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The Quest Menu

During Icon Event Quest Title.png Quests, the player will freely control adventurers across a map to defeat enemies. Each quest has a special condition to fulfill in order to clear it, such as defeating a boss.

If the player fulfills a failure condition, such as the HP of all adventurers in their party reaching 0, they'll fail the quest instead. The player will receive rewards and experience points after clearing quests.

A quest usually belongs either to a Main Campaign chapter or to an Event.

Main Campaign[edit]

Main article: Main Campaign

The Main Campaign follows the plot of Dragalia Lost. As you progress, various game features will be unlocked and other adventurers will join your cause. New chapters are added at regular intervals.

Map icon 001 100.png
Chapter 1
The Journey Begins

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 1.png

The kingdom of Alberia has long been protected by the power of a Shard... but its power is weakening, putting the kingdom in peril. Sent by his father to secure another, Prince Euden — the nation's seventh scion — makes his way to the forest where the legendary Windwyrm resides...
Part Name Location
1-Prologue Prologue Icon Episode.png Mayleaf Trail
1-1 In Pursuit of the Shard Icon Episode.png Mayleaf Trail
1-2 Save the Paladyn Mayleaf Trail
1-3 The Lone Paladyn Icon Episode.png Mayleaf Trail
2-1 The Veteran Mercenary Icon Episode.png Rovetelle
2-2 The Mercenary's Test Rovetelle
2-3 After the Battle Icon Episode.png Rovetelle
3-1 A Formidable Guardian Windwyrm's Den
3-2 The Shard's Secret Icon Episode.png Windwyrm's Den
3-3 A True Pact Windwyrm's Den
3-4 The Proud Windwyrm Icon Episode.png Windwyrm's Den
4-1 The Heart of the Forest The Mistholt
4-2 Scramble in the Shade The Mistholt
4-3 Alberius the Founder Icon Episode.png The Mistholt
4-4 Den of Slimes The Mistholt
4-5 Clash Beneath the Canopy The Mistholt
4-6 Shard and Shadow Icon Episode.png The Mistholt
Map icon 002 100.png
Chapter 2
The Waterwyrm's Cradle

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 2.png

The prince and his friends make for the capital to rescue Zethia... only to find themselves branded as traitors. The now-wanted prince is then forced to fight his own brother, who has the legendary Waterwyrm at his side!
Part Name Location
1-1 A Changed Alberia Icon Episode.png Myriage Lake
1-2 A Hasty Retreat Myriage Lake
1-3 Aquatic Advance Myriage Lake
2-1 The Sylvan Archer Icon Episode.png Creekside
2-2 Puddled Path Creekside
EX 1-1 The Twin Scions Icon Episode.png Sullied Delta
EX 1-2 The Fiends' Haunt Sullied Delta
3-1 The Ravaged Village Icon Episode.png Woodhaven
3-2 In Pursuit of Emile Woodhaven
3-3 Flotsam and Jetsam Woodhaven
4-1 At the Hideaway Icon Episode.png Forest Refuge
4-2 A Race Against the Clock Forest Refuge
5-1 Along the Lakeside Beyond the Forest
5-2 The Glistening Waterwyrm Icon Episode.png Beyond the Forest
5-3 Dragalia Lost (Quest) Icon Episode.png Beyond the Forest
EX 2-1 Long Lives Icon Episode.png Tributary Lair
EX 2-2 The Fiendchiefs Tributary Lair
6-1 The Sapphire Battleground Lakeside Ravages
6-2 New Power Icon Episode.png Lakeside Ravages
Map icon 003 100.png
Chapter 3
The Flamewyrm's Abode

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 3.png

In their pursuit of Zethia and her captor, who calls himself the Emperor, the prince and friends arrive at the legendary Flamewyrm's abode. There, they will find fierce battles and long-awaited family reunions, as the bonds between humanity and dragons are tested once more...
Part Name Location
1-1 Into the Cauldron Icon Episode.png Mount Adolla
1-2 Flight through the Fire Spires Mount Adolla
1-3 The Flamehound Mount Adolla
2-1 In Search of Zethia Icon Episode.png Magma Mire
2-2 A Rocky Road Magma Mire
2-3 Terror's Approach Magma Mire
3-1 No Failing Now Volcanic Caverns
3-2 The Wounded Wyrm Icon Episode.png Volcanic Caverns
3-3 Grave of the Giant Wyrm Volcanic Caverns
3-4 A Sensitive Soul Icon Episode.png Volcanic Caverns
3-5 Guard the Flamewyrm Volcanic Caverns
3-6 Impending Eruption Icon Episode.png Volcanic Caverns
4-1 A Fiendish Assault Crater
4-2 Labyrinth of No Return Crater
4-3 Rite of the Pact Crater
4-4 An Impassioned Ally Icon Episode.png Crater
Map icon 004 100.png
Chapter 4
The Lightwyrm's Roost

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 4.png

The prince and friends make for the Dornith Mountains, seeking to form a pact with one of the six Greatwyrms, Jupiter—but little does he realize that one of his brothers, Emile, is journeying there with the same goal. After a fierce battle at the mountain's precipitous peak, which of the princes will emerge victorious?
Part Name Location
1-1 The Mountain Trail Icon Episode.png Zamshire Pass
1-2 The Rat's Overlook Zamshire Pass
1-3 Beware the Rolling Rocks Zamshire Pass
1-4 Shocking Beauty Zamshire Pass
2-1 Wyrmseeker Icon Episode.png Kleifheim
2-2 The Moovers and the Shakers Kleifheim
2-3 The Great Reptile Adversary Kleifheim
2-4 Trail of Death Kleifheim
EX 1-1 A Faint Presence Icon Episode.png Feeding Ground
EX 1-2 The Three Mountain Fiends Feeding Ground
3-1 Mayhem on the Trail Icon Episode.png Dornith Crossing
3-2 Battle to Save Emile Dornith Crossing
3-3 Inexorable Obsession Icon Episode.png Dornith Crossing
3-4 Resuming the Climb Dornith Crossing
3-5 The Mountain Breeding Ground Dornith Crossing
4-1 A Load of Bull Sandscald Cliffs
4-2 The Endless Journey Sandscald Cliffs
EX 2-1 The Paladyn's Calling Icon Episode.png The Rocksplay
EX 2-2 A Swinging Mountain Bash The Rocksplay
4-3 The Wyrm Descends Icon Episode.png Sandscald Cliffs
5-1 A Sea of Pebbles and Petals Dornith Summit
5-2 Clash at the Summit Dornith Summit
5-3 The Lightwyrm's Wishes Icon Episode.png Dornith Summit
5-4 What Defines a Hero Icon Episode.png Dornith Summit
Map icon 005 100.png
Chapter 5

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 5.png

In order to change fate and prevent further tragedy, the prince and his friends arrive at one of the Binding Ruins; ancient structures from the royal family's legends. But after meeting the Shadowwyrm, and learning the truth of what happened to his father, he realizes that his suffering is only just beginning...
Part Name Location
1-1 To the Ancient Ruins Icon Episode.png Binding Ruins
1-2 Invitation to Darkness Binding Ruins
1-3 The Magical Doors Binding Ruins
2-1 The Emperor's Scheme Icon Episode.png Binding Ruins: Interior
2-2 Defeat the Imperial Soldiers Binding Ruins: Interior
2-3 The Shadow Revealed Icon Episode.png Binding Ruins: Interior
2-4 Confronting the Emperor Binding Ruins: Interior
2-5 Forbidden Ritual Icon Episode.png Binding Ruins: Interior
3-1 The Collapsed Corridor Binding Ruins: Recesses
3-2 Fire-Breathing Statues Binding Ruins: Recesses
3-3 The Channeling Chamber Binding Ruins: Recesses
4-1 Zethia (Quest) Icon Episode.png Binding Ruins: Terminus
4-2 A Fatal Trap Binding Ruins: Terminus
4-3 Dark Terminus Binding Ruins: Terminus
4-4 The Auspex's Last Words Icon Episode.png Binding Ruins: Terminus
Map icon 006 100.png
Chapter 6
The Halidom's Crisis

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 6.png

Having assumed the position of the Dyrenell Empire's new empress, Zethia sends out a force to defeat her brother, led by none other than Prince Valyx. In the face of Valyx's fierce attacks, Euden is forced to question his own position, and make a decision with far-reaching consequences to protect his people.
Part Name Location
1-1 In Low Spirits Icon Episode.png Sanctuary Environs
1-2 Watch for Falling Trees Sanctuary Environs
1-3 The Violet Mire Sanctuary Environs
1-4 Man of War Icon Episode.png Sanctuary Environs
1-5 Night Meanderings Sanctuary Environs
1-6 Midnight Melee Sanctuary Environs
2-1 What to Seek Icon Episode.png Road to Conflict
2-2 The Serpent's Gaze Road to Conflict
2-3 The Frothing Mire Road to Conflict
2-4 Royal Makings Icon Episode.png Road to Conflict
2-5 The Prince and Eye Road to Conflict
2-6 No Escape Road to Conflict
EX 1-1 Woodland Blitz Mistholt Gauntlet
EX 1-2 Destroy Them All! Mistholt Gauntlet
3-1 The Paladyn's Past Icon Episode.png Enemy Camp
3-2 The Midnight Raid Enemy Camp
3-3 Double Trouble Enemy Camp
3-4 Battle with Valyx's Soldiers Enemy Camp
3-5 The Eve of the Clash Icon Episode.png Enemy Camp
4-1 One Last Push The Windway
4-2 Seize the Enemy Camp The Windway
4-3 Indomitable Titan The Windway
4-4 Diadem of Light Icon Episode.png The Windway
Map icon 007 100.png
Chapter 7
Trek to the Aquapolis

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 7.png

Having founded a new nation, Euden and company set out for Saint Lotier; a city of water with an... unexpected ruler. Family bonds will be tested as shadowy figures reveal themselves...
Part Name Location
1-1 Across the Moor Icon Episode.png Aquapolis Highway
1-2 The Narrow Road Aquapolis Highway
1-3 In Deep Water Aquapolis Highway
2-1 Outside the City Icon Episode.png Aquapolis Moat
2-2 Journey Through the Jets Aquapolis Moat
2-3 Garden of the Hounds Aquapolis Moat
3-1 The Audience Icon Episode.png Saint Lotier
3-2 Mushroom Mayhem Saint Lotier
3-3 Waterside Cleanup Saint Lotier
3-4 Father and Son Icon Episode.png Saint Lotier
3-5 King of the Old Marsh Saint Lotier
3-6 The Water Trap Gauntlet Saint Lotier
EX 1-1 Troublemaker on the Far Shore Lakeside Pasture
4-1 History of a Continent Icon Episode.png Wetlands Approach
4-2 A Watery Grave Wetlands Approach
4-3 Feast of the Water Fiends Wetlands Approach
EX 2-1 Lakeside Blitz Watering Hole
5-1 Writhing to the Occasion Icon Episode.png Davian Wetlands
5-2 Pursue Emile! Davian Wetlands
5-3 A Farewell Blow Icon Episode.png Davian Wetlands
5-4 The General's Stratagem Icon Episode.png Davian Wetlands
5-5 Defeat the Ancient Weapon Davian Wetlands
5-6 A Bond to Unite the Land Icon Episode.png Davian Wetlands
Map icon 008 100.png
Chapter 8
Entwining Flames

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 8.png

Catching word of discord in Valkaheim, Euden and his friends head north to discover the truth... and when they do, they find themselves face to face with Alberia's strongest prince and his verboten pactbound dragon!
Part Name Location
1-1 To Valkaheim Icon Episode.png Forsaken Way: Entrance
1-2 The Forsaken Way Forsaken Way: Entrance
1-3 Among the Roaring Flames Forsaken Way: Entrance
1-4 Dancing with Flames Forsaken Way: Entrance
2-1 The Ruined Church Icon Episode.png The Ruined Church
2-2 Clad in Crimson The Ruined Church
2-3 Danger from Below The Ruined Church
EX 1-1 The City of Might Icon Episode.png The Burning Byroad
EX 1-2 Surrounded by Scorching Heat The Burning Byroad
3-1 Dark Ambitions Icon Episode.png Bridge of the Sun
3-2 Burning Blood Bridge of the Sun
3-3 The Searing Slog Bridge of the Sun
3-4 The Pyroclastic Path Bridge of the Sun
4-1 The Savage Blazewyrm Icon Episode.png The Crimson Crossroads
4-2 The Undead's Approach The Crimson Crossroads
4-3 Garden of the Dead The Crimson Crossroads
EX 2-1 In the Distant Capital Icon Episode.png Perdition's Lookout
EX 2-2 In the Heat of the Moment Perdition's Lookout
5-1 The Infernal Giants The Demon's Altar
5-2 Justice in Many Forms Icon Episode.png The Demon's Altar
5-3 Beyond the Hellfire The Demon's Altar
5-4 Love Births Strength Icon Episode.png The Demon's Altar
Map icon 009 100.png
Chapter 9
The Princess's Party

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 9.png

After receiving a surprise party invite from Princess Chelle, the prince and his friends make their way to the city of Chanzelia. There, they find themselves in a dance hall filled with resplendence and intrigue—a hall where an endless rondo is about to begin.
Part Name Location
1-1 The Princess's Invitation Icon Episode.png The Egan Flats
1-2 The Path to the Party The Egan Flats
2-1 Palace in the Sands Icon Episode.png Uninhabited Wasteland
2-2 Saving the Sparrow Uninhabited Wasteland
EX 1-1 An Unexpected Gift Icon Episode.png Sandy Intersection
EX 1-2 In the Rumbling Thunder Sandy Intersection
3-1 The Sparrow's Resolve Icon Episode.png Chanzelia's Main Gate
3-2 The Fiends' Feast Chanzelia's Main Gate
4-1 In the Shadow of Radiance Chanzelian Palace
4-2 A Triumphant Return Icon Episode.png Chanzelian Palace
4-Interlude A New Horse Icon Episode.png Chanzelian Palace
4-3 The Eventide Game Icon Episode.png Chanzelian Palace
5-1 Schemes Exposed Excavation Site
5-2 The Weapon Awakens Excavation Site
5-3 The Princess's Plot Icon Episode.png Excavation Site
5-4 Gran Criminale Excavation Site
5-5 An Endless Rondo Icon Episode.png Excavation Site
Map icon 010 100.png
Chapter 10
Resurgent Despair

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 10.png

In the ancient land of Clave Loy'elune rest memories of an ancient battle filled with strength and despair— and there, Euden and his friends learn the truth about the Second War of Binding. But when he and his siblings convene, the Netherwyrm's great howl sets the stage for a battle equally as thunderous...
Part Name Location
1-1 Clave Loy'elune Icon Episode.png Clave Loy'elune
1-2 The Miasmic Ruins Clave Loy'elune
2-1 Bygone Days Icon Episode.png Ruin Interior
2-2 Following the Darkness Ruin Interior
3-1 A Story Untold Icon Episode.png Ruin Interior
3-2 Impending Disaster Interior
EX 1-1 The Empire's Origins Icon Episode.png Narrow Pass
EX 1-2 Pervasive Resentment Narrow Pass
EX 1-3 ??? (Chapter 10) Narrow Pass
4-1 The Blood Casket Icon Episode.png Deep Inside
4-2 Legendary Resting Place Deep Inside
4-3 A Corpse's Invitation Deep Inside
5-1 To the Final Battle Depths
5-2 A Hero's End Icon Episode.png Depths
6-1 The Netherwyrm's Roar Terminus
6-2 Resurgent Despair Icon Episode.png Terminus
6-3 A New Vow Icon Episode.png Terminus
Map icon 011 100.png
Chapter 11
Android Anguish

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 11.png

A revived Morsayati has begun conquering the world by slaying any dragons he can locate. Soon, however, he finds himself in possession of ancient combat androids that might be powerful enough to defeat the prince and his friends!
Part Name Location
1-1 Ancient Weapons Icon Episode.png Murgia Village Outskirts
1-2 Advance of the Androids Murgia Village Outskirts
2-1 Mascula's Activation Icon Episode.png Stone Path
2-2 Persistent Pursuers Stone Path
3-1 An Innocent Android Icon Episode.png Grassy Field
3-2 Prince Emile's Obsession Grassy Field
4-1 Ruined Town Run-In Ruined Town
4-2 A Broken Heart Icon Episode.png Ruined Town
EX 1-1 A Curious Feeling Icon Episode.png Ancient Meadow
EX 1-2 Blocked Path Ancient Meadow
EX 1-3 ??? (Chapter 11) Ancient Meadow
5-1 Following Laxi Mossy Meadow
5-2 Twilight Chase Mossy Meadow
6-1 The Maestro's Children Icon Episode.png Forgotten Ruin
6-2 Annihilation Mode Forgotten Ruin
6-3 Two Hearts Icon Episode.png Forgotten Ruin
6-4 The Path She Believed In Icon Episode.png Forgotten Ruin
6-5 Pursuing Knowledge Icon Episode.png Forgotten Ruin
Map icon 012 100.png
Chapter 12
Destruction and Domination

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 12.png

The prince and his allies advance on the capital—but the combined armies of Leonidas and Chelle bar the way. Amidst the intrigue and violence, the prince witnesses firsthand the strength of his siblings' convictions—and will have to prove his own are stronger to secure victory!
Part Name Location
1-1 The Flames of Battle Icon Episode.png Rovetelle Outskirts
1-2 Blazewyrm Rovetelle Outskirts
2-1 Rabid Resolve Icon Episode.png Mistholt: Entrance
2-2 Ferocity Mistholt: Entrance
2-3 Unremitting Mistholt: Entrance
3-1 Setting a Trap Icon Episode.png Mistholt: Defensive Line
3-2 Resistance Mistholt: Defensive Line
3-3 Royal Authority Icon Episode.png Mistholt: Defensive Line
3-4 Advance Mistholt: Defensive Line
EX 1-1 Sibling Assembly Icon Episode.png Mistholt: Verdant Area
EX 1-2 Perplexity Mistholt: Verdant Area
EX 1-3 ??? (Chapter 12) Mistholt: Verdant Area
4-1 Fate Last Line of Defense
4-2 The Decisive Battle Icon Episode.png Last Line of Defense
4-3 Rightful Ruler Last Line of Defense
4-4 Unyielding Ambition Icon Episode.png Last Line of Defense
4-5 The Unshackling Icon Episode.png Last Line of Defense
4-6 Old Memories Icon Episode.png Last Line of Defense
4-7 The Royal Truth Icon Episode.png Last Line of Defense
Map icon 013 100.png
Chapter 13
Return from Darkness

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 13.png

The sudden arrival of Phares and his void dragons stuns everyone. But in a forbidden place filled with ancient knowledge, they learn about his past, as well as his plan for the future. Yet that's nothing compared to the shock when the royal family's most closely guarded secret—its missing fifth scion—makes a long-awaited appearance!
Part Name Location
1-1 A Black Power Icon Episode.png Lake Reeve: Entrance
1-2 The Verboten Lake Icon Episode.png Lake Reeve: Entrance
1-3 After the Lost Child Lake Reeve: Entrance
2-1 Attacked on the Shore Forbidden Path
2-2 The Corrupted Dragons Forbidden Path
3-1 A Lakeside Meeting Icon Episode.png Forbidden Path: Crossroads
3-2 The Black Fiends Forbidden Path: Crossroads
4-1 To Be Needed Icon Episode.png Polluted Forest
EX 1-1 A Warrior's Pride Icon Episode.png Lakeside Path
EX 1-2 Battle on the Byroad Lakeside Path
EX 1-3 ??? (Chapter 13) Lakeside Path
4-2 The Stagnant Guardian Polluted Forest
4-3 The Sacrilegious Saint Polluted Forest
5-1 Ancient Technology Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
5-2 The Ferocious Firelord Mysterious Structure
5-3 Testing and Experimentation Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
5-4 The Hollow Lakelord Mysterious Structure
5-5 Alberia's Hope Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
5-6 Resolve (Quest) Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
5-7 Sowing Chaos Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
5-8 Beast Attack Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
5-9 Praying for a Path Icon Episode.png Mysterious Structure
Map icon 014 100.png
Chapter 14
Chaos in the Capital

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 14.png

The New Alberian Army advances on the Alberian capital, where it encounters Harle leading Dyrenell's forces. When the prince faces down Morsayati in the palace, his resolve to save his sister no matter the cost is put to the test, forcing a decision that brings about untold chaos...
Part Name Location
1-1 Advancing on the Capital Icon Episode.png Road to the Capital
1-2 The Road to Victory Road to the Capital
2-1 The Weight of a Heart Icon Episode.png Outer Plains
2-2 The Other's Assassins Outer Plains
3-1 A Ruler's Legitimacy Icon Episode.png Sol Alberia
3-2 Ensorcelled Halls Icon Episode.png Sol Alberia
3-3 The Darkened Palace Sol Alberia
3-4 Assault of the Flame Beast Sol Alberia
EX 1-1 The Raven's Designs Icon Episode.png Outer Palace
EX 1-2 A Terrifying Assault Outer Palace
EX 1-3 ??? (Chapter 14) Outer Palace
4-1 Unlit Corridors Inner Palace
4-2 Laxi's Plea Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-3 To the Demon's Throne Inner Palace
4-4 True and Terrible Power Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-5 Convergence Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-6 Unforeseen Fangs Inner Palace
4-7 Unrelenting Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-8 Relentless Fangs Inner Palace
4-9 On a Moonlit Night Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-10 A Paladyn's Past Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-11 Conference in Valkaheim Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
4-12 A Prince's Ambitions Icon Episode.png Inner Palace
Map icon 015 100.png
Chapter 15
Light and Shadow

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 15.png

When the prince and his friends hurry to the border with North Grastaea in pursuit of Zethia's captor, they find a familiar warrior blocking their path. Following a fierce fight, Zethia's enigmatic captor finally arrives on the scene— and what he has to say will turn their world upside down!
Part Name Location
1-1 True Instincts Icon Episode.png Mountain Path Entrance
1-2 Precarious Mountain Path Mountain Path Entrance
2-1 Mountain Face-Off Icon Episode.png Crossroads
2-2 Winged Terror Crossroads
2-3 The Price of Kindness Icon Episode.png Crossroads
3-1 Mountain of Fiends Middle of the Mountain
EX 1-1 Agito Assembly Icon Episode.png Derelict Side Road
EX 1-2 Old Mountain Ruin Derelict Side Road
EX 1-3 ??? (Chapter 15) Derelict Side Road
4-1 Through the Thunderclouds Border Checkpoint
4-2 Battle on the Border Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-3 The Warrior's Challenge Border Checkpoint
4-4 His Light and Shadow Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-5 The Fulminator's Fury Border Checkpoint
4-6 The Truth Emerges Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-7 Auspexes Together Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-8 In the Wake of Defeat Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-9 Wavering Faith Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-10 The Eldest Brother's Departure Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
4-11 The Halidom's Secret Icon Episode.png Border Checkpoint
Map icon 016 100.png
Chapter 16
New Bonds

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 16.png

As the prince and his allies make for Valkaheim, the peace of Alberia is threatened once more. The people rise up, and dragons rain destruction. Facing danger most dreadful, the group finds its fate in the hands of a lone Paladyn and Alberia's eldest prince. A new chapter in the story of man and dragon is about to begin...
Part Name Location
1-1 A Kingdom in Disarray Icon Episode.png Forest Camp
1-2 An Uncertain Heart Icon Episode.png Forest Camp
1-3 Returning to the Halidom Forest Camp
2-1 The People's Anger Icon Episode.png Mistholt Outskirts
2-2 Toyed with by the Twins Mistholt Outskirts
2-3 Swirling Doubt Icon Episode.png Mistholt Outskirts
2-4 The Eldest Royal Icon Episode.png Mistholt Outskirts
2-5 Searching for the Truth Mistholt Outskirts
EX 1-1 Wings and Twins Icon Episode.png Mistholt: Great Forest
EX 1-2 ??? (Chapter 16) Mistholt: Great Forest
3-1 The Dragon's Whereabouts Mistholt: Settlement Outskirts
4-1 Correct Teachings Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
4-2 Defeating the Mastermind New Alberia: Castle Town
4-3 A Road to Believe In Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
4-4 An Unwavering Heart New Alberia: Castle Town
4-5 Truth and Resolve Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
4-6 Setting Off Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
4-7 The Jewel's Power Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
4-8 A Worthy Partner Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
4-9 Pursuing Revenge Icon Episode.png New Alberia: Castle Town
Map icon 017 100.png
Chapter 17
The City of Grams

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 17.png

After entering North Grastaea, the prince and his friends make for the Holy City of Grams in order to search for a man by the name of Gatov. But they quickly find themselves hunted by forces from the Ilian Church, while Ranzal encounters Volk once more. Will they have the strength to overcome the many trials ahead?
Part Name Location
1-1 The Northern Believers Icon Episode.png North Grastaea: Plains
1-2 The Road to Grams North Grastaea: Plains
1-3 A Visitor in the Dark Icon Episode.png North Grastaea: Plains
2-1 The Beautiful City Icon Episode.png Central Grams
2-2 Guardians of the Faith Central Grams
2-3 Of Templars and Tales Icon Episode.png Central Grams
2-4 The Guards' Pursuit Central Grams
3-1 The Darkness of Grams Icon Episode.png Grams: Outer Edge
3-2 One City, Two Peoples Icon Episode.png Grams: Outer Edge
3-3 Battle in Grams Grams: Outer Edge
EX 1-1 The Good Samaritans Icon Episode.png Grams Slums: Back Alley
EX 1-2 ??? (Chapter 17) Grams Slums: Back Alley
4-1 Changing the System Icon Episode.png Grams Slums
4-2 Surrounded Grams Slums
4-3 Escape from Grams Icon Episode.png Grams Slums
5-1 What Awaits Icon Episode.png Grams Outskirts: Plains
5-2 His Fangs Strike Again Grams Outskirts: Plains
5-3 Ocean's Embrace (Story) Icon Episode.png Grams Outskirts: Plains
5-4 The Faeries' Home Icon Episode.png Grams Outskirts: Plains
5-5 A Clandestine Conversation Icon Episode.png Grams Outskirts: Plains
5-6 Ambition Icon Episode.png Grams Outskirts: Plains
Map icon 018 100.png
Chapter 18
The Forest of the Faeries

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 18.png

The prince and his friends hurry on, leaving the forest and finding themselves on a snowy mountain path. Once there, they must face the faeries' trial, which forces them to confront a fearsome foe: their own inner weaknesses. But just as the prince is about to lose heart and Notte finds herself at the mercy of an unfamiliar voice, a proud sylvan warrior rises up against a longtime foe to save them!
Part Name Location
1-1 The Enchanting Forest Icon Episode.png The Faewood
1-2 Crossing the Snowy Mountains The Faewood
2-1 Whiteout (Story) Icon Episode.png Foot of the Mountain
2-2 Bonds Buffeted by the Blizzard Foot of the Mountain
3-1 Deep within the Heart Icon Episode.png Halfway Point
3-2 The Iron Ruler Halfway Point
3-3 The Invincible Arm Icon Episode.png Halfway Point
3-4 Weeding Out the Weak Halfway Point
3-5 Blessed Light Icon Episode.png Halfway Point
4-1 Mountain of Snow and Ice Mountaintop Lake
4-2 Shifting Memories Icon Episode.png Mountaintop Lake
4-3 Guided by a Voice Mountaintop Lake
4-4 Road to the Faerie Kingdom Icon Episode.png Mountaintop Lake
4-5 The Approaching White Wolf Mountaintop Lake
4-6 Barring the Way Icon Episode.png Mountaintop Lake
5-1 To the Ancient Door Frozen Plains
5-2 Notte's Feelings Icon Episode.png Frozen Plains
5-3 Into the Future Icon Episode.png Frozen Plains
Map icon 019 100.png
Chapter 19
Hidden Truths

Banner Top Campaign Chapter 19.png

After Notte's prayers open the doors to the Faerie Kingdom, the prince and his friends hurry onwards to Finlorda's mansion. On the way, two passionate androids face off against the assassins blocking the prince's path. But once the group arrives, a regretful Finlorda shares with them two truths that will shatter their worlds...
Part Name Location
1-1 A Beautiful Man Icon Episode.png Faerie Kingdom: Outskirts
1-2 The Faerie Kingdom Icon Episode.png Faerie Kingdom: Outskirts
1-3 Approaching Androids Faerie Kingdom: Outskirts
2-1 In the Androids' Sights Icon Episode.png Faerie Kingdom: Center
2-2 Wild Children Faerie Kingdom: Center
2-3 Distorted Perception Icon Episode.png Faerie Kingdom: Center
2-4 Wings of Obsession Faerie Kingdom: Center
2-5 Freedom and Shackles Icon Episode.png Faerie Kingdom: Center
3-1 Beyond the Faerie Town Crossroads
3-2 To the Former King's Mansion Crossroads
3-3 Confession Icon Episode.png Crossroads

Special Events[edit]

Main article: Special Events

Special Events are open for just a limited period of time.

2040105.png Current Events
Defensive Event: Shadow of the Mukuroshu/May 2021
Banner Shadow of the Mukuroshu.png
May 10, 2021 - May 19, 2021
The Mukuroshu're attackin' the Halidom with an army of stiffs! As they hotfoot it our way, my brother-in-law, Saiga, shows his ugly mug. He claims they're lookin' for a gee-gaw from my grandpappy and asks me to hand it over. Now, it's been a dog's year since we've seen each other, but this thing stinks like yesterday's clams. What in blazes are ya REALLY after here, Saiga?

Exclusive Event Rewards:

223010101.png The Alberian Battle Royale

Banner The Alberian Battle Royale.png

In the Alberian Battle Royale up to 16 players are scattered across a single map and must fight to be the last one standing.

Unlock: Completing the tutorial
Primary Rewards: 223010101.png Battle Points

208040011.png Trials of the Mighty

Banner Trials of the Mighty.png

Quests that pit the player against powerful foes, from which they can acquire special items used to upgrade certain adventurers.

Unlock: Chapter 10 / 6-3
Primary Reward: Adventurer's Conviction and Devotion

200018 01.png Thor's Trial

Banner Thor's Trial.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201021001.png 208040011.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201021001.png 208040011.png 208040012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201021001.png 208040011.png 208040012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

210025 01.png Poseidon's Trial

Banner Poseidon's Trial.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201021001.png 208020011.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201021001.png 208020011.png 208020012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201021001.png 208020011.png 208020012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

210018 01.png Zephyr's Trial

Banner Zephyr's Trial.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201021001.png 208030011.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201021001.png 208030011.png 208030012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201021001.png 208030011.png 208030012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

210109 01.png Kamuy's Trial

Banner Kamuy's Trial.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201021001.png 208020021.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201021001.png 208020021.png 208020022.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201021001.png 208020021.png 208020022.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

200010 01.png Chthonius's Trial

Banner Chthonius's Trial.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201021001.png 208050011.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201021001.png 208050011.png 208050012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201021001.png 208050011.png 208050012.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

26 10101.png Astral Raids

Banner Astral Raids.png

Astral Raids are co-op quests only that can be challenged alongside up to three other parties.

Unlock: Chapter 2 / 2-1
Primary Rewards: 201016001.png Astral Shard
Event Exchange Shop: Astral Raids Exchange

Icon Void Battle Item Bag Common.png Void Battles

Banner Void Battles.png

In Void Battles you fight enemies with unique abilities that yeld special rewards.

Unlock: Chapter 7/5-6
Primary Rewards: 201014001.png Void Leaf, 201014002.png Void Seed, Void Weapon Materials, Hearts
Event Exchange Shop: Void Battles Exchange

Recurring Events[edit]

Events that are held all the time.

Icon Quest Choice 01.png Avenue to Power

Banner Avenue to Power.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Reward: 101001003.png Gold Crystal, Icon Resource Mana.png Mana

Icon Quest Choice 02.png Avenue to Fortune

Banner Avenue to Fortune.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Reward: Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies

Icon Quest Choice 03.png Elemental Ruins

Banner Elemental Ruins.png

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Reward: Elemental Orbs
Event Exchange Shop: Standard Exchange

104001011.png Flamehowl Ruins

Banner Flamehowl Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001011.png 104001012.png 104001013.png

104001021.png Waterscour Ruins

Banner Waterscour Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001021.png 104001022.png 104001023.png

104001031.png Windmaul Ruins

Banner Windmaul Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001031.png 104001032.png 104001033.png

104001041.png Lightsunder Ruins

Banner Lightsunder Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001041.png 104001042.png 104001043.png

104001051.png Shadowsteep Ruins

Banner Shadowsteep Ruins.png

Primary Reward: 104001051.png 104001052.png 104001053.png

203009001.png Event Compendium

Banner Event Compendium.png

The Event Compendium allows you to play certain events that were previously only available for a limited time.

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1
Primary Rewards: Event-Exclusive Facilities & Wyrmprints

210128 01 Story.png Wagabond Pupper

Banner Wagabond Pupper.png

You can control the puppy and play with your favorite adventurers and dragons. Tap on the camera icon to pause the action and enter photo mode.

Unlock: Chapter 2/2-1

Challenge Events[edit]

Challenge Events are high-difficulty events that are unlocked by progressing through the main campaign.

202004004.png The Mercurial Gauntlet

Banner The Mercurial Gauntlet.png

The Mercurial Gauntlet is a rewarding event that pits you against Fafnir Roy III, a treasure-loving dragon who lives in the Halidom's vaults.

Unlock: Chapter 3 / 4-4
Primary Reward: 202004004.png Twinkling Sand, Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater

Icon Quest Choice 04.png Dragon Trials

Banner Dragon Trials.png

In Dragon Trials you have direct showdowns against dragons from the story.

Unlock: Chapter 3 / 4-4
Primary Reward: Dragon Scales/Wyrm Spheres
Event Exchange Shop: Dragon Trials Exchange

201002031.png Midgardsormr's Trial

Banner Midgardsormr's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 3 / 4-4
Primary Reward: 104002031.png 104002032.png 201002031.png

201002021.png Mercury's Trial

Banner Mercury's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 3 / 4-4
Primary Reward: 104002021.png 104002022.png 201002021.png

201002011.png Brunhilda's Trial

Banner Brunhilda's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 3 / 4-4
Primary Reward: 104002011.png 104002012.png 201002011.png

201002041.png Jupiter's Trial

Banner Jupiter's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 4 / 5-4
Primary Reward: 104002041.png 104002042.png 201002041.png

201002051.png Zodiark's Trial

Banner Zodiark's Trial.png

Unlock: Chapter 5 / 4-4
Primary Reward: 104002051.png 104002052.png 201002051.png

Icon Quest Choice 05.png The Imperial Onslaught

Banner Imperial Onslaught.png

In The Imperial Onslaught you face off against the Dyrenell Empire.

Unlock: Chapter 6 / 4-4
Primary Reward: Dyrenell Coins, Insignias, Tablets
Event Exchange Shop: Imperial Onslaught Exchange

201010011.png Battle at Mount Adolla

Banner Battle at Mount Adolla.png

Enemy Affliction: Affliction stun large icon.png Stun
Primary Rewards: 201010011.png 201010012.png 202005021.png 202005051.png 202005071.png

201010021.png Battle at Myriage Lake

Banner Battle at Myriage Lake.png

Enemy Affliction: Affliction freeze large icon.png Freeze
Primary Rewards: 201010021.png 201010022.png 202005041.png 202005061.png 202005081.png

201010031.png Battle in Rovetelle Forest

Banner Battle in Rovetelle Forest.png

Enemy Affliction: Affliction sleep large icon.png Sleep
Primary Rewards: 201010031.png 201010032.png 202005011.png 202005031.png 202005081.png

201010041.png Battle in the Dornith Mountains

Banner Battle in the Dornith Mountains.png

Enemy Afflictions: Affliction blindness large icon.png Blindness, Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis
Primary Rewards: 201010041.png 201010042.png 202005011.png 202005021.png 202005031.png 202005041.png 202005091.png

201010051.png Battle at the Wartarch Ruins

Banner Battle at the Wartarch Ruins.png

Enemy Affliction: Affliction poison large icon.png Poison
Primary Rewards: 201010051.png 201010052.png 202005051.png 202005061.png 202005071.png 202005081.png 202005091.png

202004005.png Advanced Dragon Trials

Banner Advanced Dragon Trials.png

In the Advanced Dragon Trials, dragons you fought in the Dragon Trials show their true power, facing off with you as even stronger enemies.

Unlock: Complete the corresponding Master difficulty Dragon Trial
Primary Reward: Wyrm Greatspheres, High Dragon Weapon Materials
Event Exchange Shop: Advanced Dragon Trials Exchange

201002032.png High Midgardsormr's Trial

Banner High Midgardsormr's Trial.png

Prologue: The Height of the Tempest

Primary Reward (Prologue): 104002032.png 201002031.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201002032.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201002032.png 202008031.png 202004005.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201002032.png 202008031.png 202004005.png 202009031.png

201002022.png High Mercury's Trial

Banner High Mercury's Trial.png

Prologue: The Height of the Tides

Primary Reward (Prologue): 104002022.png 201002021.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201002022.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201002022.png 202008021.png 202004005.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201002022.png 202008021.png 202004005.png 202009021.png

201002012.png High Brunhilda's Trial

Banner High Brunhilda's Trial.png

Prologue: The Height of the Flames

Primary Reward (Prologue): 104002012.png 201002011.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201002012.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201002012.png 202008011.png 202004005.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201002012.png 202008011.png 202004005.png 202009011.png

201002042.png High Jupiter's Trial

Banner High Jupiter's Trial.png

Prologue: The Height of the Storms

Primary Reward (Prologue): 104002042.png 201002041.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201002042.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201002042.png 202008041.png 202004005.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201002042.png 202008041.png 202004005.png 202009041.png

201002052.png High Zodiark's Trial

Banner High Zodiark's Trial.png

Prologue: The Height of the Shadows

Primary Reward (Prologue): 104002052.png 201002051.png

Primary Reward (Standard): 201002052.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201002052.png 202008051.png 202004005.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201002052.png 202008051.png 202004005.png 202009051.png

Icon Rarity 6.png The Agito Uprising

Banner The Agito Uprising.png

The Agito Uprising is series of challenging battles that pit your against a group of powerful opponents.

Unlock: Chapter 10 / 6-3
Primary Reward: Agito Weapon crafting materials
Event Exchange Shop: The Agito Uprising Exchange

201017031.png Volk's Wrath

Banner Volk's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague, Icon EnemyAbility 0018.png Life Drain

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017031.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017031.png 201017032.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017032.png 201017033.png

201017021.png Ciella's Wrath

Banner Ciella's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0021.png Veil, Icon EnemyAbility 0022.png Vulnerability

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017021.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017021.png 201017022.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017022.png 201017023.png

201017011.png Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath

Banner Ayaha & Otoha's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0023.png Union, Icon EnemyAbility 0024.png Warabe Asobi, Icon EnemyAbility 0025.png Tosenbo, Icon EnemyAbility 0026.png Toryanse

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017011.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017011.png 201017012.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017012.png 201017013.png

201017041.png Kai Yan's Wrath

Banner Kai Yan's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0019.png Battleground, Icon EnemyAbility 0020.png Adamantine Shield

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017041.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017041.png 201017042.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017042.png 201017043.png

201017051.pngTartarus's Wrath

Banner Tartarus's Wrath.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0030.png Hell's Brand, Icon EnemyAbility 0032.png Fury of the Fallen, Icon EnemyAbility 0031.png Vengeful Spirit, Icon EnemyAbility 0033.png Steel-Forged Body

Primary Reward (Standard): 201017051.png

Primary Reward (Expert): 201017051.png 201017052.png

Primary Reward (Master): 201017052.png 201017053.png

FormC.png Rise of the Sinister Dominion

Banner Rise of the Sinister Dominion.png

Rise of the Sinister Dominion is a challenge event where you obtain wyrmprints that can only be equipped in specific slots, and the materials to upgrade them.

Unlock: Chapter 16 / 4-6
Primary Reward: Dominion Wyrmprints upgrading materials

100047 01 01.png Lilith's Encroaching Shadow

Banner Lilith's Encroaching Shadow.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0035.png Flames of Torment

Primary Reward (Standard) Icon Element Shadow.png: 201022051.png

Primary Reward (Expert) Icon Element Shadow.png: 201022051.png201022052.png

Primary Reward (Master) Icon Element Shadow.png Icon Element Flame.png: 201022051.png201022052.png

100049 01 01.png Jaldabaoth's Piercing Gale

Banner Jaldabaoth's Piercing Gale.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0036.png Tome of Creation, Icon EnemyAbility 0037.png Tome of Destruction

Primary Reward (Standard) Icon Element Wind.png: 201022031.png

Primary Reward (Expert) Icon Element Wind.png: 201022031.png201022032.png

Primary Reward (Master) Icon Element Wind.png Icon Element Water.png: 201022031.png201022032.png

Exceptionally Difficult Quests[edit]

Icon Rarity 6.png The Agito Uprising: Legend

Banner The Agito Uprising Legend.png

A new set of high-difficulty quests that can be taken only by adventurers and dragons of a specific element.

Unlock: Chapter 10 / 6-3, clear the corresponding Master fight
Primary Reward: Agito Weapon crafting materials

201017034.png Volk's Wrath

Banner Volk's Wrath Legend.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague, Icon EnemyAbility 0018.png Life Drain, Icon EnemyAbility 0034.png Berserk

Primary Reward: 201017034.png Rebellious Wolf's Gale

201017024.png Ciella's Wrath

Banner Ciella's Wrath Legend.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0021.png Veil, Icon EnemyAbility 0022.png Vulnerability, Icon EnemyAbility 0034.png Berserk

Primary Reward: 201017024.png Rebellious Bird's Tide

201017044.png Kai Yan's Wrath

Banner Kai Yan's Wrath Legend.png

Boss Ability: Icon EnemyAbility 0019.png Battleground, Icon EnemyAbility 0020.png Adamantine Shield, Icon EnemyAbility 0034.png Berserk

Primary Reward: 201017044.png Rebellious Ox's Lightning

201021001.png Morsayati Reckoning

Banner Morsayati Reckoning.png

In this quest, players will square off against Morsayati, a powerful raid boss with no elemental attunement.

Unlock: Chapter 14 / 4-9, View the epilogue for the Forgotten Truths event in the Event Compendium
Primary Reward: 201021001.png 118001001.png 119001001.png

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