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The following is a list of terms and definitions for common phrases and acronyms in Dragalia Lost.

General Terms[edit]

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence, refers to the units a player uses that are controlled by the computer
  • Aura - Dragon aura, refers to the passive stat-boosting abilities of dragons
  • BIS/BiS - Best in Slot. The best piece of gear that an adventurer could hope for in a particular slot. For example, their best dragon.
  • C# - Combo #, referring to the normal attack combination performed when tapping screen # of times. For example, C5 is a 5-tap combo
  • Co-Ability/Coab - Team-wide buffs specific to each weapon type of adventurer. Do not stack. See Co-abilities.
  • Chain Co-Ability/CCA - Team-wide buffs specific to each adventurer. These do stack, however are usually element-locked. See Chain Co-abilities.
  • DoT - Damage Over Time. For example, taking damage from Icon Buff 2020008.png Bleeding every few seconds.
  • Enmity - Refers to adventurers or skills that scale in strength based on low HP. Term is taken from Granblue Fantasy, where a similar mechanic is used. This is associated with Crisis Modifiers, which scale skill power according to current HP.
  • Epithet - Titles which a player can earn, equip and display to other users. See Epithets.
  • Gala/Gala Remix - Summon banner featuring limited units with increased 5 Icon Rarity 5.png summon rates and lower pity amount needed for a guaranteed 5 Icon Rarity 5.png summon. Also introduces a new Gala unit with each run, and these Gala units are usually powerful. Happens on an irregular schedule. There is a variant called Gala Remix that does not introduce a new Gala unit, instead featuring an old one. See Gala Dragalia Showcase for more details.
  • HoT - Heal over Time, or heals that regenerate HP over time instead of flat heals. See Icon Buff 2060001.png HP Regen.
  • IFrame/i-frame - Invincibility Frame, the time upon using a skill, dodge rolling, or natural immunity from being sent flying where the player (and player's AI characters, if using a skill) are immune to certain damage. Team-wide protection from using a skill lasts 1 second, while personal adventurer protection can vary based on the action.
  • Might - One of the stat values given when viewing a team and its units. Is often used to unlock content. See Might.
  • Mite - Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, the freemium summoning currency.
  • OD - Overdrive. A mode where a boss changes its behavior and becomes more dangerous overall.
  • ODPS - Overdrive damage-per-second. A measure of how fast a unit can deplete the mode gauge during Overdrive.
  • #UB (# Unbound) - The amount of times a dragon/wyrmprint/weapon has been unbinded. For example, 2UB Agni would refer to an Agni that has been unbound twice.
  • MUB (Max Unbound) - Dragons/Wyrmprints/Weapons which have been fully unbinded (4 times for dragons/wyrmprints, can be 4 or 8 for weapons) through duplicates or their respective unbind resources (Stone, Key, Brick)
  • S# - Skill #. For example, S1 refers to a character's Skill 1.
  • Skd - Skill Damage, usually referring to effects on Wyrmprints.
  • SP - Skill Points, granted when attacking and used to charge skills for usage.
  • Spark/Sigil - Wyrmsigils, a special currency that can be exchanged for a unit of the player's choice on a banner. Does not carry between banners. See Summoning for more details.
  • SS/Skill Share - Shared Skill. Some skills can be borrowed from other units through the use of Tomes. See Shared Skills.
  • Suptix - Dream Summon/Choose-a-5* ticket. Suptix term taken from another of Cygames' games Granblue Fantasy, alluding to the Dream Summon, which is a summon that can be redeemed for a character or dragon of choice. See Dream Summon Special.
  • Welfare - Units given out for free from events. Welfare dragons are usually significantly weaker than gacha-pulled dragons. Welfare adventurer and wyrmprint quality can vary.


  • Euden - Default name of the player character, 100001 01 r04.png The Prince.
  • Goof - A name corruption of 100001 08 r05.png Gala Prince, who is sometimes also called Geuden.

Character Alt Notation[edit]

Characters with alternate versions are often denoted in the following format:

<Shortened Event Name>!<Character>

The following are a few examples:

  • H!Elisanne (H!Eli) - Halloween Elisanne
  • DY!Cleo - Dragonyule Cleo
  • V!Hildegarde (V!Hilde) - Valentine's Hildegarde
  • G!Ranzal - Gala Ranzal
  • S!Maribelle - Student Maribelle
  • W!Aoi - Wedding Aoi

Certain alternate versions may also be abbreviated by adding or replacing the first letter with that of the event or alternate costume. Note that the previous format is more universally applicable, while this format might not be used for every alternate character.

The following are a few examples:

  • Heli/Helly - Halloween Elisanne
  • Vilde - Valentine's Hildegarde
  • Granzal - Gala Ranzal
  • Smari - Student Maribelle
  • Waoi - Wedding Aoi
  • Gleo - Gala Cleo

Quests Acronyms[edit]

When specifying the difficulty of quests, this format is used:

<Shortened Difficulty><Quest Name>

s - standard
e - expert
m - master
l/le - legend

The following are a few examples:


  • Ele - Elemental weapon
  • Void - Void Weapons, weapons craftable with materials earned from Void Battles.
  • CT - Chimeratech Weapons, weapons craftable with materials earned from Chimera fights in Void Battles.
  • HD - High Dragon Weapons, weapons craftable with materials earned from Advanced Dragon Trials (also sometimes called High Dragon Trials).

Wyrmprint Acronyms and Abbreviations[edit]

Wyrmprints which are commonly used or considerably powerful in relation to other wyrmprints are often given acronyms. The following list contains some commonly used wyrmprint acronyms.

Furthermore, some commonly used wyrmprints are often abbreviated to a smaller set of words, or even just a single word.

Sometimes, wyrmprints are referred to by the name of their passive, rather than the name of the actual print. This can be due to multiple prints having the same ability, or ease of memory. Here are some examples: