Heart of Gauld

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Heart of Gauld


One day, not long before Dragonyule...

Dear Saint Starfall,
I would like an Arianna, please.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldWell this is a pickle. Angie's given me a letter for Saint Starfall, which is all well and good, but...

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldWhat in Ilia's name is an Arianna?!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldHere I thought I could just gussy myself up as Saint Starfall and give Angie a gift.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldBut if I can't suss out whatever this Arianna thing is, Angie might find out that Saint Starfall's as real as soft bedrock!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldEven so, I can't well ask her directly.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldIf I let slip that I'M the one out present- hunting for her, why, it'd crush her dreams!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldNo recourse left now but for me to go around asking folks who might have a clue.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(Angie's a rokkan girl, so I figured I'd ask one of her peers. Lazry oughta know.)

110355 01 base portrait.pngLazryAnd...done. You try making a Yuletree ornament too, Gauld.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(Bah. Here I thought I could just do a quick Q and A. How'd I end up hunkering down to help Lazry and co. with their work?)

110263 01 base portrait.pngRamonaWhat is it, Gauld? You stopped working.

110264 01 base portrait.pngRenaKeep that fire burning inside! We've got a lot to make, after all!

110265 01 base portrait.pngReneeThe castle is too big! I call shenanigans! How many decorations is it gonna take?!

110337 02 base portrait.pngCassandraSo, in the end, they didn't know what this all-important Arianna was?

120136 01 base portrait.pngDouleurHa ha ha! What a massive waste of time and effort!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldMy shoulders are stiff as a board after hunching over to do all that fiddly work. Not every rokkan's a crafter, I'll say that.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldAhhh. Nothing like tea for a tired body.

110337 02 base portrait.pngCassandraYour grandfatherly love is an inspiration. Alas, I cannot assist in your endeavor. I know not what an "Arianna" is, you see.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldShame. I'd heard you were quite the scholar, but I s'pose I expected too much.

110337 02 base portrait.pngCassandraMy knowledge is rooted primarily in the realm of things magical. Surely there must be someone more qualified to help. A merchant, perhaps?

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldHey, you might be on to something there! Actually, we've got just the gal here at the castle!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldI'll go bend her ear a bit. Sorry to bother ya, Cassandra.

110337 02 base portrait.pngCassandraGoodness. Such a fierce-looking man, yet so desperate to give from the heart.

110337 02 base portrait.pngCassandraHeh. Inspiration strikes. Perhaps I should select a nice gift for the young lad in turn.

110026 01 base portrait.pngFrancescaArianna? As it turns out, I HAVE heard whisperings that something by that name has picked up popularity around the castle.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldReally?! So what the heck is it?! Spill!

110026 01 base portrait.pngFrancescaNot so fast. I can't just give away trade secrets for FREE, y'know. What do you say to buying this new product I've got?

110026 01 base portrait.pngFrancescaIt's a kind of fruit cake called stollen that's eaten in a foreign land on Dragonyule. Bet your little granddaughter'd love it!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldYeah, yeah, twist my arm, why don'tcha? Fine. I'll buy one.

110026 01 base portrait.pngFrancescaOho ho! Much obliged, good sir. Actually, while you're at it, buy THIS, too.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldOh, c'mon! You're gonna bleed me dry!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldAll this searching and I've only found out one thing: Arianna is really popular with the children in the castle.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldI oughta confirm with one such kid. Aha! Perfect, there's Maribelle.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleOh, it's Angie's grandpa. You need something?

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldSorry to spring this on ya, but I was wondering if you knew about this Arianna thing that's all the rage.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleOh, that. Yeah, sure do.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldFinally, someone who'll tell me! What in Ilia's name is an Arianna?!

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleIt's a suuuper interesting book!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldArianna is the name of a BOOK?

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleYeah! I love it! And my friend— I mean, Angie loves it too!

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleShe read my copy of Arianna and told me it totally touched her heart. Sweet, huh?

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldOho, so you and Angie are friends?

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleMhm. I saw her and she looked kinda lonely, so I struck up a conversation.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleAt first, she was kinda shy, but once she figured out I was nice, we really hit it off.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleAnd now we're good friends! We talk about all kinds of stuff together.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleLike the other day, when Angie told me what she wants to be when she grows up!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldYou got her to spill something like that?!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(Even I've never heard her talk about her dreams before...)

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleAngie wants to be an author.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleSee, Arianna is about a girl of the same name who goes around stopping fights and making everyone get along.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleAnd after Angie read the book, this is what she said:

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieI feel like if everyone read heartwarming books like Arianna, the world would be a better, more peaceful place.

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieThat's why I want to write wonderful stories that will spread warmth, joy, and kindness all across the world.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldOh, Angie... What a sweet dream. I'd expect no less from my girl.

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleThat's why she wants her own copy of Arianna, so she can read it over and over.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldI see.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(She's got a dream that came from talkin' to her friends. Looks like my granddaughter grew up right under my nose.)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(I'm glad, but...it also makes me feel kinda lonely.)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(Without me even bein' aware of it, my Angie's world has been getting bigger and bigger. Brings a tear to my eye.)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(But it's my duty as her grandfather to help her spread her wings and fly.)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldThanks for everything, Maribelle. You be good to my Angie, you hear?

110032 01 base portrait.pngMaribelleYou bet I will!

And before long, the day of Dragonyule arrived...

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldAngie, a present's here from Saint Starfall.

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieWooow! He really came!

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieAnd he really got me a copy of Arianna! Thank you so much, Saint Starfall!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldAin't that something? And to top it off, we've got a little treat called stollen, too. C'mon, let's celebrate the holiday together.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(Had a heck of a time findin' the book, but it was pretty cheap, all things considered.)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(This is about all I can do to help support your dreams, baby girl.)

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieUm, Grandpa? I, um, wanted to talk to you about something.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldAnything, love. What is it?

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieWhen I grow up... I want to write wonderful stories like this one, and fill everyone with warm and happy feelings.

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieBut it's not easy to be an author, is it?

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldAngie...

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(Now that I've heard it from her, I finally get it. Angie's dream is still taking shape.)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauld(And as part of her family, my role in helping her achieve it is clear!)

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldWhat makes you say that, kiddo? You can do it! I know you can!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldYou're the nicest girl that ever did live. I'm a hundred percent certain you'll write the best stories this world's ever seen!

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieAw, thank you, Grandpa! Y'know what? Maybe I CAN do it!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldThat's the spirit, love! I'll be rootin' for you every step of the way.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldWhatever happens, Grandpa Gauld will always be watchin' over ya!

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieThat makes me so happy. You saying that is the best gift of all, Grandpa!

120169 01 base portrait.pngAngieDragonyule is the best day ever!

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldGotta agree with you there, kiddo. Sure am glad we came to this castle.

110356 01 base portrait.pngGauldNow, the day's only just begun. Let's you and me have some fun, Angie.

The End