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Dragalia Lost Wiki is run on donations and funds from the Wiki owner Elaeagnifolia. All donations are sent to a Wiki-specific PayPal and used to only pay for Wiki infrastructure and services. Any additional funds will be kept in the PayPal and used for either a rainy day fund or to improve the the Wiki.

All donations and expenses are tracked on the Finance page for transparency. Any additional financial questions should be directed to Elaeagnifolia.

Ways to Donate[edit]

There are currently several ways to donate:

  • Patreon - Allows for monthly recurring donations. Charges a variable Patreon fee on top of PayPal fees.
  • Ko-Fi - Allows for one-time donations. Ko-Fi does not charge a fee, but PayPal does when funds get transferred.
  • PayPal - Allows for one-time donations. Charged PayPal's standard fee rate of $0.30 + 2.9%.
  • PayPal Donation - Allows for one-time donations and recurring monthly donations. Charged PayPal's standard fee rate of $0.30 + 2.9%.