.
      (Might: 100)
    • Resilient Offense abilities (e.g. Icon Ability 1020002.png Resilient Offense +15%Increases strength by 15% for the remainder of the quest when the user's HP drops to 30% (three times per quest).
      (Might: 120)
    • Barrage abilities (e.g. Icon Ability 1020011.png Barrage Obliteration +7%Adds 7% to the modifier applied to critical damage for every 20-hit combo (up to 3 times per quest).
      (Might: 110)
      and Icon Ability 1020010.png Barrage Devastation +5%Increases critical rate by 5% for every 30-hit combo (up to 3 times per quest).
      (Might: 110)
    • 100010 04 r05.png Gala Mym's Icon Ability 1010014.png Flamewyrm's Nature IIReduces susceptibility to burning by 100%. When shapeshifting for the first time, Mym will transform into Brunhilda regardless of what dragon she is equipped with, and she will be granted the "Draconic Power" effect for the remainder of the quest, which will increase her strength by 15% and power up the Flames of Passion skill. The second time onwards, she will transform into High Brunhilda instead, and her attack rate while shapeshifted will increase by 15%.
      (Might: 100)
      's Draconic Power buff and post-first-shift alternate dragon form
    • 200017 01.png Gala Cat Sìth's Icon Ability 1010002.png (Shadow) Skillful Trickery VIf the user is attuned to Shadow: Grants 15 stacks of "Skillful Trickery" at the start of quests. Using an attack skill consumes one stack of Skillful Trickery, and increases the damage of that skill by 180%. Every 25-hit combo will replenish one stack of Skillful Trickery. A maximum of 15 stacks of Skillful Trickery can be stored for use, and any excess will be discarded.
      (Might: 200)
Quest Endeavors

Quests usually have quest endeavors pertaining to the survival of team members.

  • If a quest is cleared without all of your team ever falling in battle, or if the revive countdown did not finish before the quest clears by other players' actions, the revive is considered to be unused, and the "don't use any revives" endeavors will be considered satisfied.
    • This endeavor also only considers your own team's, and never anyone else's.
  • In solo mode, as well as in co-op mode if there are 4 players, the "don't let any of your team to fall in battle" and "allow no more than X of your team to fall in battle" endeavors will be considered satisfied as long as there are revives remaining, even if the adventurers did fall in battle temporarily. These endeavors only start to fail once you have no revives remaining, and adventurers fall in battle for good.
    • If some players have more than 1 adventurer due to a lack of players in co-op mode, any fallen adventurers that are unable to be revived belonging to such players will cause these endeavors to fail.

Not using revives, or not using a high amount of revives may grant the player bonus rewards known as survival bonuses, depending on the quest.

  • Some quests have survival bonuses that are always obtainable even if you use all the revives permitted, as in Master-difficulty Advanced Dragon Trials and Expert-difficulty Agito Uprising quests, as well as Master-difficulty Agito Uprising quests where a Legend difficulty is available.


Players are allowed to use a continue if all adventurers fall in a quest and all revives are used up or unavailable, under certain conditions. The cost to continue is paid in wyrmite or diamantium. In solo quests, the player will be allowed to continue if all of their adventurers have reached 0 HP, there are no revives remaining, and the other conditions of the quest have not yet been failed. Continuing will fully restore the entire team's HP, and all gauges (Skill gauges, Dragon Gauge, support-skill counter) will be reset. In co-op quests, the player will be allowed to continue if all of their controlled adventurers reach 0 HP and there are no revives remaining, even if other players still have adventurers with more than 0 HP. Continuing will fully restore that player's adventurers to full HP, and reset their gauges, but other player's adventurers will be unaffected.

Players are generally allowed to continue up to 3 times per quest.

Running Out of Revives, Failing a Quest, Retrying, and Giving Up[edit]

If a player's entire party's HP reaches 0, no revives are available or remaining, and opts to not continue, or is not allowed to continue, or if a player fails to complete the quest conditions (e.g. complete within a certain time limit), then a player will fail the quest in solo mode, and be considered fallen in co-op.

  • In solo mode, all items and currency gathered during the quest will be lost immediately.
  • In co-op mode, if there are other active players with at least one living teammate and the quest objective hasn't otherwise failed, the player is simply not allowed to perform any other actions than to retry, give up, or spectate, until either the quest clears, all players have all their adventurers fall for good, or the quest objective fails.

Either way, at this point, an option to retry the quest, or give up will be provided.

If it's a co-op quest and the quest has not yet failed entirely, and other players are still active, it is possible to spectate the quest, focused on a player, including wiped players, but not including AI/disconnected players. It is possible for the quest to still clear even in this state, as other players are still considered active - as long as there is at least one player with active adventurers, the quest is not yet considered failed. Only when all co-op players lose all of their adventurers with no revives and continues remaining, or when the quest objective fails, will the quest actually fail.

  • It is still possible to use stickers while spectating, providing a way for fallen players to communicate.

A quest can also be abandoned by selecting the "Retry" or "Give Up" button from the pause menu.

  • In solo mode, similar to failing a quest, all acquired items and experience for quest will be lost, but no stamina or getherwings will be consumed.
  • Selecting the "Retry" option restarts the quest immediately in solo play.

In co-op mode, the Retry option work slightly differently, but no stamina or getherwings will be consumed, either.

  • The "Retry" option in co-op quests initiates a voting process where the outcome depends on whether the quest has failed or not.
    • If the quest hasn't failed yet, all players have to agree to retry before the quest restarts. If any player votes not to retry, the retry attempt fails, and the player that initiated the voting process will not be allowed to initiate another retry attempt.
      • If some of the players disconnect or give up (not voting no) before a successful retry, the room will return to the co-op lobby first, as new player(s) and/or preparations are needed.
    • If the quest has already failed, if all players agree to retry, the quest immediately restarts, skipping the co-op lobby.
      • If at least one player votes no, the list of players that have joined the quest will show up, and the room will return to the co-op lobby if the player opts to continue playing with the current group.

The "Give Up" option immediately exits the quest.

  • Giving up on a quest in co-op does not affect the other players in the quest, unless the player giving up is the host, in which case the quest is ended for all players if the quest has failed; otherwise, the quest will continue in solo mode for other players.

Skip Tickets[edit]

Skip Tickets

Skip Tickets are items a player can then use to automatically complete a quest, gaining all rewards from that quests. Skip Tickets can only be used on quests in which all 3 quest endeavors have already been completed by the player. Some quests are ineligible to have Skip Tickets used to complete them. If a player uses a Skip Ticket on a quest that has daily rewards available, those rewards will also be granted to the player.

As of Update 1.5.1, up to 10 skip tickets may be used at once on a single quest, consuming stamina and providing rewards for the tickets used.


Main article: Co-op

Co-op mode allows players to create lobbies for quests and invite up to three other players to play alongside them. Co-op must have at least two players to launch, and any other slots will be filled by AI controlled characters from the actively selected teams of players currently in the lobby.


Events are time-limited occurrences which happen regularly in Dragalia Lost. They bring new content in the form of blazon summons, shops, stories, and quests, but are only around for limited periods. Quests have similar objectives and layouts to normal quests, but some Quests may require special resources to begin.

Rare Enemies[edit]

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