New Year's Metamorphosis II

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New Year's Metamorphosis II
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Grants the user a unique shapeshift called "metamorphosis" and replaces the dragon gauge with a metamorphosis gauge that holds a max of 1,800 points. Tapping the gauge after it has filled to at least 560 points will allow the user to shapeshift, and when shapeshifting, the user will use metamorphosis to transform regardless of what dragon they are equipped with. By tapping the gauge a second time or after the gauge has been consumed, the user will return to their original form. Damage taken will be reduced by 50% when in Metamorphosis.

Grants all teammates a "Life Shield" equal to 20% of the user's maximum HP at the start of quests.

Also, the user's standard attacks, force strikes, and dash attacks will instead summon butterflies that pursue the target. These butterflies will disappear upon shapeshifting or when the user's shapeshift ends. The user's force strikes will also restore HP to all teammates.

In addition, using the user's first or second skills, including the user's skills when shapeshifted, will grant them a critical damage amp (Team Amp MAX Lv. = 1). After this amp is granted, this ability will not grant it again for eight seconds.
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