Healing Zone

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Icon Skill 166.png Healing Zones place a lingering field that can heal allies a limited amount of times.


  • A healing zone will be consumed when an adventurer below 100% HP enters it. Once consumed, the zone will heal all allied Adventurers.
  • If an adventurer already at 100% HP enters a healing zone, the zone will not be consumed, and nobody will be healed.
  • AI adventurers are capable of using Healing Zones.
  • The potency of the healing zone will differ between solo and co-op.
  • Only one Healing Zone can exist at a time. If a second Healing Zone is placed, the previous Healing Zone is removed.
  • In co-op play, an instance of the Healing Zone is available to be used by each of the human players present. In a 4-player room, this means the zone can be used a total of 4 times before needing to be cast again. Each player is only capable of seeing and interacting with their assigned Healing Zone.
    • For example, suppose Player 2 consumed their Healing Zone. The other players can still use their zones as well, but Player 2 cannot see and cannot use the zone again until it is re-cast.
  • On basic visual settings, Healing Zones will display as a simple blue shape.

It is important to note that Healing Zones and Buff Zones are completely separate entities that do not interact with each other:

  • The 1 Healing Zone Limit does NOT affect the 4 Buff Zone limit, and vice versa. It is possible to have 4 Buff Zones and 1 Healing Zone on the field simultaneously.
  • Effects such as 110365 01 r05.png Nevin's Icon Skill 151.png Magnus ApocalypseLv. 2: Deals 1 hit of 1000% shadow damage to the target and nearby enemies, and decreases the remaining time of Locked Sigil by 60 seconds if the attack connects.

    During Sigil Released, this skill instead deals 1 hit of 1000% shadow damage to the target and nearby enemies plus a number of additional hits of shadow damage to nearby enemies equal to the number of buff zones they're standing in. Damage dealt by those hits is 300% for user-created buff zones and 100% for buff zones created by allies.

    If this skill is used as a Shared Skill, it always uses the Sigil Released variant. [7500 SP]
    , which have additional effects while enemies are standing in Buff Zones, do NOT interact with Healing Zones whatsoever.
  • 100002 06 r05.png Wedding Elisanne's Icon Skill 044.png Sacred UnionLv. 3: Deals 1 hit of 1485% wind damage to enemies directly ahead, and creates a buff zone that lasts for 10 seconds and gradually heals the HP of adventurers inside it with 20% Recovery Potency every 3 seconds. [2902 SP] is classified as a Icon Skill 044.png Buff Zone, NOT a Healing Zone.


Skills that apply Healing Zone

Name Adventurers with Skill Weapons with Skill Dragons with Skill
Icon Skill 166.png Glorious SanctuaryLv. 4: Restores HP to all teammates with 130% Recovery Potency, continues healing over the next 15 seconds with 29% Recovery Potency every 2.9 seconds, increases the entire team's strength by 15% for 60 seconds, and grants overdamage to the entire team for 30 seconds based on 50% of the user's strength. Both the strength increase and overdamage will not stack.

Also creates a healing zone that heals all allies for 60% Recovery Potency (in solo play, 30% Recovery Potency in Co-Op play). Each player in Co-op play can enter the healing zone one time and will only activate if they have less than 100% HP. Only one healing zone can be up at a time and the creation of a new one will replace older ones. [5850 SP]
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