Drastic Force

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Icon DrasticForce.png Drastic Force, sometimes called Enlightenment, is a special effect that increases adventurers' damage by 30% for each stack. It is currently only used by Asura.


  • Drastic Force will be granted to all adventurers when an Enlightenment Orb is destroyed.
  • Drastic Force will multiply all damage the adventurer deals.
    • However, any effects that use damage snapshots, such as Icon Buff 2020008.png Bleeding and Afflictions, will use the base damage dealt by their source before Drastic Force is applied. In other words, their damage is NOT increased by Drastic Force at all.
  • While Drastic Force is active, Icon Buff 2010002.png Life Steal effects will NOT heal the user.
  • Each stack of Drastic Force will wear off once its timer runs out. If Asura uses the attack called "Strength Suppression", then all stacks will be removed simultaneously.
  • The maximum amount of stacks that may be held at a time varies by difficulty: