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Latest Events

Banner Rage of Chronos.png
Rage of Chronos
Ends in:
Banner Top Advanced Dragon Trials Event.png
Advanced Dragon Trials Double Drops (rotates daily) [1]
Ends in:
Banner Top The Imperial Onslaught Event Details.png
Imperial Onslaught (Shadow) Double Drops [2]
Ends in:
Banner Main Campaign Event Details.png
Main Campaign Chapters 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 14 Double Drops & Half-Stamina Event [3]
Ends in:
Banner Raid Event Bonus 2.png
Raid Event Bonus 2 (Nov 2022) [4]
Ends in:
Banner Top Shadow-attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event.png
Shadow-Attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event [5]
Ends in:
Banner Top Zodiark's Trial Event Details.png
Zodiark's Trial Double Drops [6]
Ends in:

No upcoming events.

New Content
Sigil Spotlight Summon Top Banner.png
Sigil Spotlight 2 (Nov 2022)
Ends in:
5★ Flame Platinum Showcase (Apr 2022) Summon Top Banner.png
5★ Flame Platinum Showcase 2 (Nov 2022)
Ends in:
5★ Light Platinum Showcase (Apr 2022) Summon Top Banner.png
5★ Light Platinum Showcase 2 (Nov 2022)
Ends in:
5★ Shadow Platinum Showcase (Apr 2022) Summon Top Banner.png
5★ Shadow Platinum Showcase 2 (Nov 2022)
Ends in:
5★ Water Platinum Showcase (Apr 2022) Summon Top Banner.png
5★ Water Platinum Showcase 2 (Nov 2022)
Ends in:
5★ Wind Platinum Showcase (Apr 2022) Summon Top Banner.png
5★ Wind Platinum Showcase 2 (Nov 2022)
Ends in:

Dragalia Life 468.png

#468: That's a Wrap!
Release Date: 2022-07-26

PromotionalArt Ending Credits Illustration.png

Ending Credits Illustration
Release Date: 2022-09-27

Dragalia Minis 163.png

#163: みんなありがとう。
Release Date: 2022-07-31

Recurring Content
Monthly Alberian Battle Royale Reset
Banner The Alberian Battle Royale.png
Ends in:
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Scalding Shroom Enemy Icon.png Scalding Shroom Strike x2
Gust Shroom Enemy Icon.png Gust Shroom Strike x2
Wandering Shroom Enemy Icon.png Wandering Shroom Strike x2
Blazing Ghost Enemy Icon.png Blazing Ghost Strike x2
Cerulean Ghost Enemy Icon.png Cerulean Ghost Strike x2
Lambent Ghost Enemy Icon.png Lambent Ghost Strike x2
Violet Ghost Enemy Icon.png Violet Ghost Strike x2
Frost Hermit Enemy Icon.png Frost Hermit Strike x2
Twilight Hermit Enemy Icon.png Twilight Hermit Strike x2
Steel Golem Enemy Icon.png Steel Golem Strike x2
Amber Golem Enemy Icon.png Amber Golem Strike x2
Obsidian Golem Enemy Icon.png Obsidian Golem Strike x2
Catoblepas Fotia Enemy Icon.png Catoblepas Fotia Strike x2
Catoblepas Anemos Enemy Icon.png Catoblepas Anemos Strike x2
Catoblepas Skia Enemy Icon.png Catoblepas Skia Strike x2
Infernal Phantom Enemy Icon.png Infernal Phantom Strike x2
Abyssal Phantom Enemy Icon.png Abyssal Phantom Strike x2
Eolian Phantom Enemy Icon.png Eolian Phantom Strike x2
Smoldering Manticore Enemy Icon.png Smoldering Manticore Strike x2
Greedy Manticore Enemy Icon.png Greedy Manticore Strike x2
Proud Manticore Enemy Icon.png Proud Manticore Strike x2
Raging Manticore Enemy Icon.png Raging Manticore Strike x2
Void Zephyr Enemy Icon.png Void Zephyr Strike x2 x2
Void Poseidon Enemy Icon.png Void Poseidon Strike x2 x2
Void Jeanne d'Arc Enemy Icon.png Void Jeanne d'Arc Strike x2 x2
Void Nidhogg Enemy Icon.png Void Nidhogg Strike x2 x2
Void Agni Enemy Icon.png Void Agni Strike x2 x2
Volcanic Chimera Enemy Icon.png Volcanic Chimera Strike x2 x2
Tidal Chimera Enemy Icon.png Tidal Chimera Strike x2 x2
Tempest Chimera Enemy Icon.png Tempest Chimera Strike x2 x2
Luminous Chimera Enemy Icon.png Luminous Chimera Strike x2 x2
Ebon Chimera Enemy Icon.png Ebon Chimera Strike x2 x2
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Icon Element Wind.png High Midgardsormr's Trial: Master
Icon Element Water.png High Mercury's Trial: Master
Icon Element Flame.png High Brunhilda's Trial: Master
Icon Element Light.png High Jupiter's Trial: Master
Icon Element Shadow.png High Zodiark's Trial: Master