Fallen Angel of the Twilight

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngFallen Angel of the Twilight
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110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinGrant me now the glory of thy name.

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinMake me as your readied instrument of salvation before all. Grant thy vast and holy radiance, that all darkness here be banished!

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinPhew... Good grief.

A sylvan village in North Grastaea

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielIt looks as though the purification is complete, Nevin.

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinPurification, huh? Considering the sorry state of things, I can't help but get a pretty strong sense that we're too little, too late.

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielI empathize with your regret that we could not save these people.

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielGiven our thin numbers, though, this sort of outcome was unavoidable.

120113 01 base portrait.pngYoung SylvanHrk... Our village! Why did this have to happen...?

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinHey! We've got a live one, Ramiel!

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielHe looks wounded in places, but thankfully, he yet draws breath.

120113 01 base portrait.pngYoung SylvanWhat?! You're the one from last night! No way. Why are you back?!

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamiel"Back..." Hm. I see. Nevin, this means—

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinYeah, I know. It means we've got trouble.

North Grastaea
A village on the outskirts of the Holy City Grams

100004 01 base portrait.pngCleoI can sense an ominous miasma issuing forth from inside the village.

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaIt's just like those poor folks told us.

100003 01 base portrait.pngRanzalY'know, I really thought all that stuff about an angel of the Ilian Church gathering up villagers and havin' some wild party was a buncha cock-and-bull, but here we are.

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneWe've yet to ascertain the identity of the perpetrator, Ranzal. For now, our first priority is to save the village. We must excise the source of this miasma.

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceHuh? Wait, everyone! There's something strange afoot.

100003 01 base portrait.pngRanzalAre these the locals? This lady's kinda—

120020 01 base portrait.pngUnhinged Old WomanGraaah! GYAAAAAAAGH!

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaWhoa, whoa! Not good! She's lost her marbles!

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneWe cannot harm innocents. Let us avoid them and find from whence the miasma stems!

Unknown.png???Hang on, kiddo. Let a pro handle this.

100004 01 base portrait.pngCleoIt's you!

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinIf you wanna get through these folks without hurting 'em, you just leave it up to Papa Bear. First I'll give 'em a little spritz of sanctified water, like so...

120020 01 base portrait.pngUnhinged Old WomanUwaaagh!

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinGrant me now the glory of thy name. Make me as your readied instrument of salvation before all, and give unto your consecrated their perfect repose!

100004 01 base portrait.pngCleoAll the nearby miasma has disappeared! Incredible.

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinSure has, but it's just a temporary thing. So long as we don't cut off whatever's actually causing the stuff to show up, we'll be right back in the same pickle.

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceIn any case, we're grateful for your help. Why are you here, though, Nevin?

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinSame reason you are. We Church folks also want to avoid any undue bad press for our angels.

100003 01 base portrait.pngRanzalGuess that means all the rumors and hearsay about an angel really are just that.

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielIf only it were that simple.

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneWhat do you mean?

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinOne pair of eyes on a situation is better than a hundred mouths talking about it. It'd be faster to just get a look at whatever's causing the outbreak ourselves.

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielAn aerial view suggests that the miasma is billowing forth from a chapel at the center of the village.

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinWell, that's pretty ideal. All righty— shall we go sort the problem out?

100004 01 base portrait.pngCleoNgh... No ordinary person could withstand such a fierce concentration of miasma.

Unknown.png???They would lose all sense of reason in under ten seconds. Anyone lacking the divine protection of holy mana would fall within ten minutes. That includes you.

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneDo my eyes deceive me? That looks like...

100006 01 base portrait.pngLucaRamiel?!

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielSo it does. I expected as much, given what we heard of the situation from those who survived, but...

210132 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RamielOur mana resonates. You have come at last. I bid myself welcome, Ramiel.

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielYou've made quite a nuisance of yourself, slithering around with my appearance. The mere thought of it disgusts me.

100002 01 base portrait.pngElisanneSo basically, he's taken on Ramiel's appearance to trick the people, and then gone around the villages near Grams to suffuse them all with miasma...

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceSo is he the same as the last demon we fought?

210132 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RamielHa ha. What you fought was but a pale imitation wrought from the miasma that spilled from a sealing stone. In other words, a pseudo-demon.

100003 01 base portrait.pngRanzalYou sayin' you're different, then?

210132 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RamielQuite. And it is most displeasing to be underestimated by rabble like you. I shall have to revise your perception.

210132 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RamielFor the power of the Five Archdemons is far and away greater than you imagine!

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinTch. This thing's on a whole different level than the bastard we fought before. You ready to tango, Euden?

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceOur enemy's power may be immeasurable, but if we don't defeat him, we cannot undo the harm caused by the miasma. We have to stop him here!

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielIndeed. Were we to turn a blind eye, the ensuing miasmic mayhem would only grow to encompass all of North Grastaea—nay, the whole of the world.

210132 01 base portrait.pngRamielAnd all those afflicted would coalesce into a violent mob bereft of reason. It is not something that we can let come to pass.

110365 01 base portrait.pngNevinGuess I'd better clock in for real on this one, then. I, the apostle Nevin, shall administer Her will!

210132 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RamielAngels and humans both... You never change, no matter how many hundreds of years pass. The way you swarm like insects is enough to make me sick.

210132 03 base portrait.pngFallen Angel RamielAnd insects should behave as such: abandon your reason, and be smeared in dirt as you grovel upon the earth! The hour of your extermination is nigh!

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