Punishing the World

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngPunishing the World


Unknown.png???: The punishment for the sin of survival is ruination. The hammer of annihilation shall fall on those who slew their king.

Unknown.png???: Now let the world become abyss.

Unknown.png???: Hearken to me, my king! Bear witness to the dissolution of a world bereft of you!

Unknown.png???: Your Majesty... King Alberius.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: This mana fount is ruined, too. I sense no power in it whatsoever.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: This is the third mana fount that we've found destroyed here in Alberia. Who is doing this, and why?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: The world would be unmade without mana; I can think of no explanation but that they seek to throw the world into disarray.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: We'll be in dire straits if this keeps up. I'm going to take a look over there, Cleo. You mind checking out this area?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Be ever alert, Euden.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: One could not make a mana fount wither without a considerable degree of power. A fiend, perhaps? A magical weapon?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: ...Or a dragon.

Unknown.png???: Ah. You are Cleo.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Who's there?!

Unknown.png???: It has been some time, Cleo, yet your visage is unchanged.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: You! I know you!

Unknown.png???: And I you, for you are she who abandoned her king to live on in a world bereft of him!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Tartarus!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Come, Cleo. Come and accept your punishment for remaining in this world.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Aaaaaaaaah!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Cleo! Are you okay?!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Euden! Y-yes, but...

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Ah, so this one is the new sacrifice for peace—it is a role well-suited for a puppet ornamented in lies.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: But you will not get to fulfill even that role. Once I sever the mana from this land, there will be nothing left for you to stake your life for.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Then YOU are the one who has been destroying the mana founts, Tartarus!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Do you know this person, Cleo?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: One might have called us allies, once.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: He is one of the dragons who fought alongside King Alberius in the Second War of Binding three centuries ago...

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: He is Tartarus, the Abyssalwyrm!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: So you swore a pact with Alberius? In that case, why are you going around destroying the mana founts?!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Is it not apparent? I seek the ruination of the Kingdom of Alberia.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: But why would a loyal servant of Alberius destroy the kingdom he so loved?

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: The kingdom he "loved"? ...Don't make me laugh.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: What?

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: My reason for destruction is revenge. Nothing more or less.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: The kingdom is guilty of his murder, and I shall never be able to quell his regrets if I do not see it razed to ash and bone.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Murder? What are you talking about?! The king gave his all and last for Alberia!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Which is why I name it murderer.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: This kingdom chose the path of sacrifice. One life for the world, and for all who live with it—human, dragon, and other.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: They killed the king. YOU killed the king. With my own eyes, I watched it happen.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: I watched as the king suffered the excruciating pain that is the price of the Blood Casket—the ritual for sealing away the Other—giving of his life for others.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I never heard a word of any of this from His Majesty...

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: He did not wish for his people to harbor unease in regards to his duty, as it called for him to surrender his own life.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: That cannot be! It was not duty alone which drove him to fight!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: He was a kind man! He fought for his ideals of justice, to protect his people!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Justice? JUSTICE? Aaaah ha ha ha!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Do you know what I have hated most these past three hundred years, Cleo? The exact "justice" of which you speak.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: He was worshipped as a hero—and thus forced to push the boulder of justice up a mountain of war and battle!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: All voices cried out to name him hero, and so he fashioned himself into the fulcrum upon which the world turned toward peace.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Y-yes, it's true that we all counted on King Alberius a great deal—perhaps even too much—but we never... I mean...

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Thus is justice a breeding ground for diseased philosophies that drive one to cast aside their life for the sake of others.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: The innocence of bystanders takes all from those who offer themselves up entire— and a world that valorizes such a thing is a world gone awry.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Thus will I bring unto that world a total annihilation—of humans, dragons, and the very land itself! I will ruin the rotted world that so values this "justice"!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Day after day, you trample upon the land where our king passed without a care in your head! Both of you are guilty of this.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: ...Very well, Tartarus.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: If you would revenge yourself upon all in this land, I will protect them to my last.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: For to protect the world my king sought to save is to protect his very soul itself!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Fool... FOOL! How unbelievable that you cannot distinguish between that which one has wished for and that which one was FORCED to make his wish!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: I shall bring down my hammer upon this world that forces the sacrifice of a king, and I shall bring down my hammer upon the peace it so desperately craves!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Feral Shroud! Expand!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: You're with Agito!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: Indeed, we are the jaws of destruction left unto this world.

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: We are AGITO!

100041 01 base portrait.pngTartarus: O king, I swear to you now that I shall see your soul liberated from this world. King Alberius, be my aegis!