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Icon EnemyAbility 0003.png Propagation causes the boss to split into multiple copies of itself upon reaching the Overdrive state.


  • Propagation can be prevented by Stunning/Sleeping/Freezing the boss before it casts and then breaking or killing the boss before the Affliction wears off.
  • This is primarily used by Hermit type enemies in Void Battles.
  • Punisher abilities to counter this effect can be unlocked from Void weapons. See Weapon Crafting for more details.


Abilities that deal extra damage against Propagation

Name Might Value Adventurers with Ability Wyrmprints with Ability Dragons with Ability Weapons with Ability
Icon Ability 1160021.png (Wind) Copy Punisher 50 - - - -
Icon Ability 1160022.png (Light) Copy Punisher 50 - - - -