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Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague.png Plague is a special effect that will reduce an adventurer or enemy's resistance to afflictions. It is currently only used by Volk.


When applied to Adventurers

  • On adventurers, plague will set the adventurer's resistance to all afflictions to -100%. This means that attacks with a 0% chance to inflict an affliction will have a 100% success rate (this describes several of Volk's attacks). When plague's effects wear off, it will spread to surrounding adventurers. Plague will wear off after 90 seconds on its own, or it can be removed more quickly if the adventurer receives any form of healing. Higher difficulties will generally have a higher healing threshold to cleanse plague.
  • Plague can spread from an adventurer onto Volk himself if he hits them with an attack that has a Icon EnemyAbility 0018.png Life Drain component.
    • If a plagued adventurer is hit while they have Icon Ability 1020041.png Reflexive Evasion active, thereby causing them to not take any damage, Volk will still become Plagued.

When applied to Enemies

  • On enemies (in this case Volk), resistance to all afflictions will be set to a fixed value for the duration of Plague, and the enemy cannot receive any form of healing (via Life Drain, for example). If the enemy gets afflicted while they are plagued, the fixed resistance value will not change, but their "true" resistance value will increment in the background accordingly. Once plague's effect ends, the enemy's true resistance value will be restored.
    • On human Volk, Plague will set his resistance to 25% and wear off after 15 seconds.
    • On therion Volk, plague will set his resistance to 50% and wear off after 10 seconds.
    • For example: if therion Volk had 75% resistance to burn, and then got plagued, his resistance to burn would be fixed at 50% for the duration of plague. Let's say he was burned once during plague, which would increase resistance by 5%. He will still be at 50% during plague, but after plague ends he will have his true res value, 80% (75% + 5%).