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The Prince's home base. Raise its level to expand the area in which you can build castle facilities. It continually produces honey tea, an energizing drink that recovers stamina.
Facility Type
Obtained From
Release Date
September 27, 2018

Short Summary

The Halidom is a castle in the Mistholt once protected by Cleo that now serves as The Prince's home base. Various facilities can be built here on the Castle Grounds, and the player can move facilities about the grounds freely. Various materials and a certain facility level are necessary to increase the Halidom's level. This will expand the area of the Castle Grounds, allowing more room for facilities to be placed, and it is also a requirement for raising the level of the Smithy. As of the 1st anniversary, it produces Honey Tea that gives stamina.

Upgrade Table

Level Icon Resource Rupies.pngCost Materials Needed Facility Lv. Needed Build Time
1 0
2 5,000 5 30m
3 20,000 104001031.png Wind Orb x10, 104001032.png Storm Orb x1, 201005001.png Talonstone x3 40 3h
4 50,000 104001021.png Water Orb x20, 104001022.png Stream Orb x3, 104001023.png Deluge Orb x1, 201005001.png Talonstone x5 100 12h
5 100,000 104001011.png Flame Orb x50, 104001012.png Blaze Orb x7, 104001013.png Inferno Orb x2, 201005001.png Talonstone x10 200 1d
6 150,000 104001041.png Light Orb x100, 104001042.png Radiance Orb x15, 104001043.png Refulgence Orb x3, 201005001.png Talonstone x15 300 1d 12h
7 200,000 104001051.png Shadow Orb x150, 104001052.png Nightfall Orb x20, 104001053.png Nether Orb x4, 201005001.png Talonstone x20 400 2d
8 250,000 104001031.png Wind Orb x200, 104001032.png Storm Orb x25, 104001033.png Maelstrom Orb x6, 201005001.png Talonstone x25 550 2d 12h
9 300,000 104001021.png Water Orb x300, 104001022.png Stream Orb x40, 104001023.png Deluge Orb x9, 201005001.png Talonstone x30 700 3d
10 350,000 104001011.png Flame Orb x400, 104001012.png Blaze Orb x80, 104001013.png Inferno Orb x20, 104001001.png Rainbow Orb x40, 201005001.png Talonstone x50 850 3d 12h
11 400,000 104001041.png Light Orb x500, 104001042.png Radiance Orb x90, 104001043.png Refulgence Orb x30, 104001001.png Rainbow Orb x50, 201005001.png Talonstone x90 850 4d
Total 1,825,000 104001031.png Wind Orb x210, 104001032.png Storm Orb x26, 201005001.png Talonstone x248, 104001021.png Water Orb x320, 104001022.png Stream Orb x43, 104001023.png Deluge Orb x10, 104001011.png Flame Orb x450, 104001012.png Blaze Orb x87, 104001013.png Inferno Orb x22, 104001041.png Light Orb x600, 104001042.png Radiance Orb x105, 104001043.png Refulgence Orb x33, 104001051.png Shadow Orb x150, 104001052.png Nightfall Orb x20, 104001053.png Nether Orb x4, 104001033.png Maelstrom Orb x6, 104001001.png Rainbow Orb x90 18d 3h 30m

Halidom Upgrade Visual

  • The level's top-left, more saturated colors are buildable ground.
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