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The Event Compendium is an archival game mode that allows players to play old events at any time. This makes previously-limited-time content such as Event Facilities and limited Wyrmprints permanently available. It was added in version 1.18.0.

Selecting an event[edit]

Selecting an Event

Players may select only one event as their "active event" at a time. Once an event is selected, an automatic download will install data needed to play it.

Events can be switched at any time. Switching events will install the data for the new event and delete data for the old event, but progress and items from the old event will be saved.

While an event is selected as active:

  • Wyrmprints that boost its drop and point rewards will appear in the Featured tab of the Shop's Wyrmprint exchange.
    • Such Wyrmprints will also have their drop- or point-boosting abilities visible on the Wyrmprint itself. These abilities will be hidden for non-active events.
  • A button detailing the event facility's damage perks will be visible on adventurer team screens.
  • Endeavors related to the event will be added to the Normal tab of the Endeavors window. These will be hidden for non-active events.

Changes from original event format[edit]

To accommodate these events becoming permanent, several changes were made to the events' format and rewards:


Facility Events[edit]

  • All quests are restricted to solo play only.
  • For older events (particularly those originally released before March 2019's "The Accursed Archives"), the amount of preliminary quests during the event story has been decreased from 7 to 2. This brings them in line with more-recent events, which also only have 2 preliminary quests.
  • Nightmare difficulty for Challenge Battle has been removed. Due to this, the Grand Bounty has also been removed.
  • Wyrmprints, weapons, dragon gifts such as Gift 30002.png Dragonyule Cakes, and "legendary" drops such as 201015001.png Twinkling Grains, Consumable 10101.png Summon Vouchers, and 201012001.png Golden Fragments have been removed from event quests.
    • Due to this, Master Challenge Battle can no longer offer higher drop rates for rare items, as it no longer has rare items to drop. It offers the same base points as Expert Challenge Battle but is harder, so in practice it is now a one-and-done piece of content rather than one to be farmed.

Raid Events[edit]

  • All quests are solo-only for the most part, but some events (such as "Forgotten Truths") may have a single co-op quest available as a final challenge.
  • The amount of preliminary quests during the event story has been decreased to 2. This brings them in line with more-recent events, which also only have 2 preliminary quests.
  • Boss Battles and Raid Battles are no longer interspersed in the event story - instead, they all become available in a single batch just before reading the event's epilogue.
  • Fixed-stats versions of the Raid Battle have been added. Clearing the fixed-stats quest will unlock the event's epilogue.
  • All quests cost stamina, without any need for 2040105.png Otherworld Fragments, 2041306.png Otherworld Gems, or 2041307.png Omega Keys.
  • Only one difficulty of the Boss Battle is available.
  • Most difficulties of the Raid Battle have been removed. The Grand Bounty has also been removed, even on quests still labeled as Nightmare difficulty.
  • For Raid Events that had dragons available as rewards, those dragons are now available as 5 separate copies from first-clear rewards of certain quests.

Treasure Trade[edit]

Facility Events[edit]

  • Treasure Trade shop rewards have removed any reference to units featured in reruns of the event. For example, "The Miracle of Dragonyule" has removed light-attuned orbs, Amber Insignias, and Axe tablets, thus removing any reference to 110036 03 r05.png Dragonyule Malora. [1][2]
    • An exception exists if the event's first run had no tablets at all. In that case, the tablets from one of its first rerun will be used.
    • 203009001.png Dragonyule Presents and their associated rewards have also been removed.
  • As of version 2.0, the Event-Exclusive Wyrmprint is only available through an Endeavor - they are no longer available in the shop or as event point rewards (all instances in event point rewards have been replaced by 300 Eldwater).
    • Prior to version 2.0, the amount of the Event-Exclusive Wyrmprint available in the treasure trade was increased from 5 to 20. Cost increases after every 4 prints redeemed, rather than after every 1 print. 20 prints is enough to make 4 max-unbound copies of the event print, likely to compensate for them not being available as drops anymore.
      • If event point rewards are considered, 24 prints total are obtainable per event
  • For older events (particularly "A Wish to the Winds"), their Treasure Trade shops have been brought in line with more-recent events by adding Augments, and decreased event material costs for several items.
    • Prior to version 2.0, the Treasure Trade also added one copy of a Wyrmprint that usually costs Eldwater.

Point Collection Rewards[edit]

Facility Events[edit]

  • 201008001.png Looking Glasses have been removed from event point rewards, and replaced by Icon Resource Mana.png Mana.
  • Event-exclusive items such as weapons or stickers that were available from external sources (Log-in bonus, etc) have been incorporated into the relevant event's rewards. For example, "The Miracle of Dragonyule" rewards the 303038 01 40201.png Wishing Knife (Skin), which was originally a log-in bonus.
  • The amount of Icon Resource Mana.png Mana available from each stack in event point rewards has been increased.

Raid Events[edit]

  • Blazon Summons and Emblem Rewards are completely absent. There is no longer any incentive to play an event's quests multiple times.
  • Conviction items, which could be used to upgrade an event Adventurer's mana circles, are no longer available.


Facility Events[edit]

  • Daily endeavors have been removed.
  • The amount of Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite rewarded from endeavors has been slightly reduced. Consumable 10101.png Summon Vouchers and Consumable 10102.png Tenfold Summon Vouchers have been completely removed from endeavor rewards.
    • Clearing Master Challenge Battle offers 200 instead of 500 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite.
    • The final endeavor in a chain offers 50 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, the same as previous quests in the chain. Previously, these final endeavors offered 100 or 150 Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite.
    • For events from "A Crescendo of Courage" onwards, Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite rewards are drastically reduced, and replaced with materials such as 101001003.png Gold Crystals and 102001003.png Succulent Dragonfruits.
  • Hustle Hammer.png Hustle Hammers, stamina-restoration items such as Consumable 100606.png Yuletide Roasts, and augments such as 117001001.png Amplifying Crystals have been removed from endeavor rewards.
  • Wyrmprints specific to certain Facility Events are available as endeavor rewards.

Raid Events[edit]

  • Daily endeavors have been removed.
  • Endeavors only give rewards for the first clear of certain quests - there is no incentive to clear quests multiple times.
  • Endeavor rewards include: Consumable 10101.png Summon Voucher x5, various Epithets, and weapons. No Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite is available, unless the player has already received the event's Epithets beforehand.
  • Wyrmprints specific to certain Raid Events are not available at all.


Raid Events[edit]

  • Raid Boosts are not available.
  • Certain Raid Events are not unlocked until the player has made progress in the Main Campaign:
    • Fractured Futures - Chapter 6 / 4-4
    • Forgotten Truths - Chapter 14 / 4-9
    • Advent of the Origin - Chapter 14 / 4-9
  • Raid-specific adventurers no longer require gathering friendship points. Instead, they will permanently join the player's roster after clearing a certain quest in their event.

Available Events[edit]

Name Type Exclusive Adventurer Exclusive Dragon Exclusive Wyrmprint(s) Exclusive Facility Exclusive Weapon(s) Date Added
Banner Advent of the Origin.png
Advent of the Origin
Raid Origa The Wind's Guidance An Undying Memory Peaceful Waterfront Soaring Hope Unconditional Love 2022-05-25 6:00:00 AM
Banner A Dazzling Defense.png
A Dazzling Defense
Onslaught 2022-02-28 6:00:00 AM
Banner Blessed Bloodline.png
Blessed Bloodline
Onslaught 2022-02-28 6:00:00 AM
Banner A Dash of Disaster.png
A Dash of Disaster
Facility Berry Lovable Friends The Hungerdome 2022-02-04 6:00:00 AM
Banner Toll of the Deep.png
Toll of the Deep
Facility Having a Summer Ball Abyssal Bell 2022-02-04 6:00:00 AM
Banner The Phantom's Ransom.png
The Phantom's Ransom
Facility Free-Spirited Opera Opera House 2022-02-04 6:00:00 AM
Banner Divine Deception.png
Divine Deception
Facility Extreme Teamwork Cleansing Fount 2022-02-04 6:00:00 AM
Banner The Clockwork Heart.png
The Clockwork Heart
Facility A Halloween Spectacular! Dr. Schmidt's Lab 2022-02-04 6:00:00 AM
Banner Rhythmic Resolutions.png
Rhythmic Resolutions
Facility Best Buds Festival Stage 2022-02-04 6:00:00 AM
Banner Elementary Escapades.png
Elementary Escapades
Onslaught 2022-01-25 6:00:00 AM
Banner Shadow of the Mukuroshu.png
Shadow of the Mukuroshu
Defensive 2022-01-25 6:00:00 AM
Banner Twinkling Twilight.png
Twinkling Twilight
Onslaught 2021-12-24 6:00:00 AM
Banner Summertime Saviors.png
Summertime Saviors
Defensive 2021-12-24 6:00:00 AM
Banner Faith Forsaken (Part Two).png
Faith Forsaken (Part Two)
Raid A Choice Blend 2021-12-24 6:00:00 AM
Banner Faith Forsaken (Part One).png
Faith Forsaken (Part One)
Raid Harle Bonded by a Dream 2021-12-24 6:00:00 AM
Banner Agents of the Goddess.png
Agents of the Goddess
Facility Wings in the Night Statue of Ilia 2021-09-27 6:00:00 AM
Banner Fire Emblem Lost Heroes.png
Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes
Defensive Alfonse Bonds Between Worlds The Heroes Arrive A Brief Repose The Order's Messenger Owl Fólkvangr 2021-05-17 6:00:00 AM
Banner Fire Emblem Kindred Ties.png
Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties
Defensive Sharena A New Look Welcome to the Halidom! Fensalir Falchion 2021-05-17 6:00:00 AM
Banner The Accursed Archives.png
The Accursed Archives
Facility Hitting the Books Library Obscura 2021-01-27 6:00:00 AM
Banner Forgotten Truths.png
Forgotten Truths
Raid Mordecai 2020-12-23 6:00:00 AM
Banner Fractured Futures.png
Fractured Futures
Raid Audric Parallel Zodiark 2020-12-23 6:00:00 AM
Banner A Crescendo of Courage.png
A Crescendo of Courage
Facility Surfing Siblings Seabed Stage 2020-11-27 6:00:00 AM
Banner Trick or Treasure!.png
Trick or Treasure!
Facility Plunder Pals Sweet Retreat Jack-o'-Lance Vampire's Lantern 2020-09-25 6:00:00 AM
Banner The Hunt for Harmony.png
The Hunt for Harmony
Facility A Mother's Love Dragoñata 2020-07-13 6:00:00 AM
Banner Dream Big Under the Big Top.png
Dream Big Under the Big Top
Facility Astounding Trick Circus Tent 2020-05-22 6:00:00 AM
Banner Flames of Reflection.png
Flames of Reflection
Facility The Dragon Smiths Arctos Monument 2020-03-27 6:00:00 AM
Banner The Miracle of Dragonyule.png
The Miracle of Dragonyule
Facility A Slice of Dragonyule The Greatest Gift Yuletree Wishing Knife Ringing Wand 2020-03-27 6:00:00 AM
Banner A Wish to the Winds.png
A Wish to the Winds
Facility Louise's Hobbies Wind Shrine 2020-03-27 6:00:00 AM



  1. "A Wish to the Winds" includes 202005011.png Sword Tablets, 202005031.png Dagger Tablets, and 202005081.png Staff Tablets, referencing 100002 06 r05.png Wedding Elisanne, 110002 02 r05.png Wedding Aoi, and 110004 02 r04.png Wedding Xania, who were featured in the rerun but not the event's original run. However, the initial run didn't actually have tablets in the first place.
  2. "Flames of Reflection" erroneously includes 202005051.png Lance Tablets (referencing 110353 01 r05.png Kirsty) rather than 202005031.png Dagger Tablets (referencing 110265 01 r04.png Renee)