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Icon Buff 2050076.png Marking is a special effect that makes the affected adventurer more likely to be targeted by certain boss attacks.


  • While this appears as a debuff above adventurers' skills, it CANNOT be cleansed by effects that would normally cleanse debuffs (such as 110326 01 r05.png Natalie's Icon Skill 051.png Clean SlateLv. 2: Removes all debuffs from the user.

    If the user's HP is below 30% of max HP when using this skill, increases the user's strength by 20% for 15 seconds.

    If the user's HP is above or equal to 30% of max HP, reduces their HP to 20% of max HP and grants them a one-use divergent shield that nullifies damage less than 80% of the user's maximum HP. Divergent shields can stack with ordinary shields. [6000 SP]