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This is a list of all the tips displayed in the game as a loading screen tip.

Due to changes in the game's mechanics over time, certain tips have become obsolete or inaccurate. This article splits the listings to account for that.


Image Title Loading Tip
Player Level As your player level increases, you'll be able to register more friends, and new facilities will become accessible.
Unbinding If you unbind dragons, weapons, and adventurers, you'll be able to level them up even higher.
Mana Circles You can learn new skills and abilities for your adventurers by unlocking mana nodes on their mana circles.
Upgrading Adventurers Use crystals to level up your adventurers on the Upgrade screen.
Upgrading Dragons Use dragonfruit to level up your dragons on the Upgrade screen.
Upgrading Weapons Use whetstones to level up your weapons on the Upgrade screen.
Auto Upgrading Tap the Auto button on any Upgrade screen to select upgrade materials with just one tap.
Adventurers Whenever a new adventurer joins your roster, try adding them to a team to see what they're capable of!
Equipment Be sure to remember to equip new weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints as you acquire them.
Recovery Skills When forming a team, be sure to include an adventurer with recovery skills!
More About Gifts Give gifts to dragons in the Dragon's Roost, and they'll return the favor with a gift of their own, increasing your bond.
Bond If your bond with a dragon is strong, your shapeshifting time will be slightly extended.
Dragon Preferences If your gift is to a dragon's liking, you'll form an even stronger bond with that dragon.
Adventurer Stories Unlock certain nodes in an adventurer's mana circle to acquire new chapters in their adventurer stories.
Dragon Stories Strengthen your bond with a dragon to unlock new dragon stories.
Treasure Trade Certain items can be exchanged for treasure at the Treasure Trade area of the Shop.
200101.png Dragon Obelisks Destroy dragon obelisks when on quests to quickly fill your dragon gauge.
200102.png Switching Adventurers Tap an adventurer's icon to switch control over to that adventurer.
200103.png Helpers When you bring a helper along on a quest, you can utilize one of his or her skills as well.
200104.png Endeavors After clearing all endeavors on a quest, you'll receive a completion reward.
200105.png The Minimap Tap the minimap to enlarge it. Tap it once again to return the map to its original state.
200108.png Facilities Use the Build menu on the Castle Grounds screen to construct facilities that can help boost the attributes of your adventurers.
200109.png Gifts You can buy and give gifts to your dragons at the Dragon's Roost. The gifts available for purchase change depending on what day of the week it is.
200110.png Notices Stay up-to-date with the latest Dragalia Lost news and info by tapping the Notices button.
200111.png Help Tap More to access the Help/Support section if you're stuck or in need of assistance.
200112.png Helper Settings You can select which adventurer your friends will be able to use in Helper Settings.
200113.png Friends When someone becomes a friend, the number of times you can use their adventurer's helper skill increases.
200114.png Shapeshifting When shapeshifting, enemy attacks won't reduce HP, but will instead deplete your dragon gauge.
200115.png Breaking Enemies Repeatedly attacking enemies that are in an overdrive state will eventually break their guard, rendering them temporarily immobile.
200116.png Elements Elements have strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to use them to your advantage to deal greater damage in battle.
200117.png Afflictions: Bog When bogged, your movement will be slowed, and you will take more damage than usual.
200118.png Afflictions: Burn When burned, you will take damage for a limited amount of time.
200119.png Afflictions: Paralysis When paralyzed, you will take damage for a limited amount of time, and your movements will often be interrupted.
200120.png Afflictions: Poison When poisoned, you will take damage for a limited amount of time.
200121.png Afflictions: Stun When stunned, you will be unable to move or attack.
200122.png Daily Quests You can obtain materials for unbinding from daily event quests and other sources.
200123.png Avenue to Power If you're looking for materials to upgrade your adventurers, try tackling the Avenue to Power event quest.
200124.png Suggested Might Always check the Suggested Might value before setting out on a quest!
200125.png Quest Elements When preparing for a quest, try to form a team that is ideally suited for that quest's elemental alignment.
200126.png The Optimize Button Use the Optimize button on the quest setup screen to quickly form a suitable team for the quest you're about to challenge.
200127.png Co-abilities Co-abilities are unique abilities whose properties impact the entire team!
200128.png Abilities Each adventurer has access to unique abilities that provide various helpful effects!
200129.png The Halidom Level up the Halidom to expand the areas on the castle grounds in which facilities can be built.
200130.png Item Details From an item's Item Details screen, you can jump to quests that reward the item you're inspecting, or open the menu where that item can be used.
200132.png Dragalia Life Need a break? Head to the More screen to check out Dragalia Life, the official comic strip of Dragalia Lost! It's free!
200133.png Adventurers' Guide If you're stuck and need some tips, be sure to check out the Adventurers' Guide comic!
200134.png Alerts You can customize which alerts you'd like to receive in the Options menu.
200135.png Afflictions: Blindness When blinded, your attacks and skills may miss their targets.
200136.png Afflictions: Curse When cursed, you will be unable to use skills or helper skills for a limited amount of time.
200137.png Afflictions: Freeze When frozen, you will become unable to act for a limited amount of time. This can be remedied by having a team member attack you.
200138.png Afflictions Shapeshifting is not possible when suffering from an affliction.
200139.png Home Design In the System section of the Options menu, you can toggle your Home display preference between 3D and 2D visuals.
200141.png Quests Shortcut Hold your finger on the Home button at the bottom of the screen to jump straight to the Quests menu.
200144.png Dragon Trials Trade in spheres earned from dragon trials for actual dragons.
200143.png More About Dragon Trials The scales you gain from dragon trials can be used to unlock mana circle nodes.
200146.png Advanced Dragon Trials Trade in greatspheres earned from advanced dragon trials for facilities and 5★ dragons.
200148.png Skip Tickets Skip tickets are handy items that allow you to clear quests without having to actually fight.
200149.png Quest Details Tap the quest details box during a quest to view that quest's clear conditions, endeavors, and more.
200147.png Co-op Communication Use stickers to communicate with other players during co-op play!
200140.png Destructible Obstacles Some obstacles in the environment can only be destroyed when in dragon form.
200150.png Sprinting After moving for a certain amount of time, you'll automatically begin to sprint— but only if no enemies are present.
200151.png Quick-Turn Settings Quick-Turn settings, which allow you to turn on a dime at 90- or 180-degree angles, can be adjusted in the Options menu.
200152.png Camera Zoom Adjust the camera's field of display by pinching in or out when on a quest.
200153.png Graphics Settings If gameplay ever feels sluggish or unresponsive, try choosing a lower graphics setting to improve performance.
200154.png Sound Settings Head to the Sound section of the Options menu to turn song vocals on or off, or adjust the volume of sound effects and voices.
200155.png Castle Grounds Shortcut Hold your finger on the Castle button at the bottom of the screen to jump straight to the Castle Grounds.
200156.png Afflictions: Sleep When asleep, you will be unable to move or attack.
200157.png Astral Raids Astral Raids are only available at certain times, and require astral pieces to challenge.
200158.png Astral Pieces Astral pieces can be obtained from any active quest when Astral Raids aren't available. Use them to challenge Astral Raids when they return.
200159.png Fafnir Medals These special and very rare medals can be exchanged for valuable treasure.
300101.png Euden The seventh scion of the Alberian royal family. A gentle, peace-loving youth who sets out on a dangerous journey in order to save his beloved kingdom and its people.
300102.png Elisanne A holy knight, or Paladyn, of the llian Church whose sworn duty is to defend both the Auspex and the Ilian clergy. However, she recently found herself parting ways with them.
300103.png Ranzal A battle-tested mercenary with a foul mouth and a decent heart. He can be counted on to look after his friends and hold true to his ideals no matter what troubles may come his way.
300104.png Cleo A child of the wood who is skilled in the healing arts. She has guarded the Mistholt for many years at the request of her former master.
300105.png Notte A pint-sized faerie who is always upbeat and genuine. She can be counted on to provide endless support and confidence, no matter how bleak things may seem.
300106.png Luca A sylvan youth from a village in the forest. Though likable, his love of mischief often lands him in trouble—much to his sister's dismay.
300107.png Leif The captain of the Alberian Royal Knights. His loyalty and love for country serve as an ideal model for all who aspire to be a knight.
300108.png Emile The sixth in line to the Alberian throne. Incredibly haughty and prideful, he often gets upset when things don't go his way.
300109.png Harle The chief of the Capital Guard. His bold smile and bombastic manner are unusual for one in his position, but he is also a cunning strategist.
400101.png The Kingdom of Alberia The kingdom where Euden and his friends reside. The royal family are descendants of the hero Alberius, who founded the kingdom along with his pactbound dragons.
400102.png Pactstones Crystals that serve as proof of a dragonpact. A person in possession of a pactstone can call upon a dragon's power at will.
400103.png Sacred Shards Shards with holy properties. They have the power to ward off fiends, and have been placed around the kingdom in order to protect its people from a grave threat.
400104.png Dragons Mystical beings that govern mana and natural phenomena. They bring blessings and destruction in equal measure, and are both feared and revered by all the people of the world.
400105.png Sylvans A race of people often referred to as "children of the wood." They worship nature in all its forms, and subsist mainly on foraging and hunting.
400106.png Alberius the Founder (Legend) The man who founded the Kingdom of Alberia. He made pacts with various dragons, and used this power to bring peace to Grastaea.
400106.png The Goddess Ilia (Legend) The first Auspex of the Ilian Church. She was a famed mage who sealed away a great demon with the help of the dragon Elysium.
400106.png The Dyrenellian Empire (Legend) An evil empire that once existed on the continent. Their cruelty and injustice was unending, and they tormented humans and dragons alike.
400106.png Dragonblood (Legend) A special power possessed by the royal family of Alberia. Only those who wield it have the ability to enter a dragonpact.


Image Title Loading Tip
Storage Expansions Visit the shop to expand your storage capacity for weapons, dragons, or wyrmprints.
200106.png The Lock Feature Tap the lock icon on your favorite weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints to prevent them from being accidentally sold.
200107.png Selling and Parting Ways You can sell weapons and wyrmprints or part ways with dragons from the Collection menu.
200142.png Dismantling If you dismantle a weapon in the Crafting menu, you can regain all of the materials you used to make it.
200145.png The Imperial Onslaught Items gained from The Imperial Onslaught event can be exchanged for facilities and wyrmprints.