Life Drain

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Disambig.png This article is about the special effect used by Volk to recover HP. For the effect used by Adventurers to recover HP, see Life Steal.

Icon EnemyAbility 0018.png Life Drain is a special effect that causes the enemy to recover a portion of damage dealt as HP, if certain attacks are used. It is currently only used by Volk


  • The enemy does not heal if the damage was dealt to an adventurer affected by Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague. The enemy will instead receive Plague, will not be healed at all, and will be unable to heal until Plague has worn off.
  • If a plagued adventurer is hit while they have Icon Ability 1020041.png Reflexive Evasion active, thereby causing them to not take any damage, Volk will still become Plagued.