Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties

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Disambig.png This article is about the Facility Event. For the Summon Showcase(s) with the same name, see Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties (Summon Showcase).

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Adventurers from the world of Fire Emblem Heroes have once again arrived in Dragalia Lost! What guiding hand leads the dragonblood realm toward destruction? Is it the will of a deity? An otherworldly power? Or maybe a peace-loving soul? A time of destruction draws near, and the Heroes must rise against the will of a god who seeks to seize control over powerful souls!

Event Runs[edit]

Event Overview[edit]


Current Event Run Information[edit]

  • This event is not currently running.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Japanese FIRE EMBLEM 新たなる扉
Simplified Chinese FIRE EMBLEM 新启之门
Traditional Chinese FIRE EMBLEM 全新的【門】


  • Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes featured 110328 01 r05.png Fjorm, a protagonist from "Book II" of Fire Emblem Heroes' story. Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties continued this trend by featuring 110361 01 r05.png Peony from "Book IV". However, the character Eir from "Book III" was skipped over for unknown reasons.