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Icon EnemyAbility 0004.png Fury causes the boss to not take any damage to the Overdrive bar, allowing them to stay in the Overdrive state permanently. Fury also removes all red indicators for the boss's attacks. Breaking the boss will bring the red indicators back.


  • This is primarily used by the Manticore type enemies in Void Battles.
  • Penetrator abilities to counter this effect can be unlocked from Void weapons. See Weapon Crafting for more details.


Abilities that ignore Fury

Name Might Value Adventurers with Ability Wyrmprints with Ability Dragons with Ability Weapons with Ability
Icon Ability 1160028.png (Water) Fury Penetrator 50 - - - -
Icon Ability 1160029.png (Wind) Fury Penetrator 50 - - - -
Icon Ability 1160030.png (Light) Fury Penetrator 50 - - - -
Icon Ability 1160031.png (Shadow) Fury Penetrator 50 - - - -