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The following is a list of terms and definitions for common phrases and acronyms in Dragalia Lost.

General Terms[edit]

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence, refers to the units a player uses that are controlled by the computer.
  • Amp - A special category of stat boosts that exists separately from normal buffs. Unlike normal buffs, it has several restrictions in place to make it difficult to use, but if used successfully, the payoff can be very high. See Amps for more details.
  • Brackets/Bracketing - Stat boosts in this game are sorted into "bracket" groups. Items within a bracket are added together, and then brackets are multiplied by each other to get the final stat gain. Since multiplication is more powerful than addition, it is generally advised to distribute stat boosts across as many brackets as possible. Investing too much into a single bracket is called "saturating" that bracket. See Stat Boosts and Damage Formula for more details.
  • C# - Combo #, referring to the normal attack combination performed when tapping screen # of times. For example, C5 is a 5-tap combo.
  • DForm - Dragon Form, specifically referring to the DPS potential a dragon has while transformed into them. A dragon with a good Dform can deal a lot of damage, while a dragon with a poor DForm won't deal much damage.
  • DGauge - The Dragon Gauge, which is visible during battle. When the gauge fills to 50%, a unit can shapeshift into their equipped dragon. See Shapeshifting Mechanics.
  • DoT - Damage Over Time. For example, taking damage from Icon Buff 2020008.png Bleeding every few seconds.
  • DPrep - Dragon Prep, refers to anything that grants Shapeshift Prep. Related terms include DHaste (Dragon Haste), DDamage (Dragon Damage), DTime (Dragon Time), etc.
  • DPS - Damage-per-second. Can refer to the actual amount of damage dealt, or to a unit whose role is to deal damage (a DPS unit, etc).
  • Enmity/Berserker - Refers to adventurers or skills that scale in strength based on low HP. 'Enmity' is taken from Granblue Fantasy, where a similar mechanic is used. This is associated with Crisis Modifiers, which scale skill power according to current HP.
  • Gun/Caster/MC - Shorthand for Manacaster, a weapon type that uses magic guns.
  • HoT/Regen - Heal over Time, or heals that regenerate HP over time instead of flat heals. See Icon Buff 2060001.png HP Regen.
  • ICD - Internal Cooldown. This refers to skill or ability effects that have an enforced cooldown timer. For example, an ability might grant a strength amp, then have a 30-second cooldown before it will grant the effect again.
  • IFrame/i-frame - Invincibility Frame, the time upon using a skill, dodge rolling, or natural immunity from being sent flying where the player (and player's AI characters, if using a skill) are immune to certain damage. Team-wide protection from using a skill lasts 1 second, while personal adventurer protection can vary based on the action.
  • Katana - The blade weapon type
  • Mob - Generic enemies that are not a boss of some sort in a quest.
  • OD - Overdrive. A mode where a boss changes its behavior and becomes more dangerous overall. See Mode Gauge.
  • ODPS/OD Shred - Overdrive damage-per-second. A measure of how fast a unit can deplete the mode gauge during Overdrive.
  • OD/Odmg - Icon Buff 2050091.png Overdamage, a special buff that adds a small bonus hit to all attacks. Its primary use is for doubling combo count.
  • Pubs - Public lobbies for co-op quests. Players in pubs are randomly matched up for the most part, so the team may lack coordination compared to pre-made rooms.
  • Pubbable - If a quest is "Pubbable", then it can be reliably cleared in public lobbies (Pubs). This can apply if the quest is easy, or if the people in public lobbies have enough knowledge of the quest to make it manageable. If a quest is too new, too hard, or not played often by many players, then pubs may not have the required experience/knowledge, making the quest non-pubbable.
  • Roaching - Joining a co-op quest underprepared, usually as the easiest role for the fight, expecting to get carried by more experienced players.
  • Ramp/Ramping - Certain adventurers must perform a certain amount of actions, or wait a certain amount of time, before becoming more powerful for the remainder of the quest. This process is called "ramping". A common example is the ability Dragon's Claws, which permanently raises strength upon dragon transformation, up to 3 times per quest.
  • RecPot - Recovery Potency, an effect that makes heals stronger.
  • RF/RFMC/Rapid Gun - Rapid-Fire Manacaster, a subclass of Manacasters that has a strong force strike.
  • Shotgun/Close Gun - Close-Range Manacaster, a subclass of Manacasters that deals lots of hits at close range.
  • Sniper/Long Gun - Long-Range Manacaster, a subclass of Manacasters that can attack from a long distance.
  • S# - Skill #. For example, S1 refers to a character's Skill 1.
  • Second Generation Dragon - Dragons released after Daikokuten.
  • SP - Skill Points, granted when attacking and used to charge skills for usage. Referred to in-game as Skill Energy.
  • Welfare - Units given out for free from events. Welfare dragons are usually significantly weaker than gacha-pulled dragons. Welfare adventurer and wyrmprint quality can vary.

Item and Collectible Terms[edit]

  • Epithet - Titles which a player can earn, equip and display to other users. See Epithets.
  • Mite/Mites - Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, the freemium summoning currency.

Equipment Terms[edit]

  • Aura - Dragon aura, refers to the passive stat-boosting abilities of dragons.
  • BIS/BiS - Best in Slot. The best piece of gear that an adventurer could hope for in a particular slot. For example, their best dragon.
  • Co-Ability/Coab - Team-wide abilities, usually corresponding to the adventurer's weapon type. Coabs do not stack. See Co-abilities.
  • Chain Co-Ability/CCA - Team-wide abilities, which vary widely for each adventurer. These do stack, however are usually element-locked. See Chain Co-abilities.
  • Kaleido print/Portrait print - Wyrmprints with random abilities, that can be obtained from the dungeon-crawling game mode Enter the Kaleidoscape.
  • #mc (# Mana Circle nodes) - The amount of nodes unlocked on an adventurer's mana circle. For example, 45mc means 45 nodes have been unlocked.
  • Might - One of the stat values given when viewing a team and its units. Is often used to unlock content. See Might.
  • MUB (Max Unbound) - Dragons/Wyrmprints/Weapons which have been fully unbound (4 times for wyrmprints, can be 4 or 5 for dragons, can be 4, 8, or 9 for weapons). Unbinds can be applied with duplicates, or with their respective unbind resources (Key, Stone, Brick).
  • #UB (# Unbound) - The amount of times a dragon/wyrmprint/weapon has been unbound. For example, 2UB Agni would refer to an Agni that has been unbound twice.
  • Overcapping - Wyrmprint effects have caps when equipping multiple prints with the same ability. For example, equipping a print with 30% skill damage and a print with 20% skill damage will stop at the wyrmprint cap of 40% skill damage (you do not get 50%). Going over the cap in this way is called "overcapping", and is generally disfavorable since some of the stat gains are being "wasted".
  • Skd - Skill Damage, usually referring to effects on Wyrmprints.
  • SS/Skill Share - Shared Skill. Some skills can be borrowed from other units through the use of Tomes. See Shared Skills.
  • SSP - Shared Skill Points, the SP cost of Shared Skills. This usually differs from the SP cost of the original skill.

Team-Build Terms[edit]

  • Dragon Battery - A unit (or combination of units) that can generate dragon gauge through a skill or ability, instead of relying on gauge drops from enemies.
    • Example 1: 100013 04 r05.png Gala Leonidas's "Combo = Shapeshift Prep" Chain Co-ability generates dragon gauge from high combos. He innately has high combos, and you can combine this with a high-combo unit such as 100032 04 r05.png Gala Laxi and/or the combo-doubling buff Icon Buff 2050091.png Overdamage for fast generation.
    • Example 2: 100044 02 r05.png Sheila's "Amp = Shapeshift Prep" generates dragon gauge whenever any team member receives a Self Amp or Team Amp. Sheila herself grants frequent amps, and you can combine this with any other Amp-giver for fast generation.
    • Example 3: 100001 01 r04.png The Prince can generate dragon gauge with his skill 1, if he has at least 56 mana nodes unlocked. The generation rate is a lot slower than the above examples, but still effective on a budget.
    • See Icon Ability 1010008.png Dragon Gauge Charge Up for more potential dragon battery sources.
  • Dragon Engine - A team that combines Dragon Battery with a lead unit that has a strong dragon form. This can then lead to large DPS and/or utility benefits.
  • Twins Engine - A high-synergy Flame team that uses 110399 01 r05.png Ayaha & Otoha (the Twins)' strong dragon form. To construct this team, you need the following:
    • Twins: 110399 01 r05.png Ayaha & Otoha with 200009 01.png Gala Mars equipped.
    • Dragon gauge generator: generally 100044 02 r05.png Sheila or 100013 04 r05.png Gala Leonidas. Of the two, Sheila is preferred due to higher DPS.
    • Team Amp level 3 enabler: generally 100029 02 r05.png Gala Sarisse, 100032 04 r05.png Gala Laxi, or 100010 04 r05.png Gala Mym. Sarisse synergizes best with Sheila, while Laxi synergizes best with Leonidas. Mym is generally considered less effective than Sarisse or Laxi.
    • Flexible slot: sometimes 100002 15 r05.png Kimono Elisanne or 110260 01 r04.png Emma (with Kimono Elisanne helper) to provide buffs, but any flame DPS can be put into this spot instead.
    • This team makes use of Dragon Engine as well as Amps to deal extreme damage, heal large amounts, and use several dragon transformations.
    • Ideally this team is used in solo, since the co-abilities and dragon gauge would be shared among the team. It works well in both auto and manual play.
    • This team comp was formerly called the "Exodia" team, however due to how flexible the pieces became over time, the term is no longer used.
  • Rainbow Team - A team of adventurers that have different elements. Rainbow teams are commonly used by newer players in easier/earlier parts of the game, since it is cheaper to build than 5 separate single-element teams. However, harder content in the game will push single-element teams, making rainbow teams not viable long-term.

Strategy Terms[edit]

  • Nihil Dodge/Con Dodge - Shapeshifting or using a Helper skill to avoid getting the Icon Buff 2010011.png Curse of Nihility debuff from moves that apply it. This is because debuffs can't be applied while in dragon form, or while a Helper is summoned.
  • Berserk Skip - A strategy for The Agito Uprising: Legend, where the boss is overwhelmed by DPS and defeated before they can enter the dangerous Icon EnemyAbility 0034.png Berserk phase.
  • Slime Skip - A strategy for Ciella's Wrath: Legend, where the boss is overwhelmed by DPS and pushed into Icon EnemyAbility 0034.png Berserk phase before the "slime" sequence of actions occurs. Normally, a slime will appear and must be kept alive until a specific moment. The slime must then be killed to gain defensive buffs, which prevent death to a one-hit KO move soon after. The slime sequence usually leads to a dip in DPS until it's over (as to not kill the slime too early), so Slime Skip aims to make the run faster by skipping it altogether.
  • Break Burst - A strategy that involves saving high damage skills when the boss is about to enter Break state, then unleashing those skills for a large amount of quick damage.

Summoning Terms[edit]

  • Bare Minimum/Bare Min - A tenfold summon with nine 3 Icon Rarity 3.png summons, and one 4 Icon Rarity 4.png on the last summon. Since the last summon of a tenfold is guaranteed to be a 4 Icon Rarity 4.png or above, this is the "bare minimum" of what a tenfold summon can offer.
  • Gala/Gala Remix - Summon banner featuring limited units with increased 5 Icon Rarity 5.png summon rates, and lower pity amount needed for a guaranteed 5 Icon Rarity 5.png summon. A normal "Gala" occurs at the end of the month, introduces a new Gala unit each time, and these Gala units are usually powerful. A "Gala Remix" occurs in the middle of the month, does not introduce a new Gala unit, and instead features an old one. See Gala Dragalia Showcase for more details.
  • Mite/Mites - Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, the freemium summoning currency.
  • Pity/Pity Break - The automatically-increasing rate for 5 Icon Rarity 5.png, if you have performed several summons without getting one. When you perform 10 summons with no 5 Icon Rarity 5.png unit appearing, the rate for 5 Icon Rarity 5.png will go up by +0.5% (this is called "pity rate"). The base rate (usually 4%) + pity rate can at most total 9%, at which point the next summon is a guaranteed random 5 Icon Rarity 5.png. However, if a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png is pulled before the total rate reaches 9%, then this is a "pity break" and the rate will reset to its base value. For more details, see Summoning.
  • Rainbow Break/Transformation/Fake-out - When performing a summon, the animation will show items (representing the summoned units) falling from the sky onto platforms. If an item explodes upon touching the platform and turns a rainbow color, then the associated unit is guaranteed to be a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png that you don't yet own.
  • Spark/Sigil - Icon Wyrmsigil.png Wyrmsigils, a special currency that can be exchanged for a unit of the player's choice on a banner. Does not carry between banners. See Summoning for more details. (Not to be confused with the Sigil combat mechanic used by apostle adventurers).
  • Suptix/Dream - Dream Summon/Choose-a-5 Icon Rarity 5.png ticket. The Dream Summon is a shop pack that lets the buyer pick an adventurer or dragon to receive. However, the pack is not always available, and usually does not include limited-time units. See Dream Summon Special.

Adventurers and Dragons[edit]

Certain adventurers or dragons will use shortened names:


  • Alia - 110367 03 r05.png Dragonyule Ilia (references an event story in which she used "Alia" as an alias).
  • Euden - Default name of the player character, 100001 01 r04.png The Prince. This spelling also affects how his alts are named (see section below).
  • Goof - A name corruption of 100001 08 r05.png Gala Prince, who is sometimes also called Geuden.
  • Elly - An in-game nickname for 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne. This spelling also affects how her alts are named (see section below).
  • Gleo - Usually refers to 100004 10 r05.png Gala Cleo, but may sometimes refer to 100013 04 r05.png Gala Leonidas. To avoid confusion, Gala Leonidas is often referred to as Gleon instead.
  • iNef - 110053 03 r05.png Incognito Nefaria (references her friend Nadine, who is obsessed with a smartphone).


  • Primal Hilda/High Hilda/Hilda - Brunhilda shortened; can be used to refer to any of her alts
  • Nyx - 210164 01.png Gala Chronos Nyx. (Some players also use his JP attack quote "mirai wo" to refer to him)

Character Alt Notation[edit]

Characters with alternate versions are often denoted in the following format:

<Shortened Event Name>!<Character>

The following are a few examples:

  • H!Elisanne (H!Eli) - Halloween Elisanne
  • DY!Cleo - Dragonyule Cleo
  • V!Hildegarde (V!Hilde) - Valentine's Hildegarde
  • G!Ranzal - Gala Ranzal
  • S!Maribelle - Student Maribelle
  • W!Aoi - Wedding Aoi

Certain alternate versions may also be abbreviated by adding or replacing the first letter with that of the event or alternate costume. Note that the previous format is more universally applicable, while this format might not be used for every alternate character.

The following are a few examples:

  • Heli/Helly - Halloween Elisanne
  • Kelly - Kimono Elisanne
  • Vilde/VHilde - Valentine's Hildegarde
  • Granzal - Gala Ranzal
  • Smari - Student Maribelle (may sometimes refer to Summer Marishiten instead)
  • Waoi - Wedding Aoi
  • Gleo - Gala Cleo (may sometimes refer to Gala Leonidas instead)
  • GRPos - Gala Reborn Poseidon (sometimes further shortened to GPos, RPos, GRP, etc)

Quests Acronyms[edit]


High Dragon Trials[edit]

The Agito Uprising[edit]

Rise of the Sinister Dominion[edit]

Primal Dragon Trials[edit]

Difficulty format[edit]

When specifying the difficulty of quests, this format is used:

<Shortened Difficulty><Quest Name>

s - standard
e - expert
m - master
l/le - legend

The following are a few examples:


  • Ele - Elemental weapon
  • Void - Void Weapons, weapons craftable with materials earned from Void Battles.
  • CT - Chimeratech Weapons, weapons craftable with materials earned from Chimera fights in Void Battles.
  • HD - High Dragon Weapons, weapons craftable with materials earned from Advanced Dragon Trials (also sometimes called High Dragon Trials).

Wyrmprint Shorthands[edit]

Name Acronyms[edit]

Wyrmprints which are commonly used or considerably powerful in relation to other wyrmprints are often given acronyms. The following list contains some commonly used wyrmprint acronyms.

Name Abbreviations[edit]

Furthermore, some commonly used wyrmprints are often abbreviated to a smaller set of words, or even just a single word.

Naming by Effect[edit]

Sometimes, wyrmprints are referred to by the name of their passive, rather than the name of the actual print. This can be due to multiple prints having the same ability, or ease of memory. Here are some examples:

Wyrmprints from Rise of the Sinister Dominion have uniquely named effects:

Punisher shorthands[edit]

Punisher effects also use additional shorthands:

  • Scorch pun - Affliction scorchrend large icon.png Scorchrend Scorchrent punisher
  • Frost pun/FB pun - Affliction frostbite large icon.png Frostbite Frostbitten punisher
  • Poi pun - Affliction poison large icon.png Poisoned punisher
  • Storm pun - Affliction stormlash large icon.png Stormlashed punisher
  • Para pun - Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis Paralyzed punisher
  • Flash pun/FB pun - Affliction flashburn large icon.png Flashburned punisher
  • Blight pun/SB pun - Affliction shadowblight large icon.png Shadowblighted punisher
  • OD pun - Overdrive punisher (note: this is NOT an affliction)
  • Break pun - Broken punisher (note: this is NOT an affliction)
  • Bleed pun - Icon Buff 2020008.png Bleeding punisher (note: this is NOT an affliction)
  • Double pun - A wyrmprint build that uses 2 punisher effects, usually 2 affliction punishers.

Affliction and Condition Shorthands[edit]

Affliction shorthands[edit]

  • Flash - Affliction flashburn large icon.png Flashburn, a Damage-Over-Time affliction
  • Frost - Affliction frostbite large icon.png Frostbite, a Damage-Over-Time affliction
  • Para - Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis, a damage-over-time and movement-halting affliction
  • Poi - Affliction poison large icon.png Poison, a Damage-Over-Time affliction
  • Scorch - Affliction scorchrend large icon.png Scorchrend, a Damage-Over-Time affliction
  • Storm - Affliction stormlash large icon.png Stormlash, a Damage-Over-Time affliction

Condition shorthands[edit]

  • Bleed - Icon Buff 2020008.png Bleeding/bleed, a Damage-Over-Time debuff. Please note that this is NOT an affliction, though it may look like one.
  • Corrosion - Icon Buff 2020027.png Creeping Corrosion, a Damage-Over-Time debuff. It weakens the intensity of healing, and unlike afflictions it CAN deal fatal damage. It can be removed by receiving enough healing.