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Community Guides[edit]

There are two primary types of guides on this wiki. Collaborative Guides, which are the work of all wiki contributors and do not belong to any one contributor, and User Guides, which are the work of one contributor or one specific group of contributors.

Collaborative Guides[edit]

Please use {{NoticeCollaborativeGuide}} at the top of the page.

These guides are the collective work of all wiki contributors and as such are subject to the agreed upon advice of the community rather than any single user. If there is an issue please make use of the Talk pages (accessed by clicking the Discussion tab at the top of any given page) for the Guide in question. Any "edit-wars" will result in Admin intervention.

An example of a collaborative guide would be the commonly accepted "meta" teams for the High Dragon Trials and the role of each unit within the team. If you wish to make a guide for a specific unit or a "non-meta" team composition then you should make a User Guide instead.

All collaborative guides should have the following template inserted at the top: Template:NoticeCollaborativeGuide

Wiki Guides[edit]

General Guides[edit]

Detailed Guides[edit]

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User Guides[edit]

These guides are the work of a single contributor or a single group of contributors. If you make a guide on the wiki please link it here. These pages are not open to edit by general contributors and if you do not have the permission of the author(s) then you should not make any changes beyond typo corrections. If you disagree with the content of the guide feel free to make use of the Talk page (accessed by clicking the Discussion tab at the top of any given page) for that guide or to make your own guide. Do NOT make arbitrary changes to ANY user guide without permission of the author(s). If you do make a guide on the wiki then please link it below (guides will be categorized as necessary).

Creating a page can be done through the above input box or by searching for a non-existent page using the search bar on the top right.

Please name your guides such that your User is always prominent and noticeable. For instance, if you wished to make a guide on how to do the High Midgardsormr fight and your username is LikableBrute then one way to name it would be High Midgardsormr Guide/LikableBrute.

After creating your User Guide please insert the following template at the top: Template:NoticeUserGuide