Dragon Delay

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Icon EnemyAbility 0005.png Dragon Delay reduces the amount of Dragon Gauge currently possessed by the player when hit.


  • In solo play, the Dragon Gauge will also be depleted if a computer-controlled teammate is hit.
  • This is primarily used by Void Zephyr and Void Jeanne d'Arc in Void Battles.
  • Resistance abilities to counter this effect can be unlocked from Void weapons. See Weapon Crafting for more details.


Abilities that resist Dragon Delay

Name Might Value Adventurers with Ability Wyrmprints with Ability Dragons with Ability Weapons with Ability
Icon Ability 1160005.png (Flame) Dragon Delay Res 50 - - - -
Icon Ability 1160006.png (Shadow) Dragon Delay Res 50 - - - -