Heaven's Melody

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Icon EnemyAbility 0042.png Heaven's Melody is a special effect that changes the enemy's affliction resistance. It is currently only used by Iblis.


  • If Iblis is Icon Element Water.png Water-attuned, his Affliction poison large icon.png Poison resistance will be set to 0.
  • If Iblis is Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow-attuned (phase 2 of master), his Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis resistance will be set to 0.
  • A counter will be displayed on the ability icon, and will decrement by 1 for each time the relevant affliction is applied to Iblis. The counter's starting value depends on the quest:
  • Iblis's Surging Cascade (Rise of the Sinister Dominion)
Difficulty Solo Co-op
Expert 4 5
Master 4 5
Legend 11 15
Difficulty Solo Co-op
Standard 4 5
Expert 4 5
Master 5 15
  • Iblis will periodically check the counter on the current melody.
    • If the counter is at 0 when checked - Iblis will switch the melody to the other one (Icon EnemyAbility 0041.png Hell's Melody).
    • If the counter is NOT at 0 when checked - Iblis will reset the counter to its maximum value, cast Corrosive Marcato (inflicting Icon Buff 2020027.png Creeping Corrosion on the party), and give himself Icon Buff 1020002.png Strength Up and Icon Buff 1020003.png Defense Up buffs with infinite duration (requiring Icon Ability 1010031.png Dispel to remove).
      • On Master and Legend difficulty, Corrosive Marcato will instantly kill the entire party.