Fury of the Fallen

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Icon EnemyAbility 0032.png Icon Buff 2050043.png Fury of the Fallen decreases all adventurers' strength significantly so that their damage is decreased to 999, 99, or 9 damage per hit for 1, 2, or 3 stacks of Fury of the Fallen. It is currently only used by Tartarus.


  • This effect can be cancelled by defeating the second portal's shadow in Standard, Expert, and Legend difficulties. It does not exist in Master.
  • All stacks of Fury of the Fallen will be instantly removed upon shapeshifting. Similarly, adventurers already in dragon form are immune to it.
    • Adventurers that use Hybrid Transformation are also immune while in their transformed state.
    • Adventurers that use Dragondrive or Persona are NOT immune, however.