Demonic Judgment

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Icon Buff 2050116.png Demonic Judgment is a special debuff that decreases adventurers' strength and defense by 20%, and can stack up to 5 times. It also prevents all transformations. It is currently only used by Jaldabaoth on Legend difficulty.


  • Shapeshifting and all Unique Transformations are prevented by this debuff. In this sense, it acts like an affliction.
  • There is no way to avoid Demonic Judgment - even if you are already in a transformed state when it is applied, you will still be debuffed.
  • The only way to remove Demonic Judgment is to approach the white scale on the right side of the map. Doing so removes all stacks of Demonic Judgment, but also consumes 1 count of Icon EnemyAbility 0037.png Tome of Destruction.
    • In solo, the debuff will be cleansed off of all party members, wherever they are.
    • In co-op, only players who stand near the scale at the time of activation will have their debuff cleansed.