Item Summoning

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Disambig.png This article is about summoning items and materials. For adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints, see Summoning.

Item Summoning can be accessed by selecting Upgrade Essentials from the Shop.

An Item Summon grants 10 items from a pool of various Materials, Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies, and Icon Resource Mana.png Mana. Once a day players can perform an Item Summon at no cost. Any subsequent summons on that day costs 50 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite initially, which doubles each summon. Unlike regular Summoning, item summoning only uses Wyrmite to summon, and a maximum of six item summons can be performed daily.


The cost to item summon is as follows:

nth Summon Wyrmite Cost
1st Icon Wyrmite.png x0
2nd Icon Wyrmite.png x30
3rd Icon Wyrmite.png x50
4th Icon Wyrmite.png x100
5th Icon Wyrmite.png x200
6th Icon Wyrmite.png x300

Appearance Rates[edit]

The following table is a list of items available in the item summon and their rates:

Item Rate
Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x5,000 12.667%
Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x10,000 6.333%
Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x1,000,000 0.100%
Icon Resource Mana.png Mana x2,000 9.933%
Icon Resource Mana.png Mana x5,000 4.967%
Icon Resource Mana.png Mana x100,000 0.100%
101001003.png Gold Crystal x3 4.000%
102001003.png Succulent Dragonfruit x5 4.000%
103001003.png Gold Whetstone x1 4.000%
113001003.png Consecrated Water x5 4.000%
104001011.png Flame Orb x15 2.000%
104001012.png Blaze Orb x3 1.000%
104001013.png Inferno Orb x3 0.200%
104001021.png Water Orb x15 2.000%
104001022.png Stream Orb x3 1.000%
104001023.png Deluge Orb x3 0.200%
104001031.png Wind Orb x15 2.000%
104001032.png Storm Orb x3 1.000%
104001033.png Maelstrom Orb x3 0.200%
104001041.png Light Orb x15 2.000%
104001042.png Radiance Orb x3 1.000%
104001043.png Refulgence Orb x3 0.200%
104001051.png Shadow Orb x15 2.000%
104001052.png Nightfall Orb x3 1.000%
104001053.png Nether Orb x3 0.200%
104001001.png Rainbow Orb x1 0.200%
104002011.png Flamewyrm's Scale x3 1.225%
104002012.png Flamewyrm's Scaldscale x3 0.175%
104002021.png Waterwyrm's Scale x3 1.225%
104002022.png Waterwyrm's Glistscale x3 0.175%
104002031.png Windwyrm's Scale x3 1.225%
104002032.png Windwyrm's Squallscale x3 0.175%
104002041.png Lightwyrm's Scale x3 1.225%
104002042.png Lightwyrm's Glowscale x3 0.175%
104002051.png Shadowwyrm's Scale x3 1.225%
104002052.png Shadowwyrm's Darkscale x3 0.175%
201005001.png Talonstone x1 5.000%
202001001.png Iron Ore x20 3.333%
202001002.png Granite x10 1.333%
202001003.png Meteorite x3 0.333%
202002001.png Fiend's Claw x20 3.333%
202002002.png Fiend's Horn x10 1.333%
202002003.png Fiend's Eye x3 0.333%
202003001.png Bat's Wing x20 3.333%
202003002.png Ancient Bird's Feather x10 1.333%
202003003.png Bewitching Wings x3 0.333%
202004001.png Light Metal x20 3.333%
202004002.png Abyss Stone x10 1.333%
202004003.png Crimson Core x3 0.333%
202005011.png Sword Tablet x5 0.200%
202005021.png Blade Tablet x5 0.200%
202005031.png Dagger Tablet x5 0.200%
202005041.png Axe Tablet x5 0.200%
202005051.png Lance Tablet x5 0.200%
202005061.png Bow Tablet x5 0.200%
202005071.png Wand Tablet x5 0.200%
202005081.png Staff Tablet x5 0.200%
Hustle Hammer.png Hustle Hammer x1 0.100%

Old Item Summon[edit]

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The following table is a list of items available in the item summon and their rates before September 27, 2019 6:00 UTC:

nth Summon Wyrmite Cost
1st Icon Wyrmite.png x0
2nd Icon Wyrmite.png x50
3rd Icon Wyrmite.png x100
4th Icon Wyrmite.png x200
5th Icon Wyrmite.png x400
6th Icon Wyrmite.png x800

The following table is a list of items available in the item summon and their rates before September 27, 2019 6:00 UTC:

Item Rate
Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x1,000 12.24%
Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x2,000 6.12%
Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies x3,000 2.04%
Icon Resource Mana.png Mana x500 12.24%
Icon Resource Mana.png Mana x1,000 6.12%
Icon Resource Mana.png Mana x1,500 2.04%
101001002.png Silver Crystal x2 2.00%
101001003.png Gold Crystal x1 1.00%
102001002.png Ripe Dragonfruit x2 2.00%
102001003.png Succulent Dragonfruit x1 1.00%
103001002.png Silver Whetstone x2 2.00%
103001003.png Gold Whetstone x1 1.00%
113001002.png Blessed Water x2 2.00%
113001003.png Consecrated Water x1 1.00%
104001011.png Flame Orb x5 2.00%
104001012.png Blaze Orb x1 1.00%
104001013.png Inferno Orb x1 0.20%
104001021.png Water Orb x5 2.00%
104001022.png Stream Orb x1 1.00%
104001023.png Deluge Orb x1 0.20%
104001031.png Wind Orb x5 2.00%
104001032.png Storm Orb x1 1.00%
104001033.png Maelstrom Orb x1 0.20%
104001041.png Light Orb x5 2.00%
104001042.png Radiance Orb x1 1.00%
104001043.png Refulgence Orb x1 0.20%
104001051.png Shadow Orb x5 2.00%
104001052.png Nightfall Orb x1 1.00%
104001053.png Nether Orb x1 0.20%
104001001.png Rainbow Orb x1 0.20%
104002011.png Flamewyrm's Scale x1 0.70%
104002012.png Flamewyrm's Scaldscale x1 0.20%
104002021.png Waterwyrm's Scale x1 0.70%
104002022.png Waterwyrm's Glistscale x1 0.20%
104002031.png Windwyrm's Scale x1 0.70%
104002032.png Windwyrm's Squallscale x1 0.20%
104002041.png Lightwyrm's Scale x1 0.70%
104002042.png Lightwyrm's Glowscale x1 0.20%
104002051.png Shadowwyrm's Scale x1 0.70%
104002052.png Shadowwyrm's Darkscale x1 0.20%
201005001.png Talonstone x1 7.00%
202001001.png Iron Ore x3 3.33%
202001002.png Granite x2 1.33%
202001003.png Meteorite x1 0.33%
202002001.png Fiend's Claw x3 3.33%
202002002.png Fiend's Horn x2 1.33%
202002003.png Fiend's Eye x1 0.33%
202003001.png Bat's Wing x3 3.33%
202003002.png Ancient Bird's Feather x2 1.33%
202003003.png Bewitching Wings x1 0.33%
202004001.png Light Metal x2 3.33%
202004002.png Abyss Stone x1 1.33%
202004003.png Crimson Core x1 0.33%