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When Summoned
What do you think? Does this dress look nice on me?
When Shapeshifted Into or Collection Portrait
Trrrick or treat, ahahaha!
Using A Skill or Collection Portrait
Time for a new trick!
When Entering Dragon's Roost
Trick or treat!
C'mon, let's party!
I've been waiting for you. You can stay here for as long as you want, friend!
After Receiving a Gift
Would this be of any use?
It's not a treat, but would this do?
After Bond Level Increase
Having a party with friends is sooo fun!
Let's party some more! What do you say? Hmmm?
Idle After Bond Level 1
I was trying to think of a good trick to surprise some fiends with.
Oh, my little stuffy! I'm so happy you haven't left me...
Everyone looks like they're having such fun—and it's all thanks to the wonderful party you threw!
Idle After Bond Level 10
I quite like this dress.
Wouldn't it be thrilling if EVERY day was Halloween?
The other girls are all wearing such cute costumes... I want to try wearing one of those someday!
Idle After Bond Level 20
Chocolates... Macaroons... Hard candies... Cookies... What kind of treats do YOU like?
This is the most enjoyable party I've EVER been to.
I loooove getting all dolled up! ...Er, is that odd for a dragon?
When Unbound
When Fully Unbound

Dragon Story Episodes
A Halloween Miracle

Once there was a dragon named

Silke who wished for human friends.

She enjoyed dressing up and

playing pranks—but most of all

she enjoyed getting her way.

Silke eventually came to the Halidom

and met a kindly prince. She loved

spending time with him, and soon

every day was filled with fun.

One day, she learned the people

of the castle were holding a party

to celebrate Halloween.

When she found out all the other girls

at the party would be wearing

adorable clothes, Silke became

both sad and intensely jealous.

And so she approached Althemia—

who had made the other girls'

dresses—and asked if she could get

her own special outfit for the party.

But Silke was used to always getting

her way, and had never learned

how to ask a favor of a friend.

So in the end, she couldn't make her

request clear enough for Althemia.

"Who cares about some stupid old

dress?" muttered Silke. "I didn't even

want one in the first place." And with

that, she stomped away in a huff.

But someone had been

watching her the whole time.

That kind soul knew Silke really did

want a dress above all things, and so

decided to do her a special favor...

Silke envied the other girls in their

pretty Halloween outfits, but didn't

know how to ask for one of her own.

But then a kindly onlooker saw her

conflict and decided to lend a hand.

So they went to Althemia and asked

her to make a dress on Silke's behalf.

A short while later, Althemia paid

a visit to Silke with a gift in hand:

An outfit the likes of which no one

had ever seen before.

"I tried making a dragon-sized dress,"

said the nervous seamstress. "J-just

for my own curiosity! So don't go

getting the wrong idea. But, um...

Well, I suppose you can have it."

Silke was at a loss for words.

She'd never had someone surprise

her with a gift like this before, and

didn't quite know how to respond.

"Er, I... Thanks?" she said finally.

Sad as it was, it was also the best

response she could muster.

"Fine, whatever," muttered Althemia.

As she walked awkwardly away,

Silke couldn't help but notice that

the girl's cheeks were bright red.

She seemed flustered. Embarrassed.

"Maybe she doesn't know how to talk

to people either," thought Silke.

"Maybe we're alike in that."

And so Silke decided to make a point

of talking to Althemia again. Maybe,

just maybe, she could be the friend

Silke had been hoping for.

Silke resolved to thank Althemia

properly at the Halloween party,

and her excitement welled up as she

slipped into her beautiful new dress.

But before anything else could

happen, she had to show off her

amazing dress to her favorite human

ever: Euden.

"I didn't know you were dressing up

for Halloween, Silke!" said the prince.

His surprise was quite genuine,

and she relished in his reaction.

The others at the party were

equally impressed, and it soon

turned into one of the finest nights

Silke could ever remember.


"Was that design all right for you,


"It was exactly what I had in mind.

Silke seemed to love it, too."

"A dragon with an interest in playing

dress-up? She's a strange one."

"Ha ha! I bet you and her would

get along quite well, actually."

"Wait, me? Friends with a dragon?

Well, I suppose someone who loves

fashion can't be all bad, so I guess

I could try chatting with her..."