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Icon EnemyAbility 0012.png Enervation significantly decreases an adventurer's strength so that damage will be capped at 198, 98, or 8 damage per hit for 1, 2, or 3 stacks of Enervation.


  • While this appears as a debuff above adventurers' skills, it CANNOT be cleansed by effects that would normally cleanse debuffs (such as 110326 01 r05.png Natalie's Icon Skill 051.png Clean SlateLv. 2: Removes all debuffs from the user.

    If the user's HP is below 30% of max HP when using this skill, increases the user's strength by 20% for 15 seconds.

    If the user's HP is above or equal to 30% of max HP, reduces their HP to 20% of max HP and grants them a one-use divergent shield that nullifies damage less than 80% of the user's maximum HP. Divergent shields can stack with ordinary shields. [6000 SP]
  • This is primarily used by Void Nidhogg in Void Battles.
  • Resistance abilities to counter this effect can be unlocked from Void weapons. See Weapon Crafting for more details.


Abilities that resist Enervation

Name Might Value Adventurers with Ability Wyrmprints with Ability Dragons with Ability Weapons with Ability
Icon Ability 1160012.png (Light) Enervation Res 50 - - - -