Genesis Pactbearer II

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Genesis Pactbearer II
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Grants Zethia a summon gauge and changes the shapeshift button into a summon button. Tapping this button summons Bahamut. While Bahamut is summoned, the power of certain standard attacks will be greatly increased, and Bahamut will attack automatically. After attacking a set number of times, Bahamut will automatically use the Cataclysm Beam skill.

While Bahamut is not summoned, certain standard attacks will fill the summon gauge.

Swiping to dodge during a standard attack will carry out an additional attack toward surrounding enemies, dealing 3 hits of 30% shadow damage. Performing a standard attack during this unique dodge will then resume Zethia's standard attack combo from her most recent attack (Dodging again immediately after Zethia's unique dodge will instead result in a standard dodge).

In addition, Zethia will deal 1 hit of 183% shadow damage to surrounding enemies when she dodges an attack. This attack will only activate once per dodge.
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