Faerie-Tale Twins

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngFaerie-Tale Twins


120151 01 base portrait.pngCombat Android......

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiCessation of all functions confirmed. ▷Again...?◁

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiThis is the fifth reconnaissance android that has been destroyed while on patrol. I surmise there is an assailant.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷Seems that way. But why is it only going after combat androids?◁ Unknown. At present, I lack the data to make more than wild speculation.

100037 01 base portrait.png???Hey there.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiA child! Where did you come from? ▷Weird. I didn't notice her either.◁

100036 01 base portrait.png???Wanna play?

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷Uh, it's actually pretty dangerous here, so you should maybe hurry home?◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlNooo. We wanna play more. Isn't that right, Aya?

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlThat's right, Oto—we haven't played enough at all. It's time for tag.

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlI wanna play with puppets.

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlOkay, then we'll be "it" and play with that one there. Does that sound good?

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlA lovely idea, Aya. We'll chase the puppet, and if we catch it, I'll pop its head off!

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlKya ha ha! And when you do, I'll give it a huge kick!

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlIt would be wonderful to find all the heads we've taken so far and line them up.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷No way... This can't be!◁ There is a high probability these two children are responsible for disabling the other androids.

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlDing ding ding! Alas, you figured it out too late, you unsightly wretch.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷Why would a pair of kids like you even DO something like that?!◁

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlKya ha ha! Did you hear that, Oto? He wants to know WHY?!

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlEh heh heh... This android certainly does say some stupid things, Aya.

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlIt's so STUPID to ask about reasons! But I suppose that is to be expected from an unsightly little puppet.

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlYes, stupid puppets just follow the orders of whoever made them.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiDo you know me?

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlKya ha ha! Oh, we know you, Laxi.

100036 01 base portrait.pngWhite-Haired GirlEh heh heh. And we know you, Mascula.

100037 01 base portrait.pngBlack-Haired GirlYou are an unsightly android with two hearts in one body. HE told us this.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaI am Ayaha.

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaAnd I am Otoha.

110399 01 base portrait.pngAyaha & OtohaTwo bodies. One heart.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaWe're the polar opposite of you! Kyaaaa ha ha ha ha!

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷Why did you attack our friends? What is your goal?◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtoha*sigh* So stupid. That's a puppet for you.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaI don't have a "goal." "Goals" are for unsightly people who don't know what freedom is.

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaWe met HIM, and now we are free. That is why we no longer need goals.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷So you just attacked our friends for no reason?!◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaLooking at them annoyed us. Does that count as a reason?

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaYeah, we just got real mad at you things always misunderstanding what freedom is!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaYou're all the same: Just a bunch of little puppets jumping whenever that Maestro person tells you to jump.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiIncorrect. Maestro gave us a heart and the ability to choose our own actions based on free judgment and will.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaKya ha ha! You can't be free if you depend on a heart someone else gave you!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaYes, that heart controls all you do. Poor wittle puppets.

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiI deny that. I... I won't... You are enemies. Commencing termination. ▷Laxi, wait!◁

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaOh my! The puppet looks to act. Has someone cut your strings?

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaKya ha ha! So unsightly!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceAre you okay, Laxi?!

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiEuden!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceI heard someone was targeting androids, but it can't be these kids, can it?

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaSo this is the new Maestro? Eh heh heh.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaKya ha ha! This is SO funny! One puppet controlling another? It makes me LAUGH!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceWait... The way you're talking...

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaNone of you know real freedom. From the moment you were born, you've had your stupid dreams and ideals and goals tying you up in knots.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaYou're constrained and don't even know it!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaYour freedom is but a mummer's show. OUR freedom is the true one!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceWhat are you talking about?!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaFreedom bound up in ideals and goals is a mistake. You say you're free, and yet you let your dreams lead you about by the nose.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaWhich means OUR freedom is right. All others are but restrictive imitations.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaHow unsightly it is to labor under the delusion that the manipulations of your heart amount to freedom... Now permit us to show you the real thing!

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxi▷Even if you deny someone else's freedom, it doesn't affirm your own.◁

100032 01 base portrait.pngLaxiThe notion of a "correct" freedom is base egotism and immature thinking. You are simply biased when it comes to the subject of freedom.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaAnd YOU are just some THING, so don't talk to us about freedom! ...Enough of this. Let's just show them the truth of the world, Oto!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaGood idea, Aya! We'll smash her body, gouge out her stupid false "heart," and use it to go BOWLING!

100036 01 base portrait.pngOtohaOnly then will you reject the boring ideals and stupid goals some loser planted inside you and see what true freedom it.

100037 01 base portrait.pngAyahaLiving with someone pulling your strings is awful, so let us give you a front-row seat to a new way of existence!

110399 01 base portrait.pngAyaha & OtohaFeral Shroud! Expand!

100001 09 base portrait.pngThe PrinceI know that barrier... These kids are...

110399 01 base portrait.pngAyaha & OtohaWe are wings. Paired, free, soaring over all. We...are Agito!

110399 01 base portrait.pngAyaha & OtohaKyaaaa ha ha ha! Eh heh heh heh! C'mon! Let's PLAY!